Guilherme Transfer a Moral Victory for Steidten

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The news that West Ham are close to sealing a €30m transfer for Brazil wonderkid Luis Guilherme is a moral victory for Tim Steidten.

The Hammers’ Director of Football has had to play a patient waiting game and bide his time during his first 12 months at the club. Sure, he was able to flex his muscles a bit with the signing of Mohammed Kudus, but he was never truly in charge of transfers.

This was perfectly demonstrated by his inability to recruit any players in January despite being adamant that West Ham needed an additional attacker with Premier League and European fixtures on the horizon.

The January transfer window finished with a whimper, with David Moyes pulling rank and insisting on the signing of Kalvin Phillips. Nothing quite demonstrated the impotent position of the German more than that window and the subsequent training ground and dressing room bans only further undermined his position.

It can’t have been an easy situation for Steidten, who had joined from Bayer Leverkusen with the mandate of modifying West Ham’s transfer dealings. It’s probably fair to say that what he found upon his arrival was a delicate situation with an old-fashioned manager who was suspicious of the continental system that Steidten was brought in to replicate.

The fact that the German has seen off both Moyes and Rob Newman is a testament to his patience and long-term vision. The signing of Luis Guilherme is a significant one too, because it never would have happened under David Moyes.

For too long, us Hammers fans have wondered who sanctioned the signings of which West Ham players. However, there can be little doubt that Steidten has both identified and negotiated the transfer of Guilherme, which is the biggest indicator yet that times have changed at West Ham.

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  • Macephtopheles says:

    How is that anything close to a moral victory for Steidten there?

    If Guilherme turns out to be crap (hopefully won’t) then the only one who could possibly claim a “moral victory” would be David Moyes as he could go “Well, I’d have saved us £30 million by blocking that transfer.”

    • Hemant Patel says:

      West Ham fans want the following: as much entertainment as possible not defensive pass backs. We want energetic football not the sluggish style we have witnessed. We want a balanced squad not 11 players. We want our youth team players to be included in the preparations of an exciting game. Every manager makes a mistake. Lopetegui will also make mistakes but his team will play from the back not boot and give the ball away and then expect the forward to run back to help the defence. We are signing players with sell on value. That means our squads will sell players, take profit, reinvest and improve. Tge ride would be exciting yet at times bumpy. Better than going home half way through the match.

    • Robin Frost says:

      I think Moyes will be keeping quiet about saving the club money on transfers , it looks like we’re about to lose another 10 million on Naeff Aguerd , another moyes signinhv

    • Graham says:

      A team is always taking a chance when they buy a young foreign player but I would much rather we take that route then buying players who are nearing the end of their careers with no sell on value. This is a new era for our club and their will be mistakes but whatever this season brings I just hope the football is entertaining.

      • Paul says:

        There. I new era it’s an illusion. – sulky won’t pay the money and don’t care what these pile say or do buck stops with him on players as ever

    • Peter yeatman says:

      Obviously a Moyes fan…. Long live west ham way of playing rather than Moyes way not to lose oppps one nil down what do we do now? Concede another 4

    • Dave Andrews says:

      So all the money he wasted on player after player is forgotten then moyes not in a position to say anything

  • Bonzo says:

    Thanks to our fans demanding an exciting attacking brand of football. If we want exciting attacking football they have to buy exciting attacking players.

  • Steveo says:

    I must say the boy looks an exiting prospect. But let’s see if we get him so far no one has come through the door. At the moment nothing has changed. The Bruno saga has proved that

  • Ken Brickell says:

    If he comes, will Merson be able to pronounce his name? What an embarrassment he is to Sky sports.

  • S says:

    Not sure about this one. If he were half the price I’d be very excited, but 25m for a guy with one season in Brazil under his belt is a lot. If we wanted a talented teenage attacking midfielder then what’s wrong with George Earthy? I’ll trust The club for now, but this signing makes me nervous. Rather spend that money on a top-notch CB, to be honest.

    • Peter yeatman says:

      Do you honestly think under Moyes earthy would get a look in ? Not a chance

  • Bonzo says:

    buying a teenager from a foreign league as opposed to bringing through our own teenagers the likes of earthy, Potts, Marshall. Now to pay 30 million for a teenager means he must be the absolute dogs and better than any of the three I mentioned otherwise why are we bringing him in. Let’s hope he is the absolute dogs.

  • Bonzo says:

    Although thinking about it he’s a winger and in that position the only one I can think of was Dan Chester’s who I think we just got rid of.

  • Farehamhammer says:

    Seen off Moyes ??You deluded c### !Hyping up Teaboy Tim beyond believe .Only one man signs the cheques ,The Perve.Teaboy Tim is the next to be thrown under a bus !

  • John Sharp says:

    What does ‘close to signing’ actually mean. We were ‘close to signing’ Bruno and that didn’t happen. We were ‘close to signing’ players in January and all we got was Phillips on loan.
    Not until a player has signed on the dotted-line will I believe it.

  • Hammer_Rite says:

    When i see it on the official West Ham site then i will believe it.Otherwise it could still turn out like the Bruno saga.

  • Ian says:

    This is utter garbage.
    Sullivan wouldn’t sanction any buys nothing to do with Moyes. Also the other coaches and staff who would lose their jobs if Tim replaced Moyes were the ones unhappy at so openly recruiting their bosses successor right in front of them. You go to work and see how that plays out

    • Julie Rendell says:

      I am so sick and tired of all the Moyes haters. The man has gone. When will you all stop slagging him off??

  • MATT says:

    Love the fact that all the good signings were Steitdens and all the **** ones were Moyes.

  • The Central Scrutinizer says:

    I’ve read it’s all fallen through….No s**t sherlock!

  • Robert says:

    I believe it once the fella signs feed up reading we are close to signing this player that player just let us fans know once he signs if it ever happens fed with all this bull**** same every season

    • BamBamBigalo says:

      Lastest reports the deal has collapsed due to personal terms. Most likely offering the same wages he’s already on and vauxhall corsa.

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