Haksabanovic will have to wait

Haksa1West Ham’s new signing  “wonderkid” Sead Haksabanovic won’t be thrown straight into first team duty after signing his  five-year deal.

Such was the greeting and announcement on the official website that one could be forgiven for believing that new new Ronaldo had arrived.

We read: “Blessed with searing pace, outstanding technical ability and vision and an eye for goal, Haksabanovic has already made 70 first-team appearances and made his senior international debut in May.”

Now, the Sweden-born player will bring his wide range of talents to the Hammers, London Stadium and the Premier League.”

Quite when that will happen, however, is another question after it became apparent that at 18, and having cost a mere £3.1 million fee to Halmstads he isn’t the finished product yet.

Club insiders say scouting reports have been fantastic and the manager likes him enormously. However he’s one for the future not immediately, although it’s hoped he is going to surprise every one with rapid development.

The Hammers having produced several top youngsters through the academy under the careful eye of Terry Westley show he is at a club who are proving their ability to develop raw talent.

Haksabanovic made his  Halmstads’ debut  two years ago at the age of only 15 and  after becoming the fifth Irons signing of the summer said: “I’m really happy to be here – it’s a dream come true.”

It confirms earlier CandH reports that the club were looking to sign youngsters who could produce a decent financial bonus if and when they are sold in the future having brought in four big names.



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41 comments on “Haksabanovic will have to wait

  1. He’ll have to wait until we have knocked them skills out of him, can’t have him improving the team 😉

  2. How the hell are they going to fit a number on that shirt unless they give him #1 or #7?? 🙂

  3. Bilic looks like he can’t wait to get away from the kid 😎 thinking fek me another kid not going to play , I’ve got Snodgrass and ayew 😂😂 30 million Quid’s worth of,of er ,of er er , OK you’re on the bench son 😂😂😂

  4. So you thought you would come on here and moan 😂😂😂😂 visit the sister site you,ll love it there 😂😂😂😂 we have more of a giggle on here 😁

  5. The new Ravel Morrison?

  6. Actually Retro – this place is more positive than most. You’ll be okay as long as you tow the 3 whip party line.

  7. That’s because I’m usually the odd one out here and like a good old moan. I wouldn’t use me as an example to reinforce your point. But I think you missed the question mark…RM was a raw talent tipped for big things but let down by his attitude. This kids has all the same talent, so lets hope he makes something of it.

  8. Lol The Deleter has been on since i last logged in it seems.Retro Iron is now History Iron.Wont be able too say anything on here soon 😂😂
    Anyway i just read an article on how to pronounce his name properly
    Say-Add Hack-Sha-Ban-Of-Itch.
    Good luck commentators 😁

    • 😂😂 just about to say the same lol? Say wot 😂 haka will do😉
      I bet JRS enigma tablet can come up with a different version 😂😂

    • I did wonder as it says 8 comments but shows 5 (9 and 6 now I guess) does someone really watch the posts put up all day? Wow!

      • Laz I reckoned at one time only half your comments survived the deleters tip-ex pen lol

        • Lol i logged on start of lunch break and there was a Retro having a deep & meaningful then come back & its all disappeared.I blame George Orwell 😁

        • Wasn’t my fault retro had a moan about a moan and thought he was exempt 😂😂
          Days of being rabid have been banned john by the order of the round table 😂
          Just make light and good banter , don’t know why he put the marker through my post ? Must have been the reference to you know who sshhhhhhh😂😂
          Rads got the hump cos he couldn’t wind it up 😂😂😂 you have to be quicker radai , the sprog has started to consume you mate , tell him to leave the tablet alone or you’ll steal his dummy and no Stella before bedtime 😉

    • It is not say-add..it is S e a d..just for you RL..😂😂

  9. Good luck to the lad you never know if he scores a few goals he’ll be a legend and given the title of relegation buster 😆😆

  10. Don’t forget the ” Gold ” rule ; no kids .
    Wonder why Man Utd , City , Chelsea , Aston Villa and Liverpool didn’t grab hold of him .
    Is he one for the future, we can only wait and see . Anyway Bilic likes him so , nothing to worry about . Good question , RSRP : is he our new Ravel Morrison ? . Maybe but hopefully with Head & Legs working in combination .

  11. Im not saying this lad is one but theres been some really good footballers around who didnt make the cut at a trial as kids but went to another club & became household names if you read their stories.
    Its nothing to gauge him on so seriously imho.Some players at a young age never kick on,others become much better as they mature 😃

    • Rads you going up to Manchester? 😀

    • Very true , Radai Lama . Some young talent need the opportunity to show there’re potential and clubs and fans alike need to be patient . I think Rooney and Beckham are the perfect examples . But then again they were exceptional youngsters under Great Management .

  12. No GW,im still on my away day ban again this season.Cant afford it since the the Frog sprog came along.Didnt go once last season either.I miss it but shyt happens.
    Maybe next year if i can get tickets i will go again.

    • A win on the Lottery would help , no doubt . Being a travelling fan is great if you can easily afford it , Radai Lama . There are a lot of fans who overspend just supporting Thier team and end up with debts and broken marriages . Don’t be one of them , Old Chap . Love your team and get to as many games you can afford but , don’t over stretch your financial limitations . I’m talking from experience.

      • Yeah i know Kev before last season i used to go to most away matches when i was single and didn’t have the sprog.I have always earnt good bread on the trowl & building work but i was still getting my credit cards loaded up big time going all the time.
        Its simple now i have the kid & football can take a back seat for a coupke of years.Well away days anyway😃

        • Shame that mate was going to arrange a keepy uppy competition 😆😆 Don’t blame you though mate costs a packet at the end of the day! Might swerve a few myself this year but then again you have more of a laugh and a bit of banter away from home 😆😆

        • Understood . I was born in Carshalton , raised in Pitsea & Basildon . Moved to Sutton with family as a teenager and became an Engineering Apprentice . ( you didn’t earn much as an apprentice in those days ) My Grandfather was a Hammers fan and took me to Upton Park for my 5th Birthday . Got infected and never found nor looked for a cure . I was now a Hammer for life .
          Always went to home games when I had the money , sometimes when I didn’t .
          When we were playing away I would go if I had the dosh but , if I didn’t I would go to Gander Green Lane and watch Sutton United . Great little ground and a good atmosphere. Not a bad team either . Cos I like football . Thought I’d share that with you , not sure why .

  13. I was gonna do a ,back in the day away days GW but it would probably get the tipex man who is suffering ADHD strikittus today , its all retros fault 😂😂😂

    • Just a lot of old memories mate . No more , no less . It’s an age thing .

      • Yes mate. They can never take em away 😉 priceless !!

        • Need a list of no go topics Laz don’t know what I can post nowadays 😆 Maybe a good old fashioned fairy cake recipe will be ok 😆😆

          • Yes mate ! I was thinking of getting a ENIGMA tablet like JRS to get under the radar of tipex the pen and the watcher’s, that will confuse em 😂😂😂

  14. “Shall I call a priest Kevin?” 😂😂😂😂

    Thank God I saw that before it got deleted on religious grounds. Made me laugh that did 😂😂

  15. Wasnt Lemon Drizzle cake the favourite GW or Coffee & Walnut.So long ago i have forgotten what Daphnes Parrish Council preferred 🍰🍩🎂😁

  16. Proseco, tea with steralised milk and a packet of rich tea😂😂 oh and a fresh air spray if memory serves me right😂😂😂 and a blue rinse to boot😂😂

  17. I wonder if cod face is still with us 😂😂or did GW ambush him outside the salon😂😂

    • Lemon Drizzle wasn’t deemed politically correct by the Parish Council Rads so longer in the cookbook. Walnut seems to be popular as do the Pistachio praline biscuits but unfortunately the Poppodom Pitta cake is deemed far to expensive due to having to pay for it over many years and the recipe only being available for certain months 😆😆

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