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Hackett calls for extreme ‘Arnie’ ban

hackettKeith Hackett will have done absolutely nothing to redeem his tattered reputation among Hammers fans with long memories after laying into Marko Arnautovic following his red card dismissal at Southampton.

It was HACKETT’S  disgraceful decision which saw Tony Gale sent off in the 1991 FA Cup semi final against Nottingham Forest at Villa Park – killing any hopes of us landing a spot in the Wembley Final.

It was a horrendous decision (I was there) and the central defender has never been able to forgive Hackett’s memorablY shocking 26 year old horror show.

So listening to his view that Arnautovic should be banned for five games is pretty distateful and only serves to remind some of us what a terrrible referree Hackett was during his time officiating.

Giving his verdict on You Are The Ref, Hackett called for an immediate five-game ban for Arnautovic and for anyone else caught using their elbows and getting sent off.

He said:  “The referees failure to detect this challenge contributed to West Ham’s Arnautovic deciding foolishly to take matters into his own hands by committing an outrageous brutal act, deliberately using his elbow on an opponent.

“This should be a five match ban! It is my belief that at the moment we are witnessing too many challenges that are reckless and with excessive force. The PGMOL need to call a meeting with the Premier League, PFA and LMA to express their concerns so that everyone understands the seriousness of these challenges.”

 Hackett also complained about Mason missing a “blatant” red card for Mark Noble, who launched into a pretty awful, studs up challenge on Mario Lemina that went unpunished.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “Hackett calls for extreme ‘Arnie’ ban

  1. Lemina elbowon Arnie ?? Tadic assault on the pea ?? Fek off hacket you cockney hating cheat ?
    Bias reteric again against westham , referees need to be held accountable for bias and game changing decisions, video evidence needs to be employed , and a question needs to be asked why 99ish% of prem refs are all flat caps with a hatred for the south and show it on a regular basis when refereeing us 😈😈

  2. By the way he’s a tyke , Sheffield utd fan ?

    • Arnie deserves everything he gets.im sure if a player had got sent off doing it to one of our players we would want the book thrown at them.

      • I dont know what happened i wasnt replying to you Laz sorry it wa ment to be at the bottom.
        Tyke is Barnsley.

      • He has ? The rule says 3 game ban , that’s it ?
        Tyke wasn’t what I put ? Type correct took over and didn’t check?
        Wba the same , luiz ,Cahill , smalling. Jones. Bailey, fellaini, to name a few , ban them all every time they use an elbow or studsup Rojo who walked away with nothing after 2 times in a row ? Janus failing to point out the red vertongen should have recieved all pundits and Bias cheating refs need banning as well when they let them go and get rid of the bias pundits as well , I’m gibbering here, need some cake 😂
        Lot of man u up above , I forgot to name the rest of the team and the divers ?
        Ali spuds diver and Ott tackles ? Point I’m trying to make is refs are at fault just as much as players are , video cures that IMO. But the refs will get around that one for sure
        Hacket is everything bad in this sport , I detest the piece of shyte😈

  3. I think there’s a huge difference between a badly timed tackle, recklessness and deliberately intending to cause injury.

    If you are out to hurt another player you should receive a greater sanction.

    I would agree with a panel of refs reviewing all sending offs.

  4. Noble should have gone.Did you see the wound on the saints players leg even with pads on.Awful tackle.If he had been sent off and banned for three matches it would have been a result actually lol

    • It happens Gareth as the legs don’t accelerate any more and the tempo of the game is quicker. Perhaps next time and there will be a next time Noble will be sent off.

  5. I scored a small victory against Hackett a few years ago. He was director of a kitchen supplier and I was buying 100+ kitchens for a client with a value of more than £1m.

    I managed to string him along for nearly a year before giving the job to someone else. Actually told him he hadn’t won as I couldn’t bring myself to give the contract to a man who had acted like such a sh1t towards Tony Gale.

    He wasn’t happy (even mentioned his bonus was on the line) and threatened to go and tell my boss – who was also a Hammer and in on the joke!

  6. Good work Agent Demon.Now i know where you get your name from 😂
    Arnies got to hold his hands up & take what he gets,he only has himself too blame for it im afraid 😬

  7. Excellent demon 😂😂 personally I would have let him know I was a hammer and give it to him large 😈 scum!!!
    Arnie got what he deserved 100%.

  8. Demon brilliant !

    I liked the days when refs were butchers or whatever & didn’t think they were celebrities just because they are now full time & ‘train’ & have meetings to decide what handball is & when you blow the final whistle. Even thinking about them puts me in a bad mood.

  9. A bit sensationalist this headline, I wouldn’t complain if Arnie got a 5 match ban or other players doing what he did so long as it was consistent, they should also be allowed to award subsequent bans to players who got away with a yellow for a red card offence. Assaulting players that cannot see it coming is extremely dangerous, he could have broken his neck or damaged his spine quite easilly. To many players lead with the elbow, all the idiot ex footballers defend them quite often because they did the same and worse, the amount of forearm smashes you see where players appear to be looking the other way but really you know they know what they are doing. The sooner they do away with it the better imho. Agree Tadic should have been sent off and Noble and argueably Fonte also.

  10. Agree totally 32 !
    Mason must give penalty,s at the slightest contact in the box including blocking off with arms as that is obstruction in its self , holding of arms , hands on any part of the body ?
    If he doesn’t then he needs banning for poor officiating and non applications of the rules!
    Listening to ex refs and pundits say refs view situations different and act accordingly is bollow, they should apply the rules and not make their own judgements bending the rules to suit ,/ cheat !! They should also not be allowed to become friends of the field as that can lead to collusion, which is rife with these clowns , didn’t Halsey or someone come out and say its bent ? FA did nothing ?? What about the appointment of some refs from London??
    No chance .

  11. Mason got every decision right in my opinion but he did miss a handball which could have given us at least a point. The were bad challenged on both Arnie and Little Pea that also went unpunished.
    However Idont agree with people wishing any player in Claret & Blue being sent off. We all know Nobbs is coming totheend of his career, but please don’t crucify him, He’s a oneclub man our club !!

  12. He had a poor game according to Halsey and shouldn’t be refereeing in the prem ?
    And if that was a penalty then we will see 20 a game ,
    He’s poor !! always has been ,

  13. I was in the holte end that day.
    Two things i remember more than anything.
    1/ BILLY BONDS CLARET AND BLUE ARMY sang for what seemed 3 months.
    2/ Chorus of HACKETT is a cee you next tuesday!!
    One thing aint changed

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