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Hammers fans savage PL’s Project Restart plan

The argument rages on over whether the PL should end the season now as leagues in Europe close down. The government and the League bosses seem desperate to get things underway again but they need to start listening to the fans – the vast majority, as shown by ClaretandHugh followers here, see it as a total non starter.



  • They need to call it day now , in fact they should have declared the season void weeks ago .
    Playing football would be very dangerous and in my view morally wrong . II would rather see football with a healthy crowd in attendance than be mourning the dead . Stop it now .


  • Every one that has put money before health has seen catastrophic results for its population. In truth we may lose two seasons of football, until there is a vaccine social distancing will be required which means in the case of contact sports surely some tough decisions have to be made ?


  • I believe the correct decision is to finish the season now and get the plans and measures in place to start the season at the end of August. I would award Liverpool the title and the current top 4 go into the Champions League. I would not relegate any team but I would promote the two teams from the championship Leeds and West Brom. I would reward the 4 teams currently in the playoff places with a playoff place for next season so we the top 4 from next season I would make it a 8 team shootout. I would compensate these teams too, I would apply the same principle as you go down divisions. It is the right thing to do. At least by doing this we can really focus on efforts for the next 4 months on this virus.


  • As always, it goes to prove -yet again-how these people are out of touch with today’s football!
    Yes, we want footy back, but we rather live long enough to see it back to ‘normal‘, and have families still alive next to us! Get your priorities right
  • Unless you think that there will be a vaccine by September then football will have to be played behind closed doors. If not then next season will be cancelled as well.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

6 comments on “Hammers fans savage PL’s Project Restart plan

  1. Football, like other sports and everything else in the World, will have to suck it up.

    They can give advertisers, sponsors and broadcasters an extra season. They can even tell them all to do one and take it up with the Government or even take out a civil case against the Chinese.

    None of it matters.

    There won’t be any football this season and almost certainly next.

    No changes. No relegations. No Champions. No promotions. The season couldn’t be finished and the result is that declaring ANYBODY as anything would be unfair.

    Very exceptional circumstances have affected the Globe. Any club, FA or fan that doesn’t understand that, can shut down and sit in a corner crying. It really isn’t important at the minute.

  2. Agree with good suggestion, one extra part would be 4 teams to go down next few Seasons to get number back the same

  3. It sounds like a fair plan, but there should be no winners or losers. Cancel the euro competitions as well. Just start the whole thing from day one of 20/21 season.
    In regards of transfers. All teams apart from the elite few will have little or no money for new players, so why not make all teams play with the staff they have. Clubs that have players out of contract should re-hired them for the 21/22 season. (should that happen).
    No winners or losers, the elite teams will still have a strong squad. The rest will be in no worse shape than they are already in.
    This to me is the sensible conclusion, and my thoughts only

  4. If they go against what is starting to look like a majority opinion by the fans and restart the season televised behind closed doors then I for one will not be watching . It would send a very clear message to the greedy tv companies & EFL if millions of fans decide not to tune into their collective greed . I really am hoping the Government call a halt to it , the sooner the
    Better .. it’s all about social distancing to stem this desease ,,, Not about making money .
    Lives come First.

  5. Best solution I’ve read so far. It would mean 5 going down next season from PL

  6. Does it really matter when the season finishes if it starts again in September so be it. The season finishes in October.. Or even wait till October finish in November. Start the next season in Jan and call it the 2021 season. This then solves the problem for the WC in QATAR. 21 November – 18 December. 2022.
    Whatever schedules will be all over the place.

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