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Hammers get a big “no” on option to buy

callWest Ham have no option to buy Jonathon Callieri at the end of his season-long loan at The London Stadium.

His club Boca Juniors refused to give the Irons any sort of buy out on the deal as they believe he’ll be worth bundles of money at the end of his loan period with us.

Callieri has one of the fastest growing reputations in the world game and was chased by Barcelona before the Irons landed him on a loan deal which has involved the club in a big loan fee and £40k a week wages.

Generally an option to buy is attached to every loan deal but ClaretandHugh was told today by a top source “Boca wouldn’t go there at all.”

He added: “The believe the player will be worth absolutely crazy money next season and they wouldn’t wouldn’t give a buyout at any price.”

Slaven Bilic believes he is a top player and it’s the player’s abilities which – along with signing Andrew Ayew – ended the pursuit of Carlos Bacca.



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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

19 comments on “Hammers get a big “no” on option to buy

  1. Wow… Okay… Well I hope the lad does well.. But not too well! So he can be affordable next season… 12 goals in the prem for him would be good. Sign him up for the same price as Ayew… Then hope the lad goes on to score 20 goals a season!
    (Stupid logic and won’t happen I know! But there’s no harm in hope!)

    • Payet will be 30 after this season and still worth a chunk of cash! If Calleri at 22 turns out to be as good as i think then why not sell Payet to raise the cash to buy our next Palo Di Cannio.

      • Sell Payet? Are you mad!
        I want us to keep him till he’s 34… He may lose his speed.. But you don’t lose the quality!

  2. Well, there you have it. Boca has smelled the money or the oil well underground…

    I also feel he will be worth a handsome amount of dosh soon. Pity we could not secure him just as we did for Lanzini.

  3. Let’s just hope he enjoys himself so much that he WANTS to stay!

  4. If he scores the goals that help us improve and we don’t get him next season at least we will get more money to buy a replacement,
    Wonder what we would have paid if we hadgone all out to get him now ?
    He will have to play out of this world to even take a regular place in the team with the squad we have,
    One more year for Fletcher and Martinez to grow as players,

  5. Boca don’t own him a Club in Uruguay do so not sure how credible this article is?

  6. Exactly my thoughts , isn’t he on loan at Boca ??
    Maybe they have a buy clause in their loan or just maybe the cyndicate who own him will sell him to us !
    Let’s hope he would like to play here and not be auctioned off in Spain ! Lol.
    Get C/L and we can have our pick once we make a big statement this year .
    Let’s start with a win at the ruskie mafia’s pi££ hole !!

  7. He was sold to Deportivo Maldonado from Boca but then they sent him out on loan the same month.Deportivo are a second division club in Uruguay.I read somewhere they help facilitate moves to Europe for South American players for a cut of the action.I read something a bit dodgy about them but I don’t want to say it or there could be some wet pants happening 🙂

    • Hahaha by all accounts they already got wind and there’s a mad rush at tescos for disposable pants by people wearing c&b onesies and large wooden rattles ! Being pushed around in trolleys !.

  8. This is what I mentioned a few weeks ago after reading the argentinian press releases and in contrast to what was being reported by the british press, I think probably the club and the player see us as a launch pad to bigger things, the good that should come out of it, is that he is going to be very motivated certainly for the first two thirds of the season until he can sign a contract elsewhere to produce his best form, which hopefully will produce positive results for us and who knows maybe he will love it so much in the East End that he doesn’t want to leave 🙂

  9. It’s weird that they say Boca wouldn’t go there. Tried to do a quick bit of research into the nature of his deal after reading this if people are interested. Write-up here: http://a-funny-old-game.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/the-real-owners-of-jonathan-calleri.html

  10. Cheers matey just read it.I read a similar article to yours as it works.I think it’s only us,France,Poland & a couple of other countries have outlawed TPO.Elsewhere it is still common practice.Im not worried,as others have said the club will have looked into it I’m sure.I bet a few of our fans still dump their load about it though lol

  11. Let’s just enjoy watching him play for us if he is any good,which im sure he is.But you never know he might be a sack of sh*te & we will be happy to hand him back.I can’t be f*cked to worry about a buy clause now.Since when has taking a player on loan have to have an obligatory buy out agreement.He might be just what we need to tied us over this season & then we go our seperatee ways.I dont understand people sh*ttting their pants already about not having a buy option we dont even know if the man is going to be any good.He might not be suited to the PL,there have been tons of south Americans who can’t handle the prem.

    • Hahaha yes , just like that useless bloke at city , aggro or something like it. !! If he turns out anything lie him rads I’m giving up my brief mate !!!

      Tomorrow it begins ! Night night all ?

  12. It makes you wonder sometimes Rad what some fans want.They have been screaming out for forwards then we bring one in & they then get the sh#t on because there might not be a buy option lol

  13. I smell opportunism by the TPO.Playing for us in PL is a marketing strategy but if Calleri doesn’t cut the mustard here they will be falling over themselves to offload him.Maybe 1 season will be enough to get CL football & attract other players.No buy option works both ways.No worries. No panic.

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