Group to vote whether to re-instate march

West Ham United Independent Supporters Association (WHUSIA) will hold a vote later this month on whether to reinstate plans for a protest march against the club’s owners.

An article on the BBC news website says the West Ham United Independent Supporters Association will ballot members on 31 March.

Chairman Mark Walker told the BBC: “If the majority of members want a march, it is our obligation to do that.”

On 10th March WHUISA posted a message on social media saying  “WHUISA do not condone criminal behaviour but we fully understand the frustration felt by supporters of West Ham United at the inaction of the Board. We will be meeting on the 31st March to decide what action our members wish to take going forward.

Yesterday WHUISA committee members appeared on BBC & ITV London News.

WHUISA Vice Chair Paul Turner told the BBC “It doesn’t look like it is going to go away anytime soon from anything I’ve personally seen online on social media, there seems to be a lot of people who want to march, who want to protest, take on other forms of protest. People are openly discussing how can we make the current lives of owners uncomfortable as possible”  

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8 comments on “Group to vote whether to re-instate march

  1. This lot are like momentum at the Labour party, they open up membership for a quid when passions are high, possibly recruit a load of militants then have a vote to March, the club would be better off without the majority of these so called fans. There are supposedly 25000 or more on the season ticket waiting list myself included, get rid and let fans that want to get behind the team into the stadium COYI !!!

  2. I’m not in the Labour Party, I’m not planning to vote Labour and I’m a member of whuisa. What absolute cobblers. Everyone has the right to protest against these owners regardless of personal politics.

  3. Totally agree with you West Ham Fan No 32.
    How Grown Up of Vice Chair Paul Turner & all his Minions “People are openly discussing how can we make the current lives of owners uncomfortable as possible” these so called West Han Fans need to take a long hard look at their own lives and how they conduct themselves. Yes Gold, Sullivan and Brady have made mistakes but that’s what makes us Human.
    United by Name, United we should Stand!

  4. I think our supports showed on Saturday, that they are not able to protest peacefully. They had no attention of supporting the team,

    they was waiting for an exsue to cause a seance, as soon the goal went in. Rather then supporting the team they immediately, charged the directors box, throwing coins, and had no concern for the innocent women and children who was seated right next to them, they had to push though the crowd just to leave. Disgusting, any one who supports their actions, i have lost faith in them.

    If this happens again, then we don’t even have to be worried about how our team play because we will be deducted points to prove a valid point.

    Any one who was involved, pull your self together and support our team, if not please leave our club and nether come back.

    I never want to see that horror show inside the stadium again, I had a young child with me, its not the memory i want him or the other children to remember. He described it as a comedy show, and that exactly what it was.

  5. ^ sorry for terrible spelling and grammar.

    • That’s ok James, it’s the message that counts.

      However, I enjoyed the bit about the fans having a seance! If they did, maybe Bobby could have put them all straight.

  6. the best thing the club could do now is to ban anyone who is a member of any of these militant activist groups and give their tickets to people on the waiting list who want to come and support the team. what makes these small minority of so called fans think they have the right to represent the vast majority? get rid of these people now before they start a civil war, fan against fan. we are west ham united not west ham devided. listen to trevor brooking, if you hate our stadium so much then stay away so the rest of us can enjoy it. i dont know why anyone would want to fund these people. they are going to get us relegated.

  7. NO!!! The terrible football we play will get us relegated. We were in deep trouble before Saturday and have been for over two seasons. We are desperately short in vital areas of the pitch and this has not been addressed by the board. With or without the demo on Saturday it was always going to be touch and go wether we survive or not. We could have given ourselves a much better chance in the last transfer window but the board opted to improve the bank account rather than the squad. Leaving us even weaker than we were.

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