Hammers are the second highest scorers


A new graphic created by WhoScored.com highlights some interesting points from West Ham’s first four games in the Premier League with a 0% home record against Leicester and Bournemouth but a 100% away record against Arsenal and Liverpool.

West Ham have scored the second most goals in the Premier League (9) just behind Manchester City.

Kouyate and Noble have two goals a piece while Lanzini, Payet, Zarate, Maiga and Sakho have one each.

West Ham who won the fair play league last year have the most red cards in the Premier League (3) with Adrian, Carl Jenkinson and Mark Noble being shown  the red card.

West Ham also lead the table of most errors 3 which lead to goals just above Arsenal 2 and Chelsea 1.

Two of these Errors were due to mistakes by Aaron Cresswell which he put his hand up after the game.


3 comments on “Hammers are the second highest scorers

  1. 2 red cards Nobles no longer exists,
    I personally wanted entertaining and scoring goals and the play before that constitutes part of that but good defensive play and team spirit also a part of the full picture,
    Mistakes are part of life and can not be helped if you throw players forward and look to attack at every chance,
    But the skill of being comfortable on the ball has taken time and for the older players who have spent the last 4 years playing kick and chase it has been harder,
    We need this year and to keep this squad together to build a squad happy playing that way,
    Then we can go forward or backward to the old days when we played great football
    Another young player coming on board today with all these attributes,we are going in the right direction

  2. hopefully cressys two mistakes against Bournemouth and the three points dropped as a result won’t end up costing us the title come the end of the season. 🙂

  3. Easy to see where a small improvement might lead to some big gains, hopefully no controversy from one of our least favourite refs on Monday or if there is any it goes in our favour to redress some of his previous decisions. I don’t think Cressy is likely to have a game as bad as that again his defending is normally very good and if he can spend more time in the opposing half with us in possession then there will be less opportunities for it to occur.

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