Hammers European dream back on

europa-league-1418338658Holland has won the UEFA Fair Play League with England ranked second and Republic of Ireland in third place. Each coutry will each be granted one additional slot in the first qualifying round of the 2015/16 UEFA Europa League.

The Fair Play assessments are made by the official UEFA delegates on criteria such as positive play, respect for the opposition, respect for the referee, behaviour of the crowd and of the team officials, as well as cautions and dismissals.

The three associations that are allocated an additional UEFA Europa League place will be entitled to enter the club that has won their domestic top-division fair play competition. If this club has already qualified for a UEFA competition, the second-placed team in the domestic fair play competition may be entered and, should they also have already qualified, the third-placed side would be considered and so forth.

West Ham currently sit second in the Premier League Fair Play League one point behind Liverpool with 4 games to play. The first games will be played from 1st July.


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25 comments on “Hammers European dream back on

  1. So much for the ‘gossip’ that England had slipped to 10th place then!

  2. I got it wrong, some you get right some you get wrong but a good story to get wrong 😉

    • I wasnt on about you Sean,i was on about the general chit-chat going around.Dont panic,your integrity is still intact 😀

  3. Seams to me that nobody has really understood this whole process, its like they want it all to be so murky that they can gerrymander the result to suit their agenda

    Maybe I am just being cynical

  4. How can you get it wrong is it not done on stats or am I talking like an idiot again,
    There’s a lot of difference between 2nd and 10th ( not having pop at you Sean )
    Now we can start looking for ambassadors again I resign as Spanish ambassador because I am not Spanish and a non ST holder,
    But will be traveling if we qualify for Europe,
    Let’s see how many ST holders on wetpants.com travel,can’t wait for the excuses

  5. Some strange guys on wetpants,some guy comeing in his pants because Seah & Hugh got it wrong,ffs,whoopee lets all have a party.Im sure this dude understood it all along of course.

    • LOL, really?

      Hang on TTN…..didn’t you post above “so much for England coming 10th”????

      where did that “”gossip” come from again? Also never slagged Sean, he’s admitted he got it wrong, fair play to him.

      The bit that most people seemed they were not sure about was the cutoff dates, Association is different from the PL. and the only Association placing anyone had was as of Xmas, and PL as of game 34.

      • Jog on back to your safehouse WHU,youre a pain in the b*tt,everyone knows it on sites.Yes i did,but i didnt then make a point of bringing sean & hugh into the equation.I also said i was on about general chit chat or did you convienantly miss that bit out.As i said,you are known to be an arguementative t*thead,so go back to wetpants & disagree with everyone on there just to have a row.No wonder you got deported to Canada,even the captains on the convict boats to australia wouldnt have taken an obnoxious tool like you!

        • Ha ha ha!

          “So much for the ‘gossip’ that England had slipped to 10th place then!”

          Wetpants? Agree with plenty on there and debate with many, that’s what’s its all about, no? I mean if we just agreed all the time, how boring would that be?
          If “wetpands” is my safehouse, how can that be, if I disagree with “everytone”. Glad you’ve checking though, keep it up!

          Canada – Yep and love it mate……always have a soft spot for blighty (naturally) but really enjoy being in this great country, it’s fantastic.

          Don’t resort to name calling pal…….honestly, there’s really no need!

          • Jeez are you back again.Is it any wonder people aint complimentary about you,all you want to do is argue or disagree with other people.You pretty much admitted it last week when i mentioned your desire to be confrontational.Whats wrong with you,did you have an unhappy childhood.Is it other boys used to braid your hair in school or make you wear make-up.Wow,what a pain in the jacksie!

  6. What do you expect mate.They slag off the articles here but come here to read them.If Sean & Hugh didnt make the time to do them they wouldnt have things to read.Ungrateful b*stards,but ofc we are the ignorant pigs, we must remember this at all times 😉

  7. I’m getting bored again,wonder why,twinkle just give it a blank,
    There more fisherman on there than football supporters
    Go on the 647580 don’t understand again my post
    Fisherman / Seaman two good hands all excitement explosion smile.
    It’s like they have proof readers,
    If it had been Hugh and not Sean there would have been a street party

    • Honestly bubs you crack me up, I enjoy reading your comments.

      Everyone makes mistakes, Sean sticks his neck out with these stories, as he says can’t get them all right, it’s cool.

      And if we do get Europe, you think we will cope with it? Do you even want it? Serious question.

  8. Please can someone explain to me what’s happening? I was eating my nut trying to relax in the mud…

  9. Nice name Matte,lol,look everyone knows he only posts when he is looking for an arguement,i think it is funny actually.But im just a mellow man 😀

  10. Well personally i am glad if we get into europe,whats to fear,relegation? Nothing like people with positive mindsets,i guess they are the ones who like to Respect The Point & get excited about clean sheets as well 😉

  11. Glass half empty folk Rads,they dont see the positives of europe only the negatives.If we get into it,all be it by the backdoor it could improve our chances of luring some signings,it might swing their opinion if given a choice between us & someone else.I see it as a bit of a bargaining tool in a way.Do they fancy coming to a team in europe or one who isnt.It can only be helpful in that respect if we do qualify.

  12. Has he gone ?
    And he wants to ask a serious question?
    Know a lot of Canucks but none that wore makeup ?
    To cold for pigs out there Matte,
    I just knew when I didn’t get an answer last week he had been deported
    But that does not make him a bad person just cold and confused

  13. where is my mobile… ok, I’ve found it, well… I don’t remember that phone number… mmm, ok yes, +44 647580… driin, driin, driin… “Hi, you have reached the Samuel Allardyce hotline, I am ready to satisfy your fantasy 24 hours a day… tell me baby, if you so wish I can talk about long balls… or sexy subsitutions, or maybe you prefer hot chewing gums… come on, which is your deepest fantasy about Sam?…”.

    CALL +44 647580, SAM IS WAITING FOR YOU…

  14. It’s always invaded Matte,
    Just read his column in the evening standard he is now the expert on play off,s,
    But there was this dear little spot in the bottom right hand side congratulations to Cresswell
    And another little knock at our forwards for not scoring having 20 chances last week in the second half,

  15. Ahah… And about his Little Kev? That’s Impossible…

  16. Little Kev is wait till last game of the season so it’s a classic against his idols and then he will become a legend at Sunderland when he becomes there captain next year with dad as there new manager,
    Matte that’s not the light that because you have removed the mud in your eyes,got to keep that stye slick and span
    You have plenty of time being a non ST holder

  17. I wonder how many other clubs fans would love to be in with a chance of getting into european competition.We may have the opportunity & all you read on blogs & sites is people being gloom & doom about it.Ffs,just enjoy the ride if it happens,we as fans cant change the outcome so just go with it.Miserable b*stards!! 😉

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