Hammers fear Emery snub

Poland Soccer Europa League FinalWest Ham fear Unai Emery will become the fourth top manager to give them a swerve despite making him a huge offer.

Having missed out on David Moyes, Rafa Benitez and Carlo Ancelotti, West Ham have made Emery a lucrative offer, complete with a big Champions League qualification bonus, to take over as manager.

But The Telegraph reports talks have stalled and the Hammers fear he could opt to stay y Seville after taking them into the Champions Cup via the Europa Cup victory..

David Sullivan and David Gold to go back to their list of targets.with Slaven Bilic becoming a bigger and bigger favourite to snatch the vacant post.

The co owners want to make an appointment by the end of next week, which means they must quickly identify who to go for if their worst fears over Emery are confirmed.


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13 comments on “Hammers fear Emery snub

  1. I would like to have seen him but nothing to fret about. The approach was always a gamble, he has just gotten his current club in to the CL, why not stay.

  2. ahah… given that Bilic would be good for me, I’m sensing the owners maybe are not the best negotiators…”No thanks” out left and right…lol 😀

    • True, a little disheartening if you make a considerable offer to someone and they refuse…it may be time for some self reflection.

  3. It’s nice to aim hire but when it doesn’t work out don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Get Bilic.

  4. Like I feared all the big names being tossed around were nothing more than whistling in the wind

  5. All we need now is Bilic to say no and we will be back to Alex Mcleish. Badly handled with a real lack of class. Lots of show boating and no result. I dont think the way that BFS was dealt with has helped and all our targets are a bit too public for my liking-not the West Ham way and achieves very little other than satisfying the Chairmans ego that we are in that sort of market-which clearly we arent, As for a Champions League bonus with a £25m transfer budget -REALLY?
    Perhaps this is all a mirage and we will get Gary Monk or Eddie Howe after all-here’s hoping but Bilic is ok and I like the Rio assistant angle if he is up for it

  6. All along it was about selling the dream and ambition, that is what would have attracted a big name, so either they weren’t up to the salesman job or the ambition has been grossly exaggerated. A couple of months ago we’d have been delighted with Bilic so I suppose it’s time to rewind our mindset to those days and at the end of the day we don’t have the Dudley dinosaur anymore.

  7. So if he was watching his son play football in Spain,when and how was this great offer made ? Did he go and look at the new stadium or our training facilities,
    How much was the transfer pool of money worth,
    And when they sat stalled does that mean he is now talking to Saville to compare all 3 offers
    Because that is what I would do if I had to move my family including children,
    Still early days and there are more talks with other players we were told they cleared their
    Schedule for the week if I remember,
    Still hoping for Biesla

  8. Yes, still hoping for Bielsa, but I’d like Bilic too… maybe he’s the only one who really wants West Ham and I think it’s very important.

  9. Bilic is probably upping his price by 20% every day this drags on.

    I’ve always thought the new stadium was nowhere near the attraction the owners think it is. Sure it’s quite big and modern, but there’s plenty of other great ones out there. Once they are filled with noisy fans does it really matter, as a manager where you are? The stadium you managed in counts for nothing on the CV.

  10. Looks like Emery very cleverly used the interest from West Ham and Napoli to better himself at Seville. Fair play! Not good for us of course, but hard to blame him.
    Maybe most of us would have done something similar in the same situation.
    Hurts of course but the cold hard fact seems to be we are not yet ready to attract the really big names in world football, both players and managers wise.
    Just wait till we’ve seen our income increase in leaps and bounds after we’ve been in the OS for a season or two. I’d expect both players and managers suddenly become very interested to join West Ham.
    Bandwagon jumpers ? Of course. But that’s the way of the world.
    Players and managers are not like us fans.
    They will always follow the clubs where they can earn the most money and have the best chances of winning things.
    We are not in that category yet. Good luck to Bilic! He looks like a good fit for us and deserves our unified support now.

  11. Spot on H,agree with you whole heartedly on all points.Dont blame the managers for using us.Many people would do the same in a similiar situation.They want the best deal possible in most cases,if they can boost their profile to gain a better deal good luck to them.So we may have been used,it happens.No reason to get bitter about it.Bilic comes to us thats fine in my eyes.As you say,give it a couple or three years & West Ham as a club & brand will be a different animal all togehter,people will want to know about us then i believe,both managers & players alike 😉

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