Guilherme Reveals New West Ham Way

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Luis Guilherme has revealed the details of how West Ham first approached him in an effort to secure his transfer from Palmeiras. His interview yesterday on the club’s official website provided a fascinating insight into how West Ham went about recruiting one of Brazil’s hottest young talents.

From scouting to signing, it appears that Hammers acted in an efficient, professional, and coordinated manner not typically associated with the club. Not only did Tim Steidten meet with Guilherme’s family, but coach Julen Lopetegui also met with the player several times since he arrived in the UK.

Both outlined their shared vision for the club, its project, and Guilherme’s role within it. While this approach is standard for many other football clubs, it’s refreshing to see West Ham finally adopting it.

For too long, fans have often wondered who at the club was responsible for signing a particular player. I’ve lost count of the number of times it seemed as if the manager had little interest in a player signed by the club.

Now, it finally seems as if West Ham have got their act together, and everyone is pulling in the same direction.

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  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    This is indeed refreshing. Growth within our club isn’t just about the players and results. It’s also about the back-office team that supports them. As higher quality people are recruited, like Loppy and Tim, their standards and expectations will rub off on those already there to improve us as a whole. Some credit has to go to the board for aspiring to hiring these types of people.

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