Hammers admit making “incredible offer”

carl-jenkinson-562633Slaven Bilic and West Ham’s board won’t budge from their top priority transfer market position when they meet tomorrow (Mon) and will “move heaven and earth” to bring in Dimitri Payet and Carl Jenkinson to the club.

The three men have already agreed over long distance calls that the priorities are a creative midfielder, the right back and Alex Song as their first choice as the defensive midfielder.

Slav has made it clear the team needs a top quality creative midfielder in Payet-680x453Payet and is very keen for the Irons negotiating team to bring Jenks back to the club on loan.

And that means a move for Charlie Austin is unlikely having been described to us as “not a priority at this stage of proceedings.”

Although admitting to ClaretandHugh earlier this afternoon that the Payet deal is still some way off, we have been told in the last few minutes that  “an incredible offer had been made for the player.”

Our source said: “It is not the £14 million mentioned in some media today but it is an incredible offer. The player wants to Songscome here.

“Once we hopefully get that done we can look at getting the Jenkinson and Song moves settled- these are the agreed priorities between us.”

Questioned directly on the alleged interest in Queens Park Rangers striker Charlie Austin we were told: “It’s not realistic at this stage. There are several other positions we need to cover more urgently.”



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32 comments on “Hammers admit making “incredible offer”

  1. Well… Payet, Song, Obiang and Jenks… Not a bad start 😉

  2. “The player wants to come here” this is the key to me,I’m also glad the price reported is too high.
    Song as I’ve said before rests on his ambitions.
    As for Jenks if he’s signing a new contract or there’s no buy option I say walk away and stay away.

  3. I have given up taking any notice anymore of these statements.Just as much wind as that hippo.When they are officially revealed i will believe it.Just hope that if a forward isnt a priority they wont be crying if Carroll & Sakho both get injured again.We will be fuxcked for the third season in a row for sure 😉

    • as it stands we have carroll sakho valencia zarrate maigia and lee,so i can understand why that position is not as impotant as others

      • Are you for real.Maiga is a joke,Lee is a championship player at best,Zarate will never weigh in with many goals if he ever starts or isnt booted out.Sakho & Carroll are injury prone.Valencia is anything but reliable.Mark my words,if we dont get a forward in we will up the creek with no paddle again this season.

      • Relax fellas not a priority at the moment doesn’t mean forever,there’s ten weeks until the window closes plenty of twists,turns and sadly BS still to go. I think there’ll be another forward brought in before the window shuts.

        • Haha that’s what I’ve been trying to say for days now Hugh. Unless I’m missing someone it was six Cress,Jenks,Song,Cheik,Enner and Diafra. Do I win a prize or teachers pet badge lol

    • Not a priority doesn’t mean we won’t get one. I remember all the cynicism
      last year – now how many signing s did they make?

  4. Lmao,more over kill.We have offered under 14m for a player & it is ‘an incredible offer’,lol.Offer 30m for a player then it qualifies as an incredible offer 😉

  5. Anyway, ok Payet, Song, Jenks… Ok Austin, I’d like him much more than other forwards… But what concerns me more is Nolan’s destiny. Does he stay? That’s the main question.. I really hope yes… Lol

  6. Maybe if you love him so much he can go to Milan for a seasons loan 😉

  7. Ahh Matte you have to accept all the greats reach the end Pele,Maradona,Cruyff,O’Brien and even the superstar Nolaninho have to hang their boots up one day lol

  8. IF,big IF,this is true then i am concerned about a forward not being a priority.We know only too well the problems we have had recently with losing strikers through injury.Sakho & Carroll out will leave us threadbare again.Ffs,if you took Sakho out of the equation all our others forwards barely made double figures between them last season!

  9. Ahaha.. I can’t accept that… Nolaninho is my idol since when I was a child… Lol

    • Ahh maybe he’ll get a part in Escape to Victory 2. A story of a talented young Brazilian boy who stows away on a boat to Liverpool to become a global superstar. John Goodman will play Nolaninho in the West Ham years lol

      • ahah… I like your script Quick Coen… it’s perfect; and John Goodman is one of my favourite actors… He’s brilliant in “The Big Lebowski”… 😉

      • Yeah my brothers Ethan and Joel love working with him,seriously I do like him a lot. Here’s another scoop for you on IMDB it says he’s in a film next year called Valencia! Now that is versatility LOL

  10. Sometimes it was nice when you just got a paper in the morning,read who had signed for who or a little bit of transfer gossip then basically only heard if someone signed somewhere on the tv or radio,lol.Im fuxked off with sources,ITKs,agents & all this other sh*t.I think i might go sit on top of a remote scottish mountain till the day after the window closes.There is no cannabilism in scotland anymore is there.Ty will know 😀

  11. But seriously, West Ham need a top quality forward. My personal opinion is that Carroll remains a big question mark and I don’t consider him a top player as well as Maiga (I would sell both tomorrow), so we have Sakho, Valencia and Zarate (he’s another question mark), including considering that the Europa League takes energies. But It’s still a long way to end of the market and there’s a lot of business that gets done in the last few days. I remember when Milan bought Ibra and Robinho: it was the last day of August. But I pefectly understand the impatience taking into consideration the last years. 😉

    • I agree Matte.Carroll for one won’t go a whole season without breaking down again.Now with the rigors of European football one would have to be mad to count Carroll as reliable for a long season.The less said about Mr Miagi the better.I see only 3 strikers at most.If the muppets bring Cole back I will scream.

  12. Be interesting to see who goes for Austin,and whether he is prepared to join them.Newcastle are supposed to be keen,but if rumours are correct,he wants to stay in London.We hold out,QPR need to shift.We offer less than £15 million,but offer cash plus players.

  13. There’s a striker out there who’s a free agent and loves our club he is much sought after but willing to give us a go his name is Carlt……oh sorry I just had a bit of déjà vu lol

  14. The Europa league starts well before the Transfer window shuts. Let’s do the business now, rather than leaving it to the last minute and missing out. Austin is a must, Carroll has got to be sold on for a few mill and we will chuck in a couple of packets of band aids. Miaga needs to move on permantly, Yemen is looking like a fair league for him.

  15. I cant see that QPR will have a problem shifting him,so playing the waiting game or holding out for them to become desperare aint going to happen.But if we could get him by unloading Jarvis or another it would make good sense.But a forward is apparently not a priority.So we will end up with whoever hasnt already moved elsewhere probably.I just dont want a repeat of the last two seasons is all.I would feel far more comfortable knowing we aint just relying on AC & Sakho as our main source of goals when they are both suspect injury wise 😉

  16. Reports today Tyson say he wants to stay in London.Maybe his new wife doesn’t want to move or something.Palace aren’t prepared to pay the £15 million asking price

  17. Reports also say Southampton have put 10 million pounds on the table to secure Austin.

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