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‘GSB IN’ sticker appears as results change things

Results change things including minds it seems.

Some supporters are disenfranchised with the ownership of West Ham after the 2016 move to the London Stadium and have vowed to never forgive them.

They are those who will never accept GSB but one of the most pleasant aspects of a wonderful season has been the absence – by and large – of hatred, abuse, protest and often disgusting and foul mouthed social media outrage.

There’s always gonna be a hard core of course but in diminishing numbers it seems.

The vast majority of fans are by and large a peaceable lot who, whilst unhappy with aspects of their club, remain logical and level headed realising twas ever thus with this fab club we support.

A two man protest says it all

Before lockdown, thousands of protesters gathered outside the London Stadium with a motto of ‘GSB Out’

Last week there was a picture of just two – socially distanced with their banner – but probably many miles from where the vast majority of fans are this season.

Moods seem to have softened in recent month and  protest has lost momentum with no fans at the London Stadium.

Today, a new sticker was spotted in Gidea Park proclaiming ‘GSB in’  Another sticker was seen recently around East London says ‘GSB Stay!’

Protesters will often quote the mantra ‘back the team, not the regime’ but it could be argued the two are intrinsically linked and it is hard to separate the two.

And as a ClaretandHugh FB member very wisely pointed out: “That’s a narrative to suit an agenda.”

Yes, we understand there are those who will never forgive and we respect their feelings entirely but how pleasant to enjoy a season ruled largely by peace, quiet and success.

That’s been another victory and something to enjoy as the squad has shown such an unquenchable spirit in the face of enormous top of the table odds.

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

24 comments on “‘GSB IN’ sticker appears as results change things

  1. What a load of waffle. GSB OUT. We all know claret and Hugh are in with GSB. Support the team not the regime. The board deserve zero credit for this season. It’s all down to the players and manager. The one David Sullivan signing (Benrahma) has done next to nothing and it’s clear he’s not who the manager wanted. Pull your heads out the sand and smell the coffee

    • We all know!!!!! LOOOOL

      Just more personalised hatred with no logic behind it at all. At least we have the courtesy to express our respect for those with a different view.

      You? Just the usual semi abuse. Look at who provided the funds for the academy to produce the likes of Rice, along with the Czech boys and Bowen.

      Support the team? WHO PROVIDED THE MONEY FOR ITAND PAYS THE WAGES??? of course we support the board – why wouldn’t we?

      You have a Zero argument!

      • My word Hugh.

        How can you write that reply without cringing .

        We are where are we because of moyes and the boys , not the board .

        However , may I ask where you purchased your sticker maker ? Great job on that one .

        • I have no problem with you disliking the board. Quite why you should be unable to accept my position and explanation is baffling.They buy the players, they appointed the manager so how come they get no credit? They have managed to keep us in the PL for 10 years which is par for the course at this club so what exactly is the issue. Why would I cringe?

  2. I dont always agree with some of the things the board has said and done but G & S do seem to have the best interests of the club at heart. However I can’t stand Karen Brady and I think she offers so little to to club.

    If you look at the sudden financial problems the Chinese backed clubs have had in the past year, the problems most of the Oligarch owned clubs had before that and nightmare with the biscuit baron, we are lucky to be building a sustainable club.

    Is there work to be done, yes definitely, but its a slow process and throwing money at the situation won’t work unless there’s a good infrastructure. City were a yo-yo club until they got away from Main road and looked a viable investment for the Qatari’s. I personally think the Dave’s have helped secure out future with or without them.

  3. While I am against Karen having a newspaper column I do believe she works hard for the club to maximise our commercial income. The two David’s act largely as figure heads but you do need someone who is also really business savvy behind the scenes. Given we are now listed as the 18th richest club in the world, a lot of that is down to Karen.

    • Got to pick you up on that view, Graham. I’m not sure it’s right. You’re right in one sense: WHUFC has the 18th biggest turnover in club football. The drivers of that turnover – TV money, prize money and gate receipts – are outside of Brady’s influence. The elements of commercial revenue she can influence – e.g. sponsorship revenue – she’s doing a poor job on, and she’s failed to transform the commercial fortunes of the club off the back of the move to the OS. Worth comparing the sponsorship deals signed by Daniel Levy’s lot at Spurs (e.g. Audi, (ahem) Dulux and so on) with ours. They don’t compare. Champions League football would improve our commercial fortunes, but, again, that’s outside Brady’s control. Next time you go to a match at the OS, worth checking out the ads on Europe’s biggest wraparound screen. You won’t see global corporate heavyweights advertising with us (Samsung, Microsoft or, indeed, the likes of Dulux), but you will see ads from local skip hire and builder’s merchants. I just don’t see what value Brady brings.

      • Fair points there, it’s interesting to have the debate as we now know far more about David Gold’s finances/contribution. Having facts rather than ya boo responses we often see allows us to at least judge things on their merits.

        • It’s to be hoped that this can be discussed decently without the mud slinging. I understand better than many realise the hatred some have of the owners and I believe much of it is emotional rather than based on the reality that they have kept us in the PL for 10 years. However, I get it totally. I too was very angry initially at leaving UP. However, this season has shown that geographical locations have little to do with success of failure.I don’t believe that hugely populated demos when relegation may be on the cards is particularly helpful.

          • No hatred toward GSB, or Brady in particular, Hugh. I was just politely questioning Graham’s opinion, which, of course, he’s more than entitled to. I agree, demos are the road to nowhere. But I think there is space – and, in my view, C&H is the best forum around to do it in – for polite, reasoned debate about the merits and demerits of the Board and G, S and B individually as members of that Board.

          • Mee too mate. Won’t tolerate demos in reality on verbal on here. Well said

      • It’s a lot easier to bring in multi-national corporations when you’ve been in the Champions League for a few years. Very difficult to attract those companies when you are fighting relegation regularly and have pitch invasions at your stadium. If we had had Tottingham’s recent past you can guarantee that we would have better commercial partners. I hardly think that’s Karen Brady’s fault.

        Maybe over the next few years, IF we manage to sneak into the Champions League, we will see what value Mrs. Brady can bring.

        • My issue with Brady is that she courts celebrity rather than dealing with the day to day of the club.
          A good senior director or president can completely overhaul the way the club is run day to day but that’s not Brady. She’s just a trusted hand by the Dave’s but she’s not a revolutionary.
          I would love it if we could add a decent business manager and increase our marketability globally. I’ve lived in Asia for the past 10 years and I’ve seen how Chelsea have become an entity and Manchester United faded. Do you think Brady with her time split between the House of Lord’s, Phillip Greens dying consortium or Alan Sugars TV show serves us well as a chairperson?
          Mate, I’ve read you’re other posts, you’re a neg artist, why not just jump ship and support the blues?

          • I run a business and don’t believe in having one iron in the fire so I offer lots of difference services. It’s a way of making life more interesting. Why shouldn’t Brady do the same?

            I don’t know what a neg artist is?!

  4. Things have improved significantly for West Ham this season,despite the lockdowns.Our owners have been quiet, to everyone’s surprise,We have made some great signings and we are flying high.The term GSB out doesn’t sit well with me at this point in time,maybe it made more sense before.I’m open minded to a lot of things.Yes we moved from our 33,000 capacity Upton Park that we out grew for this modern day football era.How could we of possibly competed against top 10 teams .We could have the 2nd biggest capacity soon and that must be income for new players that we wouldn’t of had with 33,000.Let’s be logical.Even if GSB were not our owners,someone else would be and who’s to say what they would do.I think the shock of moving and Pellegrini ruining our team with overspending on crap players was bad timing.Has anyone actually added up what money was wasted.? It’s a lot.I’m sure that a lot of fans are ****ed off that our team is doing well and now GSB out sounds a bit ignorant.As long as our team is on the up and up and our owners keep quiet and put in adequate funds,then I’m happy.I just know that leaving Upton Paark was the only way We could grow.Right now We are the best team in London and ahead of the spuds⚒⚒⚒

  5. Firstly, to Hugh, this isn’t me giving any ‘hatred’ or ‘abuse’ towards anyone – everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that right.

    However, I disagree that the numbers of GSB OUT are dwindling. My opinion is that the silent majority (silenced by the inability to attend games or have any other sort of platform) have the same opinion of GSB. The only thing that has changed is that the fans have focused on what an unbelievable job the manager, coaches and players are doing.

    GSB haven’t changed, and I don’t, not for a minute, believe that they are good owners. I don’t believe they’re bad people, but they simply have not moved with the times in the way that many other owners (not all) have. Sullivan ringing up agents himself, no proper scouting network, no proper analytics team etc. meant we were rotting. There was no joined up thinking or long term planning. Moyes has come in, after working with the likes of Leipzig, seeing methods in Spain and the US along with his many years of experience and is putting those things right. This is down to him, not GSB.

    To say that the GSB mood is shifting is, I’m afraid, a bit disingenuous. We’re in a pandemic, we can’t protest and we can’t make our feelings heard in the way we were before. To base your opinion off a few stickers is a little ‘loose’. It is however your opinion which you are entitled to.

    Happy to have a civilised debate!

  6. Great light-hearted piece Hugh. Brought a smile to my face. Nothing to debate here. Just a sign of the times.
    With reference to Karren – we should note that the Davids are old men who surely have the right to step back from the day to day running of the club. Step up Karren. A position she has held for many, many years.

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