Guilherme Signs West Ham Contract in £25M Transfer

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West Ham have signed Brazilian wonderkid Luis Guilherme, and the usual media shenanigans can be expected as early as tomorrow.

Fabrizio Romano has tweeted within the last hour on social media to announce that all documents have been signed and Guilherme is now a West Ham player.

Of course, Guilherme’s transfer can’t be ratified until his club Palmeiras sends the registration and the transfer window officially opens. However, it is understood that all the official paperwork has been completed.

Speaking on his X account, ITK Romano said: “Luis Guilherme has signed all the documents and he can be considered a new West Ham player, strongly wanted by Tim Steidten. Here we go, confirmed.”

The news that Steidten was the architect of the move was something the club was happy to share with Claret & Hugh last week when a top source at the club told us how hard the Hammers’ director of football had been working to complete the deal.

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  • Bonzo says:

    All I can say is Steidten must be convinced this boy is an investment for the future. Otherwise 25 million on an 18 year could be construed as a huge gamble so let’s hope it pays off.

  • My left foot says:

    Just needs a work permit now

    • Matt says:

      No he doesn’t as he probably has a European passport

      • Ray Stewart’s Right Peg says:

        Even with a European passport he’d still need a “work permit” nowadays since Brexit.

    • Kip says:

      I’m sure they would of looked in to that first mate..they can’t be that inept at transfers surely

  • ResultsMatter says:

    Well, now watch TV commentators mispronouncing his name. Not West Ham fans. Here is a quick lesson:

    Portuguese has a number of regional accents but “Luis” is generally pronounced as “Loo-ish”, with the emphasis on the “ish”.

    “Guilherme” is harder, as the “lh” sound is not common in English. Here is a link to an approximate pronunciation from YouTube.

    I wonder if his shirt will show Luis G. or Luis or LG. 😉

  • Hammeroo says:

    And, so the shirt Photoshopping begins …

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