Guilhereme Agrees Terms on €30M Hammers Transfer

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The latest update on the fast-moving transfer of Luis Guilherme to West Ham from Palmeiras has been posted by Fabrizio Romano, who is closely following this story.

The Italian journalist and insider has revealed that paperwork for the transfer has been drawn up following an agreement on personal terms. It is understood that the final transfer fee between the clubs was agreed upon earlier today after resolving a sticking point regarding the sell-on clause.

C&H are awaiting confirmation from a source close to the transfer to provide clarity on the final details and will report back as soon as they hear more.

Posting on Twitter, Romano wrote: “Understand West Ham are now preparing all documents for Luis Guilherme deal! €30m plus 20% sell-on clause proposal exclusively revealed, being now reviewed with Palmeiras.”

The transfer is a significant achievement for Hammers director of football Tim Steidten, who has worked incredibly hard on a number of potential deals for Brazil-based players.

This one actually feels like it’s happening!

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  • Pete Kinsey says:

    Brilliant reporting to tell us what position this player plays in. I’ll guess shall I?

  • Iron_It_Out says:

    “C&H are awaiting confirmation from a source close to the transfer to provide clarity on the final details and will report back as soon as they hear more.”
    So I guess that means C&H are waiting for Fabrizio Romano to give more details on twitter so you can regurgitate the details and pretend C&H uses other sources which don’t actually involve just browsing the internet and watching other websites for details!

  • Danielson79 says:

    Maaaaate you lot!! If you don’t like the reports stop reading them! All the readers of C&H seem to do is moan moan moan get a life people!!

    • Iron_It_Out says:

      Maaaaate, they aren’t reports. Reports, by their very nature contain accurate information, not speculation and gossip copied from other speculative websites. So maybe if C&H actually did some factual reporting, instead of opinion pieces generating gossip and click bait, then the moaning might stop. its a continuous cycle of regurgitation to fill the website with articles linked to other sites to generate clickbait and income. Its quite funny how on an article they wrote earlier today speculating about strikers, they had the bare faced cheek to say, and I quote “It would be nice to see something concrete finally happening?” The punchline of that story is that the whole original speculation around the striker was of their own creation. Gossip, regurgitate, post another, repeat – just cycle after cycle! Its an absolute joke Maaaaate!

  • David Pope says:

    And now in an up to date post….
    “The Hammers’ ambitious £25.5 million bid for 18-year-old winger Luis Guilherme, a highly-rated prospect in Brazil, is on the verge of collapsing due to a disagreement over personal terms.”

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