Hammer Giroud! Yes or No – Your shout

West Ham are now actively involved in chasing Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud.
ClaretandHugh has been told the 30 year old striker is likely to cost around £20 million plus £100k a week personal terms.
CandH’s forum followers at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ have been discussing whther this is a good or bad deal for the club.
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O £100k a week on a 4 year contract – for a 30 year old! No thanks.
OA proven goal scorer in the Premier League , I’d say that’s a good deal. Don’t think we have to many options.
O I’d take him
O If we can get him for £20million that’s a no brainer.
O I thought we were after quick mobile players. No thanks
O A year drop in the ocean finish 2 places higher you have is money back.
O That’s fine for the first or possibly second year but the third and fourth we’ll be paying £5million+ a year for what?n
O Sounds better value than AC-.regardless of age. AC was a lot younger, has he been a good deal? 
O Giroud maybe in his final years but he scores goals and always will. Let’s compare him to say Zlatan…worth every penny for the goals they score.
O He’s been a very good goal scorer for Arsenal. But the Gooners for example had a rolling one year policy on over 30 year olds which makes more sense to me then a 4 year deal.
O He played 36 games… almost a full season.. what a novelty…Get him signed
O Sign him up!!!!
O £10 million fee and 50 grand a week is more realistic offer, even that is a joke ,football is just getting stupid now.

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31 comments on “Hammer Giroud! Yes or No – Your shout

  1. Lmao I thought this was a poll and I was trying to tick a box! I was also trying to think of an option that had been missed.

    So, I would take this guy in a heartbeat. He would be outstanding for us. Giroud and Hart and I would think I’ve gone to heaven. I’m praying.

  2. How on earth do you please West Ham fans nowadays? A striker proven in the prem, that’s going to be fully fit, score goals…
    And they whinge about his age or how much he will earn.
    Loads of people wanted Defoe… he’s 34 ffs!
    No pleasing people… it winds me up.
    Because he’s a decent player, certainly better than zaza, calleri, Fletcher, Sakho and Valencia.
    Gives Carroll a break so we can try and maintain him better with injuries… get Iheanacho as well.. then we will have some firepower up front in all 3.

    • Tell me about it Wolfie. There are people that just moan from the very outset of any news, true or false, that concerns our club. Why they support the club I do not know. It would be like me supporting animal cruelty. I wouldn’t do it because it would me make immensely unhappy.

      • They support the Club because they Love the Club , John . Just as much as you or any other Supporter . They are just as concerned as you , or maybe , even more so .

  3. Better than what we’ve got, but steep at £20m.

  4. Giroud is definatley an upgrade on what we have got now.
    We are obviously not as big of a club as arsenal. (Yet) But we don’t want to be buying there dead wood. We want to be competing with them to buy the players that they want to replace Giroud. Saying that sell Carroll and Sakho and buy Giroud with the money from them.

  5. A good player…..but there are players I’d sooner West Ham signed for the money talked about

  6. You cant please them WakeTheWolf.I took in an article on another site from a West Ham fan saying the same thing as you in so many words.The same fans will moan that Zabaletas legs have gone..We dont want Bats because he is a Chelsea reject..We dont want Giroud because he is too old..We dont want Ihaenacho because he is young and unproven..We dont want Hart because he is useless.
    His basic point was it wont matter who we sign these supporters wont be happy lol

    • I completely agree…
      zabaleta is a vet.. and a bloody good one at that.
      He might not have as much speed, but he has tactical awareness, he is vocal… he will be able to put people where they need to be.

      With Giroud, he’s only Arsenal deadwood because they don’t like players over 30.
      But I think Giroud is decent, he may not be pacey, but boy he gets himself in the right places, and scores goals. Isn’t goals what we need?
      If you had Giroud and Carroll that’s guaranteed goals, then get Iheanacho who has a decent goal to game Ratio… there’s your speed….
      You play Giroud and iheanacho up front together… with Carroll as the super sub or plan B so to speak.

      Jesus Christ I reckon if we signed ronaldo or messi someone would be moaning about it.
      It’s too much, I just wish people would just chill out… they can’t run the club so they have to just deal with it.

    • I want Ihaenacho , Stan The Man . Young , fast and Talented . Would be a tremendous signing for West Ham but , Giroud ?. No , not really the same . If we want to get ahead it is in my opinion imperative to get some young strong legs in the Team . Not players who are seeing out Thier usefulness .
      Thought you were going to keep quite untill after your holidays Old Chap . A bit like me .

  7. As stupid as it is £20m doesn’t buy you top draw players anymore & since when is 30 too old?
    I don’t get it when people say ‘”we don’t want ‘whoever’ rejects’, going with that logic we wouldn’t ever sign anyone. Is every transfer another clubs reject?

  8. We paid just over 20 mill for Ayew who has hardly set the world on fire so 20 for Giroud is a no-brainer.
    And 100k a week is probably cheap for a player of his standard.
    And just think – if we bought him, we would have the winner and runner up of last season’s goals of the season playing for little old West Ham!

  9. Sign him up can’t believe some out there say they wouldn’t want him.

  10. Why are some of them worried about the 4 yr contract,it aint like we will have to keep him for 4 yrs as if it is set in stone 😁
    Personally i think he will stay at The Gooners anyway.

  11. I think a Fully Fit Carroll is a better prospect than Giroud . Giroud is slow and cumbersome.
    Doesn’t suit Arsenal so , why , should he suit us . We all know that AC has been a disappointment due to his injury problems but , I would put Carroll above Giroud anyday . It would be nice to know Carroll’s condition right now and whether or not he will start the new season in first 11 .
    Giroud isn’t really worth the asking price and his wages are rediculous for his age and future ambitions for West Ham . I’ve seen him score goals just as most of us have but , I’ve also seen him squander lots of great chances . And with the Head there is no real replacement for Carroll . The age problem goes against Defoe also .
    I fly against the wind on this one . But I don’t think I’m alone .
    It’s looking more and more like we are in for a poor window yet again .

  12. Hehe i was surprised Johnham hadnt been on to rubbish this then i noticed he has already rubbished it on the other report.Always predictable lol
    Kevin it is the start of June and yes we might not get who you want but dont be so pessimistic all the time lol

  13. I would take giroud over that clown we have now carroll every day of the week.They dont even compare.**** knows why some of you have carroll on some pedestal he has been a complete nightmare for us and one day you will look back and realise it.

  14. I’d prefer iheanacho, on a bigger pitch pace is vital and I think he has huge potential hence where the stumbling block in the deal is with the buy back clause.
    Although I think 20m in the current market is a good deal, I don’t think it’s 20m we need to spend when Carroll is a similar type of player. 
    If we can sell Carroll and get him in alongside iheanacho then that would be great. But I can’t see us selling Carroll for a decent fee and a club taking him on with his wages and injury record.

  15. We would be mad not to sign him and £20m I’m this Mkt is nothing. You can’t be a bad striker and get called up regular to one of the top National teams. Someone says a fully fit AC is better than cumbersome Giroud. I don’t believe that is true but even if so in 5 years he hasn’t more than 75%,of a season. So I don’t see AC being fit ever now for a season. And France as some of the best strikers and we can still get another I would like Henry O bc great foot work and no loan or buy back. And Giroud scores in all games starting or sub and is brilliant when playing with a pace striker beside him like him in Greizzmann.
    Proven fit score goals and wants to play why would you not want him and yea he is 30 but who cares he is fit that is what’s important. Btwn him And Onyekuku under £30m and you have experience and Strength good with feet and assists. And Henry young full of talent brilliant foot work AND only 20. Good deal for £28m and we finally have fit strikers which we have not had in years.
    Abosulute Madness if you wouldn’t want to sign him. I would take him over Lukaku.
    Think they are being smarter and moving quicker to not end up with panic buys.
    So if u want to keep AC and let him play 5 good games a year for same price ok just doesn’t make sense to me and love AC but isn’t working any other club would have passed him on 2 years ago

  16. For what my opinion is worth, I think this is a major risk. Especially if the deal is a four year contract. I can’t help myself but thinking about all these players who left Arsenal and lost a lot of gas from that moment. Van Persie had a half decent season at Manure and then nothing. Same for Adebayor, who never really ended up having the career we thought he would have. Let’s not even talk about Chamakh, who was flying high with Bordeaux, had a decent season for Arsenal, then nothing. And that is one who played (or maybe didn’t actually play) for us…
    I really hope that if this does materialise we don’t have to regret it.

  17. Sorry to get the choice issue between Giroud and Inheanacho- can’t we do both.

  18. I dont get why anyone wouldnt want him.To put things​ in perspective Chris Wood of Leeds is being quoted at a £20 million fee as well this summer.How is Giroud not going to be an upgrade on an injured pair of Sakho and Carroll or the likes of Cole,Emineke,Calleri and Zaza who we have had in the previous two or three seasons.
    Sorry i dont get what some of our fans want.We are not going to sign Luis Saurez or Aguero type players.

  19. People saying Carroll is better when fully fit must get it through their heads that he’s never going to be fully fit for long. Keep comparing him to whomever we take an interest in is pointless. By that yardstick we’ll never buy anyone as long as Carroll is at our club. Giraud stays fit, scores goals, is still being picked by France, is reasonably priced and suits our style. Really can’t see the problem.

    • Yes it does seem a pointless comparison mooro.I can understand making a comparison if we were looking to jetison a 30 games a season Carroll but thats just not the case.

  20. People make me laugh, shouldn’t sign him on a four year contract cause he’s 30 but Defoe at 34 on a two year contract is fine, he maybe 30 but so is Suarez, Ronaldo is over 30 so age is not always a problem, as for Arsenal not letting decent players leave, Fabregas is doing alright and Van persie won man utd the league to name but two

  21. And there have been major flops of players either while at Arsenal or after leaving Arsenal. Van Bornkhorst (flop but then had a decent career), Vermaelen (captain then shown the door, never recovered), Arshavin (one year wonder), Bendtner (thank god he never came to West Ham, although he had two brilliant first years at Arsenal, and then…), Chamakh (great first season, then crashed), Edu, Rui Fonte, Hleb (looked like the world was his, then crashed), Ljunberg (errrr, any comment needed ?), Suker (errrr, any comment ?), Boa Morte (no comment), Squillaci, Adebayor, and Van Persie (yes, he had one good season at Manure, and then…).

    My point being that yes, every club gets its share of flops, but the truth is I have seen many Arsenal players looking good, and then losing it. Why ? And, to the topic of this conversation, aren’t we running a risk with Giroud, especially on a four year contract ?

  22. But the contract is not set in stone is it.Yeah we might give him a 4 yr contract but whats to say in 2 yrs we dont sell him to China as an example.If contracts lasted their full duration then that means Antonio wont be leaving us for another 3 or 4 yrs.How many years was payet signed up for but he still moved 😁
    Anyway if you look at Leicester about to shell out 17m on Harry Maguire or Newcastle having 20 mill turned down for a championship player in Tom Cairney then 20 mill is naff all for Giroud 😂😂

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