Hammers consider £20m bid for Man City forward


Kel West Ham are considering a bid for Manchester City striker Kelechi Iheanacho according to the Evening Standard reporter and Hammers fan Ken Dyer.

Nigeria international Iheanacho is under contract until 2021 but City are prepared to listen to offers of around £20m, to help finance their spending plans for the summer.

Iheanacho’s opportunities at City have been limited under Pep Guardiola and although he has made 19 appearances for City this season, he has started only five matches.

He has scored four goals and made three assists, despite completing only one full game.

The previous campaign, when Manuel Pellegrini was in charge, was more fruitful with Iheanacho scoring 14 goals in 35 games.

Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund are also reported to be interested in Iheanacho, with the added incentive of being able to offer Champions League football.

Iheanacho is said to have become frustrated at City, and could look to move on in the summer. The Nigerian international has slipped down the pecking order with Pep Guardiola’s side since Gabriel Jesus’ arrival in January.

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Will this be followed by another no interest in City Striker article Sean 😉 ?

    • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

      32 you read the BBC Sport site dont you.Did you see that over head kick own goal that Swiss player scored.Its absolute quality 😁😁

  • T Man says:

    Yes No32 its the way you do it i believe.You write an article saying someone like the claim we will sign a player closely followed by another article claiming no interest in the player.
    Im sure it would be easier to say we are after a player but its bs all in one article LOL
    Less clicks though!!

  • GW says:

    All this talk of forwards makes me uneasy and worried about the greatest unplayable strikers future with us 😀 We would sink into the abyss without him and be playing in the Vanarama league within 4 years without his mystical aura around. We as fans must petition the owners to spend there budget on cloning him not wasting money on these young upstarts or god help us we will be doomed 😀😀

    • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

      You know you will miss poppadum if he ever goes GW 😁

      • GW says:

        Rads he has been undeniably the greatest forward I have seen in the last 30 years and has deserved every penny of that 24m in wages and that 6 year contract 😀 I’m just glad the Hippo managed to entice him to us in the 1st place thanks to the help of that lovely Mr Curtis 😀😀

  • Hammer64 says:

    Oh God here we go again! The AC Appreciation Society daily Kick A Man When He is Down bulletin.

    Can we agree on any of these points?He has a good PL strike rate. He has an appalling fitness record, some of which might be down to his lifestyle, but most agree he has always given it his best shot on the few occasions he has been fit. I don’t think he has used injuries as an excuse not to play- if anything the opposite. Yes he has done well financially out of football & out of our club. But injuries mean he has massively under achieved& after this season he must know his career options are running out. In my humble opinion that deserves some sympathy.

    If you blokes don’t feel any sympathy for him that’s fine. But isn’t it time just to take this broken record off the turntable- please!!

    • EastHam says:

      Hear hear. I would add as well that i woul give him a new contract at drastically reduced wages.

      • EastHam says:

        He would never start but i think he could be kept fit enough to be a third choice striker behind hopefully iheanacho and defoe give us ten mins at the end of games. Dont think we should totally cut ties but have more options to accomodate for his terrible injury record.

  • FUGMASTER says:

    Back you completely on that, 64

  • hammers64 says:

    Here we go with the rumour mill already grinding on which strikers we are interested in.Its going to take a real statement of intent not to mention serious money spent by the 2 Davids to appease the fans this Summer after last seasons fiasco in the transfer market.

    • T Man says:

      Ha Ha so there you have it fellas.Never mention Carroll again.Only joke about the p!ayers hammer64 also makes fun of.Where to start… LOL
      I dont have sympathy for him.Why?!?!? He hasnt taken his profession seriously over the years as born out by Allardyce and Slaven when talking about him in the past.Often you reap what you sow so no sympathy from me…

      • T Man says:

        Oh and one last thing on carroll.I bet a pound to a pinch of **** that the likes of Nobes or Reid would have played through many of his lesser injuries.

  • johnham1 says:

    OMG this has to be joke or we are in for another sad summer of transfers – he is awful – have watched him several times and even the city fans don’t rate him. David’s stop this before we make another rubbish signing.

    • Steve says:

      He is awful and the city fans dont rate him.What a load of rubbish.Have you ever heard them cheer when he is introduced as a sub.Have you ever even watched him.Im having trouble believeing that or are you a spud.

    • EastHam says:

      You are clueless. This guy is a massive talent and had a great strike rate before jesus showed up now he cant get a minute on the pitch. Guardiola’s style doesnt suit him but he still looks very dangerous when he gets a few seconds on the pitch.

  • Hammer64 says:

    I have made jokes at Carroll’s expense too T Man. Hope you are still enjoying them after all this time!

    BS & Bilic have both said Carroll’ s lifestyle has contributed to his injury problems. They have also both gone to great lengths to point out his qualities as a player. I just happen to feel sympathy for any player who doesn’t achieve his potential due to injury, whatever the cause. You would need a medical expert to give an opinion as to how much Carroll’s problems are self inflicted – which to judge by your last comment you obviously are.

    • T Man says:

      I didnt make a joke at his expense did i?!?!? Oh come on how many times have we heard that is going to be ready for the next match but then we are told “he tried it this morning but it didnt feel right” from the management.I dont need to be a medical man to know that if it was Nobes he would be on the pitch playing the full ninety minutes…
      So you made jokes about him but others cant or do you ordain everyone with the hammer64 cut off point when it is not acceptable anymore.So it was ok when you made jokes about him but not others….hmmm ok i get it now.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Yes you need to be a medical expert to make a judgement on a player’s fitness. Unless it is you T Man – I get it now.

  • Steve says:

    Since when have football fans not offered an opinon on something they are not particularly qualified to offer an opinion on.Im sure you have been vocal about things to do with football you have no real knowledge of Hammer64.You cant pick and choose the subject.We ALL do it.
    Take the youths being given a chance debate recently.None of know much about these players,we are not qualified to say which ones are ready for first team opportunities but we all give an opinion.It is no different with Carroll and i can see both sides of the arguement.
    I find it more embarrassing that we as a club still rely on someone who is rarely fit and are a laughing stock because of it.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Steve- Agree with up you 100% on the youths issue. Totally a football matter, so totally subjective. Same applies to Carroll’s ability as a footballer. As to whether he has used injury as an excuse not to play, or whether he would be less likely than Noble or Reid to play through injury, I reckon you would need medical guidance on that one.

  • Steve says:

    Well yes very true.I myself without stirring the pot wonder how much passion he actually has for the game.By all accounts he doesnt watch or follow football at all.I forget which player it was but one of our guys said he doesnt even know the names or anything about the opposition he is up against most the time.
    I dont know it seems a little strange to me but having said that Mark Viduka was the same.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Yeah I have heard that about him too. I think it was from Mr Samuel Allardyce as it happens. In fact it is not that unusual. It is hard for those of us who are mad about football but (speaking personally) not much good at it to understand, but I suppose for quite a few it becomes a job & not much else.

  • EastHam says:

    YES!!! this is THE signing we need to make. Could be our Lukaku signing.

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