Hammers Fall Short of Atletico’s Asking Price

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West Ham United‘s hopes of landing young striker Samu Omorodion this summer have suffered a setback after their initial bid for the player was rejected by Atletico Madrid.

Initial reports from El Partidazo de COPE  yesterday, suggested West Ham had just about secured a deal with Atletico Madrid for Omorodion, with a price tag of around €30 million being circulated.

However, journalist Marcos Durán sheds light on the actual details. West Ham reportedly offered a package of €29 million with an additional €10 million in potential bonuses.

Atletico Madrid are looking to sell Omorodion to raise funds for their own transfer target, striker Artem Dovbyk from Girona. Dovbyk’s price tag is a hefty €40 million.

Atletico are not keen on letting Omorodion go cheaply. They will only consider a “great offer” for the 20-year-old Spanish U21 international this summer. His contract with Atletico runs until 2028, and they reportedly want at least €40 million upfront for any potential sale.

West Ham face a dilemma. They can either significantly increase their bid for Omorodion or explore alternative options to strengthen their attacking line-up during the summer transfer window.

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  • Morty says:

    Rumours say Athletico want Aguerd surely an exchange could be arranged?

  • jim says:

    40 mill + add ons for an unproven player there avin a larf theres better prospects in the championship than him, he makes ivan toney sound like bargain of the year

    • Paul Taylor says:

      Oh, that’s a surprise isn’t it! Nothing like chancing your arm and hope nobody’s watching! Next we’ll be outbid by every tom, dick and harry looking for a young, strong and quick centre forward.


    Come on sully pay what there worth it’s bad enough signing Creswell for another year cut his loses and buy younger players

  • Pongo says:

    Clubs can value there own players, at whatever price they like, if they don’t want to lose a player they tend to do that, but they have a replacement lined up at 40 million therefore the striker they want to sell can’t be worth 40 million hy else would you pay 40 million for a player when you already have one that’s suits your style of play, his young clearly has talent but is as yet not fully proven and the Premier league is a, whole new ball game, he is worth a, risk at 15 to 20 million not more.

    • Benny the Aussie says:

      Totally agree Pongo (Ironically we called the Army boys that name-I’m ex RAN)
      He is unproven and let’s see how how he goes this season.
      I’d be keen to see Divin and Northern Irish lad have a crack, why not?

    • Paul says:

      Well said Pongo

  • Aled says:

    They robbed him from Granada for €6M this season

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