Hammers confident despite Gomez stand-off


West Ham are in for the long game as far as the Maxi Gomez hoped for transfer is concerned!

They believe that agents and the player himself is waiting as long as possible for offers from Champions League clubs before realising that the Irons may be his only show in town.

The player appears to have put himself into a difficult position by apparently making it known that he would prefer to remain  in Spain whilst rumours circulated that Spurs may be interested.

However, the Hammers insiders we talk to believe that’s all ‘bull’ put about by agents trying to get other clubs involved in order to push the price up.

Initially there was false talk about even Barcelona being interested but eventually it was the far less well off Valencia who made a move on terms which were immediately dismissed by Celta Vigo.

There has been no move at all from north London where the often seemingly childish behaviour of Daniel Levy towards the Hammers may be another motive in the media coverage.

A Hammers source told CandH this morning on the phone: “It’s a typical summer – there’s little happening anywhere and our interest is well known. We have been working on it since the winter.

We are serious bidders and have an improved offer on the table and are entirely confident we can pay him the correct salary.

But in June agents continue to find reasons to hold on to their options but it could easily be that we will be the only club ready to give him the club he deserves!”

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Until we reach an agreement with Celta nothing will happen and if press can be believed we are miles apart. Not sure why we don’t offer cash plus Hernandez for him ?

    • Twostops says:

      Although a sensible view point and would solve two issues, I don’t think that Celta would want Hernandez, as he feels that he is bigger than most clubs!

  • IronMod says:

    Do we really want him? I mean he does not seem keen to come and if he does, will be just looking for the next offer, maybe from China, and then become a Payet or Arnie in the changing room and disrupt the squad.

    • Spotted Dog says:

      I agree – we shouldn’t be looking at someone who’s not keen to be with us and who thinks he’s galacticos material.

  • hammersmiff says:

    I realise that a lot of nonsense is issued by agents to stir up a bit of interest and players are entitled to attempt to get the best deal available but I wouldn’t entertain any player, however good, if we are 2nd 3rd or 4th choice.
    If you want Champions League football then clear off and play it elsewhere. If no Champions League side comes in for Gomez, maybe he’s not quite as good as he thinks he is.

  • Stefan Nilsson says:

    Is he reallly worth waiting for? We are apparently not he,s first choice. If he comes to West Ham beccause he has no other opptions then i don’t want him.

    • Stokesy says:

      Would pelle and huso still be acting on it after all this time if they thought we were his 2nd or 3rd choice. If we are then he can do one !! We want players who want to be part of the west ham project. Rome wasnt built in a day.
      In pelle and huso i trust..COYI.

  • Kevin says:

    Personally , I would prefer to keep Chicarito . Small and nippy with the ability to turn up in areas unseen by defenders .

    • ExPatHammer says:

      I think he may do well with Fornals providing ground service. But, the question begs – $130k per week quality? Would like to see him succeed.

  • mark wiggins says:

    IMO this is just club or agent chat to try and get his price up . Let’s be honest he wanted assurances he wouldn’t be back up to Arnie , so he’s hardly going to throw his career away at Spurs. Let’s face it he would be backup to Kane & son & don’t think that’s what he wants. I think he wants us but Celta are playing silly games and risk loosing our offer. But I think we will get him and think he’s the right player for us now and really believe he will make us top six. I reckon a compromise is good enough cos he ain’t 44 million worth . Maybe between 31-& 35.5 million tops let’s get this done . COYI ⚒

  • Dom says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we are nobodies first choice because we are a mid table side. We need to stop assuming everybody is a West Ham fan. I’ll bet Anderson was waiting for a better option before he joined us last season. Spurs may well be interested but the story that Gomez is specifically waiting for them to come in is complete rubbish published to wind up West Ham fans who don’t need much encouragement.

  • Hollywood Hammer says:

    Well Anderson wasn’t that keen to come to East London either and no one knew anything about him, but He came and things are looking good with him.If we get him ( Maxi Pad Gomez ) ,wel’ll get him.If We don’t ,We don’t.

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