Hammers ‘faces’ fear consequences of defeat

The best way to describe the atmosphere inside the London Stadium us “buoyantly nervous.”

Nobody dares to consider defeat. It’s a fearful prospect and the consequences truly scary.

Instead the ‘faces’ at the top  see only massive pressure being lifted with the possibility of the Irons rising to an unlikely 10th place by the end of the day and the chance of being equal on points with teams enjoying a far better goal difference.

The Burnley result and Roberto’s part in it left everybody desperate and determined to find a new No 2 stopper in January.

However, there’s also a determination to give the guy in possession as much encouragement as possible as he bids to find some form and rebuild his confident as he seeks his first clean sheet since taking over permanently against Crystal Palace.

That’s the ‘buoyant’ side of the atmosphere but the nerves are clear and there’s a near unwillingness to discuss where Pellegrini and Husillos may find themselves should we suffer defeat.

The board in particular have staked more than ever before on the manager appointment and are receiving regular assurances from him that all will be well.

Defeat by Spurs with Chelsea away,  Wolves away and Arsenal at home facing them, deep depression and anxiety could trigger a reaction quickly.

In the meantime a united front as the old enemy arrive on Saturday is required as badly as at any time in the past!


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9 comments on “Hammers ‘faces’ fear consequences of defeat

  1. People will argue for ‘giving the manager time’ but the question has to be asked ‘OK but how much time?’ We gave time in the past to Roeder, Grant & Bilic & none of the delays worked well. My feeling is that Pellegrini has been given time (& money) & has fallen short. Delay just makes the rescue job more difficult for whoever replaces him. Given the circumstances which have been discussed on here ( with the owners mistakenly staking a massive amount on the manager) I can see the reasons for dragging it out. But I really hope they are saying ‘We need a clear turn around in the next 4 games or he goes.’

    I saw an interview with Rafa, who we should have gone for a few years back. He says he would like to return to the PL in the future. But he has only been in China a few months so little chance of tempting him away. Or is there….

  2. I am so fed up with questioning a proven manager , surely the team and fans would perform much better if we all got behind MP . They need unity not stuff about the next manager how does that inspire anyone. The players especially need to play for each other & trust MP to get it right and that means hard work . They are professionals and no professional should not want to perform for their manager. In the real world the players would get sacked for not performing . Besides I don’t think he has lost the dressing room and hopefully they will have all sorted any differences in the break. Enough of the negativity , so let’s support them all that sends good vibes and that can only help the team .

    • Mark in defence of ourselves, whilst we are a site for the fans we don’t always try ignore realities and what we hear we try to bring and my last line regarding unity is well felt.

      • Hi Hugh , I enjoy the articles on here it was not a dig at the articles at all. I was just expressing my thoughts about the whole situation at our club probably with a little frustration at where we are.

    • The only consistent is the board they are accountable. Ten years we were promised a world class team in a world class stadium we have neither and are being outspent by brighton

  3. I think 4 games is fair. We have to see much improved performances even if we don’t pick up a huge amount of points from these games. Some hope that we will not get sucked into a relegation battle.
    If we play in the same slow , clueless, half arsed manner as the previous 4, then it simply demonstrates that the manager is unable to fix the situation and needs to go.

  4. Mark-a supporter can still go & cheer the side on for 90minutes even though he has come to the conclusion that the manager needs to change. We are talking about a football club not a police state in which everybody has to hold the same opinions. Like most fans I am not going to hold up Pellegrini Out banners or sing divisive songs. This is just a discussion forum & that means people putting forward honest views based on the facts as they see them.

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