Irons Want Marcus Edwards

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West Ham United are chasing a player from their past in a bid to bolster their attack, according to The Guardian.

The target? Former Tottenham Hotspur youngster Marcus Edwards, currently dazzling for Sporting CP in Portugal.

Edwards’ story is one of unfulfilled potential at a young age. Despite immense talent, he left Tottenham before fully establishing himself. However, his move to Portugal has been a revelation, with Edwards showcasing his skills in European competitions, catching the eye of West Ham.

Edwards isn’t just about fancy footwork. While some work on the physical side of his game might be needed, his natural talent is undeniable. Former teammate Paris Maghoma doesn’t hold back in his praise, comparing Edwards’ playing style to the legendary Lionel Messi. Maghoma even believes Edwards has the potential to be a future Ballon d’Or contender and one of the best English players ever. Bold claims, but they highlight the kind of talent West Ham might be looking to acquire.

West Ham’s interest suggests they see Edwards as more than just potential. The club has a history of developing young English talent, and Edwards could be their next project. With a platform to showcase his skills on a bigger stage, Edwards could blossom under the right guidance.

West Ham gets a player with the potential to be a star, while Edwards finds a nurturing environment to develop his immense talent. This move could be the springboard for Edwards to fulfill the lofty expectations of his former teammate and potentially become a future England star. The future remains to be written, but one thing’s for sure: West Ham’s interest in Edwards adds an intriguing layer to their transfer plans.

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  • Danielson79 says:

    Seems to be predominantly a RW? I’d prefer an out and out LW like Jonathan Rowe.

  • PlaistowPundit says:

    Nope as he has a 60 million euro buy out clause
    Even worse is the Spuds own 35% of him.
    Mostly right wing but can play left wing.
    Small stature big fee so best avoid.

  • Rob Anderson says:

    Kind of play we should be going after , plays just like Bowen and kudus , junior illing is another one we should be looking at

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