Hammers floor is now yours Mr Moyes


Ok, Claret and Hugh is prepared to bow to those who believe we have become obsessional in our desire to see David Moyes removed from his job!

We were criticised yesterday in calling for his sacking after what was described as a meaningless friendly and that is probably correct except that I don’t personally believe the final game before the season should be meaningless.

Instead, it should show us where we are!

However, we will now ensure that we get on with the week before Bournemouth and the month ahead without what some describe as toxic blasts at Moyes.

The game in the south coast is followed by those against Chelsea, Brighton, Luton and Manchester City and we will simply report on nothing other than how we believed the team, manager and players performed .

We have made our position crystal clear but a new season is set to start and the time has come to see exactly where we are – we just hope it isn’t at the place we saw against Bayern Leverkusen.

The floor is your Mr Moyes – please prove us totally wrong!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • johnham1 says:

    Love your optimism but he wont change. That is a fact. He will leave players like Fornals on the bench and instead play players like Soucek and Downes who have half his ability. The sooner he leaves the club the better for everyone and I just hope the club do not allow him firstly any say on transfers, secondly do not wait till 6 games into the season to sack him, thirdly back the new DOF and finally they know who they are appointing – for me it has to be Potter.

  • jonwalker says:

    Hes proved it 9 weeks ago…. give him a break

  • winchester hammer says:

    You shouldn’t be backing down Hugh! You were absolutely right. Moyes should have gone a long time ago. The ECL win just papered over the cracks. To paraphrase what Sullivan himself said after we lifted that trophy. “It’s been a great night, but a terrible season.”

    Like you in 60 years of supporting this club, I have never seen such a shambles. The transfer strategy has been non-existent. Even if they sign Alvarez this week, there will be the same old complaints from Moyes about not having enough time to bed in.

    I wrote as a comment on this blog this time last year that the Hammers would flirt with relegation and finish 14th or 15th. My current prediction for this coming season is worse. I really think they may well go down.

    • Not backing down Winchester. OUR POSITION COULD NOT BE MORE CLEAR. I am convinced he is hopeless and will soon be gone

      • Moondog says:

        Soon is not soon enough, he should of been sacked after the European final and we wouldn’t be in this mess now

      • KingDiCanio says:

        We all understand that you have to be careful what you say cos it’s your site and you can’t keep everyone happy, but us the supporters can say what we like and basically this clown has to go now!!
        Stevie wonder could have won that cup last season with the squad Moyes had at his disposal and would have won it in style.
        This dinosaur is bereft of ideas and when he does have the odd one it’s usually a prehistoric negative one.
        It’s simple he has to go, winning the cup just threw a spanner in the works for Sullivan.
        Sack him now!!!!
        Oh and by the way Hugh sort out this site on IOS as I have written this message 3 times and Capcha is bringing up an error and site is plastered with pop ups making any article difficult to read.

  • Saul says:

    As the owners of this site i think you have every right to state your opinion and take the stance you have. There are myriad ways of seeing this situation which is reflected in the different comments from this site’s (and Facebook’s) page. Nobody should have an issue with anyone else’s point of view. Sticks and stones, etc, etc…

    My two pennies worth is that for a year and a half (almost 2 years) the football has been DIRE but it’s a results driven business and Moyes has won us a trophy. That bought him a bit of time, perhaps rightly so, but i think that trophy papered over some alarming cracks that this year will likely tear that paper apart and cause instability to the club. There will be 3 teams worse than us but not by much, unless 3 or 4 TOP quality players come in, AT LEAST. He’ll be gone at the end of the season (if not sooner) and this whole soap opera will come to an end…… before it starts again with someone else!

    • Our view that he is hopeless has been mentioned many many times Saul. Nothing;’s changed – just waiting to be shown to be right once teh season starts LOL

  • Good Old Daze says:

    The game yesterday was not meaningless. We were hammered by the type of team most of us would like ours to play like. Rennes also looked dangerous every time they attacked. We looked as threatening as Bambi in both games.

  • Cranhamhammer says:

    Many times last season I watched a set of gifted players with no plan. No idea, no desire. Looking at the touch line I saw a manager with no plan. No idea, no desire.
    Playing out of position, one up front, left back playing central defence. Talented midfielders working their socks off – in defence. If we are going to play defensive use five or six defenders with at least one attacker with speed.
    Last season I left early a few times, wondering whether to make the effort the next home match. Just one change will stop that. Goodbye Mr D. Moyes.

  • Stratford E20 says:

    We won the cup despite Moyes not because of him. His style of football is totally boring and I sell my season ticket seat back to West Ham whenever we play the so called big clubs because I know that Moyes tactics against those clubs will be so frustrating. I don’t want him wasting the Rice money signing players like Harry Maguire.

  • varulven77 says:

    Horrible manager and even worse coach. He should have been gone at the end of January LAST year, when he decided that he didn’t need any new players. Everybody could see our problems as clear as day, but not the dinosaur. The Europa League was there for the taking, but he managed to screw it up.

  • Hammerforlife says:

    People might not like it but you’re not wrong.

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