Hammers fans want World Cup Statue to stay


StatueWest Ham fans want the Champions Statue on the corner of Green Street and Barking road to remain as a permanent reminder of the connection between West Ham and the local area.

ClaretandHugh ran a poll on Sunday after the Daily Mail ran an article over the weekend which suggested that locals were opposing the relocation and wanted the statue to stay. The Mail quoted a three year old club poll in which they claimed 87 per cent of Hammers fans wanted it to move.

However an  up to date poll  voted on by cover 1,300 supporters suggests the opposite with almost 70% saying they want the Champions statue to remain where it is.

Poll results:  Total Votes: 1,324

Yes, it should come with us to the London Stadium  

A Newham council spokesperson told ClaretandHugh: “No decision has been made on whether or not to relocate the statue. Any such decision would  have to be made at a future Cabinet meeting. Stringent conditions have been placed on the relocation of the Champions Sculpture to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park that must be met before any move is agreed. Councillors agreed that it could only be moved once a fully funded plan was in place to improve the junction in Barking Road, where the sculpture currently stands, after it has been relocated. The conditions also included the installation of a piece of public art linking the area to West Ham United and that the road improvements and the costs of moving the sculpture should be funded by partners.”

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  • mooro66uk says:

    How many of the voters are West Ham season ticket holders?

  • mooro66uk says:

    How many of the stay voters will still be alive or in the borough in 10 years time? No disrespect because I am in my late 60’s myself. Gradually all our children and grand kids and even great grand kids in my case are moving out of the borough because they don’t want their children to be in a minority in their schools. There I’ve said it! Shoot me down in flames if you want to be deluded. Whats the point in leaving it where n o one is going to know what it represents. Or even worse they don’t give a rats arse? Putting the tin hat on but ask yourself before you slaughter me!

    • HammerJeff says:

      Really interesting perspective mate, I voted for it to stay as part of the history of the place, but hadn’t thought about the next 10 years! I moved out to Swansea with my family, visited the statue on returns to Upton Park, but yes, I won’t see it now when we return to watch games in Stratford! #coyi

  • mywhufc says:

    surprised and pleased with the vote,
    The statue don’t belong to the club, the players depicted don’t have affinity with Stratford, it belongs exactly where it is.
    The club knew what was required to take the statue years before the move, In a SAB meeting the Chief executive claimed the club was taking the statue, i then pointed out that that was conditional on a few things being met, one was a replacement art work that linked to West Ham FC. The club jumped the gun in claiming it could go.
    I thought the 3 gates that weren’t taken to the OS could be put there in its place, not sure they made the auction and cant seem to find what happened to them.

  • mooro66uk says:

    So you would prefer they stayed ? How many times over the next ten years will you actually see them? I will see them quite a lot because I still live in Plaistow and am always passing .but you don’t even live in the borough. You shouldn’t even get a say in it. Nor should any one else who don’t. The gates are totally irrelevant. Why bring them up?

    • mywhufc says:

      though i dont live anymore in Plaistow, left 10 years ago, im still there minimum once a week, visiting family, still eat pie mash on the Barking Road every other Saturday, even still go in supporters club before some home games, so ill see the statue very regularly in the next 10 years.
      As for the gates being irrelevant,
      The club were given planning permission to take the statue, only if they replace it with a west ham related art work the commemorates the club being in the area, The 3 gates not taken would have done that.

  • I spoke to a Newham councillor and the Newham Recorder today who will be running the result of the poll in the local paper

  • Maravilla says:

    Why would David Gold want it moved in the first place and what has it got to do with him ?? Seems to me like he wants to erase all history of West Ham and green st for his own objectives…Very perculiar behaviour !

  • mooro66uk says:

    Impossible while we still live. More ridiculous conspiracy theories

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