Hammer Fab spills the Moyes beans


Łukasz Fabiański

He may be 39 years old and been in football for nearly a quarter of a century but Lukasz Fabianski can still feel shocked, disappointed and mentally incapable of dealing with certain things within the game.

We are talking about his dropping on Saturday of course when Alphonse Areola was chosen to take over the No 1 sweater.

Fab isn’t a moaner. He is a bloke who can talk very articulately so when he explained his feelings one had to take them on board in a big way,

To quote him verbatim he said:” I took the news awfully. Being honest, first of all, it was a massive shock. Second of all, the information made me angry. I wasn’t mentally ready for something like this.

“The way the situation was handled feels weird to me. As you can probably feel my pain, all I will say is that through my work with the club, the coaching staff and the manager I deserved the situation to unfold in a much different way than how it happened and on Thursday.

“I know it’s just my subjective opinion, but I feel like I should’ve been treated better in that specific situation.”

Frankly I was pretty shocked as having been a journo in football for approaching 50 years I can honestly say I have heard little like this before.

The Pole strikes me as a bloke who will always tell it as it is – no media trained nonsense from him –  and the words he used are pretty damning towards the manager and coaching staff.

It may or may not tell us plenty about what has been going on at Rush Green with stories of unhappy players coming and going . I can’t speak for anybody else but it convinces me that things have been pretty bad for some time now.

Fab seems to have really spilled the beans.

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  • euanwhosarmy says:

    Usual boring anti-Moyes agenda. Change the tune and give the new season a chance for at least a few games…..

    • Oh we are only allowed to publish pro Moyes stuff and ignore what a very experienced player has to say? yOU WANT US TO PRETEND FAB DIDN’T SAY IT?

      • dirk says:

        Fabianski looks pretty engaged in the photos posted to the official site today. And Cresswell – who we were told is refusing to train – is featured in several photos sporting a wide grin. What’s the story there?

  • stevec2476 says:

    Well Moyes telegraphed this last year and the shock is 🤷‍♀️

  • West Aussie Hammer 1 says:

    I’m surprised that Fab was Surprised. Yes he’s still a top Keeper but honestly time to give the Nipple a chance in goal mate

  • Neil Down Under says:

    Disappointing if true, and no reason to believe otherwise, coming straight from the horses mouth.
    At the very minimum, as courtesy to an established first team stalwart, you would take them aside and have the conversation.
    Too many times now for this type of thing to be “coincidence”, man management in any industry is essential.
    Be damned if I’d want to work for someone who didn’t respect me.
    But then, who knows what goes on behind closed doors… apart from the players.

  • eromittal says:

    Nobody expects you to ignore Fab’s comment but you have maybe read too much into it. You do seem hell bent on knocking Moyes at every opportunity. I can remember a comment you made a couple of years back “In Moyes we trust” were the exact words I believe. So what happened? We had two great seasons in the league and have won a European trophy. That feels like success to me.
    Let’s just see how this season unfolds.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I agree with you Hugh, when you have a senior pro, you should be able to have an adult conversation with him, that’s respect hard earned, easily lost.

  • eromittal says:

    Feeling a bit sensitive today Hugh?! 😉

    • No, I am replying which is the polite thing to do when people ask questions and no I don’t like the Moyes brand of football and will continue to say so until it changes

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Thank you Hugh for telling it how it is. This is East London not North Korea, no ‘propaganda only’ censorship thanks.

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