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Half Time Live

Join the Hammers Chat team for live analysis of our game away to West Brom.

Just click on the video link below 1 minute after the referee blows his half-time whistle and join the lads for some biased West Ham fan opinion.



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16 comments on “Half Time Live

  1. COYI,2-1 to the Cockney Boys today.In Slav we trust.Antonio at RB again,I love it when Bilic does that & sends some of the Wetpants into a tantrum about it.Kick Slaven out,he is clueless,Lmao.

  2. Juist wait till the match thread kicks off Rick,then the real experts appear lol

  3. Yes,tell me about it.The moaners are off & running already.Do my head in that lot.

  4. COYI! ahah… for the first time I have to say thank you to Wetpants Managers… I read there that West Ham match was available on Hammerstv and that’s true… Thanks Wetties, I howe you a bag of nappies… lol 😀

    • Lmao,it always is Matte.It is what I watch the games on.Mega pack of nappies I hope you send,they get through them quickly during matches ha ha

      • ahaha… I didn’t know it Rick, I usually watch WH games on Fox Sports, but today the match was not available… Mega pack sent with a mega pink bow… lol 😀

  5. ahahha… I just went on Wetpants… you can find the whole TV report of the match… They are so excited and they deny their old idol Sam singing “are you watching Allardyce”… lool what a wonderful site it is… 😀

  6. Bunch of lunatics on there match times.Bilic is a God if we win but if we only draw or lose he had the tactics & substitutions all wrong.But fortunately they are clever enough to tell him what he did wrong.I hope he reads it on Saturday nights.It will improve him as a boss,lol

  7. I learnt the hard way to avoid the match thread.Not a pretty site with all the PL managers on there.Its a battle of experts egos lol

  8. What a bunch of sad losers you lot on here are! You are OBSESSED with WHTID and are so obviously insanely jealous of its superior content and posters. We only have pity for your dull lives,as I was only saying to Mr LLH the other night.

    • It’s just my opinion, but as someone new to visiting both sites, I prefer the content on C&H. It’s to the point, original, accurate and interesting. I find some of the articles on WHTID can be verbose, sometimes bordering on pretentious, and the squabbling in the comments is off-putting. Generally if I want quality prose I’ll turn to Coleridge or Wordsworth; other than that I’d rather let the football do the talking (or writing, as the case may be).

    • Think you could do with relaxing a bit LLH.Stop taking things so seriously.There again that wouldn’t fit your agenda would it.Fitting you should use the term Sad Loser.I should take a look in the mirror buddy.Enough of that anyway,I’m sure you will now disappear into the ether again.

  9. Lol,oh here we go,the lunatic has been let out of the asylum again,Lmao.The day I’m jealous of that lot of Einsteins is the day I will walk back into the mental hospital with you LLH.Sorry mate but I appreciate their comedy gold analysis but I will never buy a ticket to watch it,lol
    Don’t you think that Liddys Lonely Hearts Club would have had a better ring to it,only a suggestion.Enjoy your new nappies from Matte 😉

  10. Nice name there Liddys Lonely Hearts.What a sad loser.So you somehow believe it better to use another person’s name to cause trouble over a few guys who are just having a laugh about another bunch of guys who think they are good enough to manage in the Premier League.You have a funny level of acceptability as to what is morally correct.So who is the real loser???? I suggest it would be you eh!!

  11. I’m sorry Rick whose name am I using? Is there a copyright over names now? If so,I’m sure there have been other (P)Ricks before you. And Billy,I don’t belong to any club,I’m a collector of Lonely Hearts,and there are so many on here who are obviously too shy to speak to a lady and get very frustrated at their lack of nookie action. Now boys,if you were nicer to the WHTID site you could come along and meet Mr LLH & myself and have a jolly good time thinking you had a chance with me (like that lot do). In the meantime, I suggest (especially you (P)Rick) that you settle for a bit of wrist action (don’t forget the Kleenex).

  12. Grow up & stop acting like a little kid.What are you a grown man or 5yr old.Pitiful.

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