Hammers face Carvalho rivals


Monaco are this morning being reported as likely to make a late move for West Ham target William Carvalho.

Leading French newspaper L’Equipe say that the Sporting Lisbon defensive midfielder is fancied by the Monaco despite reports  that Anderlecht’s Leander Dendoncker is close to the move to the club.

Monaco boss Leonardo Jardim is reported keen on Carvalho, – a player he knows from Sporting Lisbon days  – and whom he helped to breakthrough as a player of importance in 2013-14.

L’Equipe reckon that given the Hammers apparently having walked away for the deal – a stance the Portuguese media believe is a “bluff” – that the French club could do a deal in the last days of the window.

Such is the frantic speculation and rumour mongering in the final days of the window however, it’s equally realistic to believe that suggestions of rival bids coming in for the player represent nothing more than counter bluffs by interested parties – essentially agents!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Let’s all wait until Thursday before we start a new flood warning 😴
    He pays the money and makes a statement on his promises or he doesn’t 😉

  • Michael Miller says:

    In, out, in, out – shake it all about!

  • GW says:

    Don’t need him we’ve got Captain Slow and his souped up mobility scooter to rely on not forgetting the new stana stairlift that has been erected from the half way line to our own box at the OS to help our centre halves try and keep up with play 😆😆

  • Roman says:

    Doesn’t this seem to happen a lot to us? Someone comes in who is willing to pay the market rate at death knell.Result is we lose again.

    • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

      We could have paid the full amount a few weeks ago…and wrapped up the deal before anyone else got involved. But no we quibble over an extra £5m (which is peanuts in the relative world of Prem football) and then wonder why we get pipped at the death. If we really want him, then stop acting like petulant 2nd hand car salesmen and start acting like owners of a Premiership football club.

      I get all the criticism of Bilic but the way the club is being run doesn’t give confidence to anyone or actually demonstrates we want to be a top 8 club.

      • GW says:

        Ray them not paying up for a geezer that Slav actually wants says more about them having no belief in him than anything 😆😆 Don’t want to sack him because it will cost money don’t spend any extra money on a player and it might may make him walk so not costing a penny 😀

  • GW says:

    So after all the we’re going to take the next step pony trotted out again it looks like we’re going to have spent around 15m net all summer 😆😆 And there are those that think it would be abysmal if we don’t win a cup or finish top 6 😀

    • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

      Yep – same every summer. We have largely been outspent by the rest of the Premiership. Even Bilic made the point on Saturday that Newcastle have spent more this summer, under Mike Ashley.

  • Dazzler says:

    Im just looking forward to the first home game so i can talk to some fans that dont want to spend all their time criticising the club from top to bottom 💤💤💤💤💤💤

    • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

      You in the tourist section then?

    • GW says:

      Dazzler if you were with us at Newcastle after a 9 hour journey from hell and watching that ****e you would have heard a fair old amount of moaning 😆😆

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Don’t come in my section then dazzzzzzzler they’ll throw you over the top mate !lol
      Maybe its the locals you mean !

    • Michael Miller says:

      Yer, get down under the stands before the game and you’l hear nothing but abuse of the Manager, his players, the line-up, the Transfer Window – I could go on – and probably will next Monday night, it could turn very ugly!

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    How’s it go !!
    I’ve got a pony in me pocket!
    I’ll get the suitcase from the van!! 😂

    It won’t take long if they don’t start digging deep GW before the fans start turning on them !
    Freebies ain’t the answer or cheap/ expensive ( ayew) buys? Lol !
    They simply do not know a very good player when they see it ! Or they are scared of success which entails spending money ! We are already missing the boat compared to other teams spending who target their players and go get !
    Two more days and we will see ! 😉
    But he needs to deliver on his promises, 7 years wasn’t it lol 😕

    • GW says:

      Laz never got involved with the board bashing as I’ve never believed a word they’ve said 😆 All I know is we’ve got some lazy assed players who get paid a bleeding fortune for rolling over and not even giving a ****! Then we’ve got some other players who can’t be arsed to get themselves fit or go out on the lash when there apparently recuperating, a captain that offers f**k all but gets picked because he bleeds claret and blue apparently and some Scottish player who cry’s like a big kid because the horrible manager didn’t give him what he wants or didn’t play him in his right position 😆 To be honest mate I’d be happier binning off a fair old few throwing the youngsters in and getting behind the side again instead of hearing the same old crap every weekend or those constantly banging a drum about those frigging experienced players that ain’t done a bleeding thing 😆

      • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

        Yes me neither ! Agree the players we got ain’t good enough defencively experienced or not , loose pace and you can’t do you’re job its as simple as baking a cake mate !
        We just do not have the right ingredients at the back and enough said about turbo pushchair favourite the better!!! As for the kids , who would want to be humiliated like rice was when he was used as an excuse for the dross that was around him , bilic not such a nice bloke after all IMO, but we still keep going week in week out cos its what we do, the same as with the cearns ,brown , and this mob , they know that !!
        Maybe we are as much to blame as them!! The OS would look a bit of a ghost town if bums started to keep away , there’s making promises then there’s bullshyte !!
        They either start spending or get someone who will , I could go on all day but what’s the point , well a few on the board would do v huddersfield , pace and young ?, 😁

  • norfolkhammer says:

    if we go down at least Millwall at home next season to look forward to could they keep it as a Olympic Stadium then as we could have hammer throwing javelin discus just a thought. The rot as set in with owners manager players as we pay our money surely were allowed to have our say instead of some that come on here & just see this site as a agony aunt or dear John im glad I don’t go away games like I did in 70s 80s & 90s as this lot don’t give a monkeys for the ones who turn up at away games they can’t wait to get off the park to go & count there £££ oh can someone wake me up at the end of the season plz or unless I see don’t go to bed dg before Thursday deadline I might stay awake

    • GW says:

      Norfolk we still have a laugh and a bit of banter away from home like we’ve always done 😆 But those players on the pitch on Saturday were a bleeding disgrace and didn’t give a **** so I ain’t going to rip the gaffer to shreds like some like to do but vent my anger at those Prima Donna’s who get paid a small fortune who he put on the pitch who ain’t able to do the basics 😡

  • kevin says:

    The only Reality is that we are in for yet Another Disappointing Season . High hopes and expectations crash diving out the window . The Board had Thier chance on Monday and muffed it . We are not a megga rich club but , most of those above us ain’t exactly swimming in dosh either . Another four games to see whether Bilic is up to it or not . Should never have come to this sad situation . We are all expecting a win against Huddersfield and why shouldn’t we . It took me a while to realize BS wasn’t right but , at least I eventually did and admitted it .
    It is also true I had reservations about Bilic right from the off and understandably still do .
    Time to stop the snide , s******ing remarks between certain fans on here and think more about our Club . Bilic ain’t right for us and neither was Alladyce . All I know is that we need a Manager to get us Stitched & Taylored like a good Suit that fits and get us playing Football again . Who ? , well it shouldn’t be difficult given our history of Managers .
    It’s between imo ; Benitez , Howe , Mancini & forgive me , Pardew . I still remember the terraces singing ” Alan Pardews Claret & Blue army ” . The fans saw him off as well .

    • Dunlopilo says:

      Pardew crashed at his last two jobs. Not a good sign. As for the others, how do you get them to leave their club, especially Howe ? For that matter, why not include Marco Silva in your list ?

      Someone mentioned the name of Hiddink. Do you believe it would be a viable transition solution ? Or is he past it ?

    • GW says:

      Kev we’ve had our ups and downs and it’s always just a bit of banter but does this reality you go on about include the fact the captain is a waste of space and offers nothing? Or that we’ve got an injury plagued forward who hardly ever kicks a ball? Or a CH in Ogbonna that doesn’t care a toss? 😆😆

      • kevin says:

        Of course it does , GW . Already said on various occasions the Captain is longer worth his place and that we miss AC more and than some fans realize .
        I realize it’s only banter but , it gets rediculous at times to keep popping at a fellow fan , mate . And yes , the reality is we are going to suffer another disappointing poor season . A change in Manager is important right now before we get so far behind it will be impossible to avoid the bottom three . The problem is megga , GW . It’s not the last three games . It’s not whether he is better or worse than previous managers .
        It’s the fact that he is useless .

    • Hammerman6 says:

      I never though Pards should have been shown the door in the first place but, can’t bring myself to thinking he should come back. However, He is English and pationate. Benitez had the opportunity once before, Howe is a good manager, but Bournemouth won’t be letting him go without a fight. Mancini is probably the most realistic option.

  • kevin says:

    Excuse me Claret and Hugh but , what exactly is wrong with the word ” s******ing ” ?.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Nickers ? That’s a bit harsh Hugh 😂😂
    What about pants 😂

  • JRS says:

    Apparently he might not be to keen on Move after start and Bilic Speculation tho he has been given time 3-4 games or Autumn I hear. And his Manager doesn’t want the move. Monoca have the money but don’t see them buying unless sell Fabinho
    But are other players out there and we don’t just need a DCM. Need a Wingerand Creator for depth why haven’t signed Jota yet who wants to come here is mad. Why ship of Snod to pay £18k of wages and not replace. Hopefully they will get Jota who won’t have high wages from Brentford and adds RW cover and creation always play in AM if Lanzini isn’t fit.
    A CB and DCM should be after Gzegroz from PSG on loan to Buy and Engels or Adobji for CB and both play DCM.
    Have a 3m euro bid on PSV stopper Zoet which is strange but fine with me as long as not replacing Adrian.
    Bilic’s we only need 1 player his off. What happened to 1 in 1 out since before sold Feggo. 10 out 5 in

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