Hammer Desperate to Speed up Irons Exit

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Nayef Aguerd’s desire to leave West Ham has intensified, prompting him to take a significant step. Aguerd switched agents back in November joining CanteraSport. This agency also represents Kurt Zouma, another West Ham centre-back reportedly on the way out.

However, the fact that the agency have chosen now demonstrates quite how much the player wants to leave West Ham. The press release is every inch a ‘come and get me’ plea from the player and the agency itself.

The announcement by CanteraSport portrays Aguerd as a “promising centre back,” which some might find contradictory given his recent performances at West Ham and the fact Aguerd is 28 years of age.

Aguerd is a quick defender with excellent long-range passing. But he has been seriously inconsistent since joining West Ham, who with the benefit of hindsight have massively overpaid at £30m.

With Aguerd seemingly on his way out, West Ham are actively looking for replacements. We are currently in the midst of a third bid for Max Kilman and several other central defenders have been linked to the club.

Nayef Aguerd’s move to change agents signifies a clear desire to leave West Ham. The club seems receptive to a sale, and Aguerd’s future destination remains to be seen. With West Ham actively pursuing new centre-backs, both parties appear to be moving towards a resolution.

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  • Jimbo says:

    Maybe he could be part of the Kilman deal? There is a good player here, and perhaps O’Neill can get a tune out of him when Moyes could not.

    • Todd Benson says:

      Problem is his main reason for leaving is he and his family don’t like living in England so I imagine it will be back to France or perhaps Saudi even. He won’t stay in England though that’s for sure.

  • Benny the Aussie says:

    We do seem to be all over the place atm.
    Firstly I’m not convinced of Kilman, he’ll be another overpriced purchase just like Aguerd was.
    How do all the Italian, French , German clubs seem to get players at good prices and we cannot?

  • B says:

    I cannot agree with you Simon about Aguerd being ‘overpriced’ at £30mil.
    He looked like a Rolls Royce of a defender for Morocco, and in France, class is permanent etc.

    He was West Hams best central defender last year (When he played) and will be better than average, when he’s happy & content with the club/team/manager he plays for.

    If reports are to be believed, Aguerd’s relationship with the club has broken down, he wants a move, so time to recoup the £30mil. and bring in new blood.

    Best of luck Nayef.

  • Tim says:

    There is a world class 24 year old centre back called Solet playing for RB Leipzig with less than one year left on his current contract and is happy to come to the Prem and available at a low price. Why are we not chasing him? It really is a NO BRAINER !! He is brilliant. Check him out on the internet for yourself and tell me what you think..

  • Deathblow says:

    Perhaps he wasn’t helped by us having zero EPL quality coaches at the club.
    He’d have improved under Steve Potts and Kev Keane, never under what he had.
    Shame cos I think he has got promise and if he trains with the new staff he might change his mind.
    Training under our old staff must be like the England team being ‘coached’ by a very mediocre bunch!

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Just a case of Moyes ****ed him off?

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