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Hammers could be handed incredible power

West Ham could be handed incredible power under new proposals titled ‘Project Big Picture’, according to a world exclusive story in The Daily Telegraph.

They claim that the report has been co-authored by Manchester United and Liverpool, as they look to shake up the Premier League.

Proposals included involve reducing the league from 20 teams to 18, introducing a play-off that would see the 16th-placed team enter into a tournament with the third, fourth, and fifth-placed teams in the Championship, and a redistribution of television money. The League Cup would also be scrapped, along with the traditional season curtain-raiser of the Community Shield.

The Hammers come into it as one of the longest-serving teams in the division. The traditional big six of United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Spurs would be joined by the Hammers, Southampton, and Everton in wielding unprecedented power.

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They would be given “long-term shareholder status”, meaning just six of those clubs would need to agree in order to make sweeping changes to the division and potentially even veto new ownership at top-flight clubs.

The proposals began to form in 2017 but the talks are said to have intensified throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

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A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

9 comments on “Hammers could be handed incredible power

  1. It might be brilliant to be in the elite group, but it smacks of the kind of shady dealings that we wouldn’t like I& we weren’t in it.

    So for me, no thanks. Keep it properly democratic for all clubs involved and not pull up the ladder behind you.

    I can just imagine Sullivan in his big armchair, stroking a white cat……

  2. I have been advocating this for some time but to keep the League Cup for the Championship and Leagues 1, 2 & Nationwide League with a final at Wembley and a large winners and runners-up cheques as well as the usual monies for each round.
    As for the re-distribution of TV monies I would advocate that 10% of all monies are paid into a central fund for the EFL to distribute amongst their teams less another 10% to go to the lower Leagues in order to keep every team s head above water.

  3. And…why?

  4. Quite agree.
    One thing though.
    We wouldn’t be able to afford to join
    the club.
    Only man utd have more debts than
    we do, but tells them to sort their finances out or they don’t
    have the “problems ” Chelsea or man city have, haha!!!

  5. So new proposals would mean 6 of those 9 clubs can stop another clubs being taken over?? In what other business On the planet can a business decide the fate of a rival business. It’s basically ‘a protect the top six and makes sure no one ever breaks into it’ plan.

  6. So…

    4 fewer league matches per season.

    1 less play-off place in the Championship up for grabs.

    Scrap one of the only chances we have of silverware and to blood younger players.

    Meaning the top 6 have fewer ‘irritating’ games against ‘minnow’ opposition (who look forward to playing them), thus freeing themselves (and their poor little overworked squads) up for European adventures… on which they make even more money; widening the gap between the elite and the ‘also-rans’, leading to a two tier EPL and ultimately a break-away European Super League.

    No thanks.

  7. Who, exactly, will be voting on these issues?

  8. Rick Parry is pressing for this as great progress for PL and the trickle down for football to lesser teams. Seem to remember something about the elite Big Five together with Glasgow Rangers and Celtic as being the future. Problem was that the B5 were all in favour of taking all the money and being in control of everything. Funny how it didn’t take long for B5 to change. It’s still assumed that all people want to see is Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton & Leeds Utd. playing each other in twice weekly ‘Classicos’. Probably true for TV commentators of a certain age, but what about the people who like to watch and feel games. ‘We all remember Leeds v Chelsea in 1970.’ I do, but I need to see more Norwich v Tranmere and the like to keep it all ‘fresh’.

    European nights used to be special. Now it’s just dross and disappointing dross at that.

    This elite plan should be abandoned. Give football back to the people. Get youngsters interested in the teams of their day. I had my moments in 64, 65, 66, 75 and 80. Quite enjoyed a few others since – 2006 for example & 85/86 would have been better with some TV coverage too.

    Leave our game alone and leave a legacy for the future.


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