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Hammers get their Zaza answer

simone-zaza (1)West Ham were tonight told they had no chance of signing Simone Zaza on loan

ClaretandHugh reported earlier this week that the Hammers wanted him on a season long deal but that Juvntus want a permnent deal and have named a price of £25 million.

That is too rich for the Hammers blood and with Zaza looking for £100k a week it always looked a remote possibilility the Italy international would arrive at the London Stadim.

And tonight the player’s agent has made it clear there is no possibility of the striker joining the Irons on anything other than a permanent deal.

His father Antonio who also acts as his agent told  Calciomercato: “West Ham have been following him for a long time, it’s a great club but I have to stress one thing: if Simone leaves Juventus, he’ll only do it outright. We’re not going to accept a loan.”

Meanwhile there are new reports this evening the Hammers are attempting to bring in Loic Remy on a season-long loan deal.

Sky sources are claiming we have opened talks with Chelsea

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “Hammers get their Zaza answer

  1. Looks like he won’t be getting first team football anywhere then.

  2. Someone will sign him even if not for 25 million.He was good at Sassoulo,why do you think juventus signed him..because he was crap..of course not.

  3. Here we go again,another contradiction.A later reprt from “football insider” states that a deal has been agreed.I would suggest that this NewsNow is taken down or at least the people that report on it,because probably 98% of it is pure fiction.

    • Well Newsnow is nothing to do with this site.Newsnow just collects all the news on a particular subject.In this instance West Ham.It ain’t Sean or Hughs fault if you read contradicting reports on different sites on Newsnow is it.
      Thats like moaning to the BBC because an independent TV guide has the wrong information of the time of shows in it.

  4. Glad we got that cleared up then 😉
    We should hold a sweep stake on how many players we get linked with until the end of transfer window…

  5. Daddy and Mummy won’t let there boy go,
    He will sit around getting the money to keep the family happy,
    Never mind he would get injured after 15 minutes and that would be the end,
    Anytime now we will miss out on Bony buy another midfielder and be stuck with Biggins for life,
    But who cares we have Calleri

  6. Why do these people say that transfers will happen, when they don’t.
    It is obvious that they don’t tell the truth.
    Example, Janmatt transferred to west ham for 10 million, then he has actually moved to Watford for 7 – 8 million.
    There is so bull on these sites that is embarrassing.
    When the club actually confirms it is true, then and only then should anything be said!!!!!

    • Easy solution.Dont read them then.You wont have anything to grind your teeth about then will you.Why read sites then moan about them.Is like knowing a tiger will bite your hand but still sticking your hand in its bloody mouth!

  7. Then what would we have to moan about and be able to have a chat with other fans,
    You need a starting point,
    Start talking about season ticket for example and end up with cake recipe ot a taxi route to nowhere,
    Watford must be near there fair play quota now with 3 big signings in one week,

  8. According to all the other West Ham forums, social media and reports coming out of Italy, Zaza will be having a medical over the next few days and signing on a 5 year contract for a fee of £25.

    Hope this turns out to be true, quality player.

  9. I ain’t seen any of that I admit.The last I saw was that if he went anywhere it would most likely be Napoli.

  10. Half the sites just cut & paste from others so if the 1st one gets in wrong then they all do.
    some just make it up as they go along, any player who might be moving on then of course it must be West Ham who want him. If he signs for any other club it’s because a) the player has snubbed the club or b) the board woundn’t offer enough money. It’s never reported that West Ham weren’t interested in the guy in the 1st place. Best thing to do is ignore it all & laugh at all the BS & only take notice if you see the headline “West Ham announce signing” barring that, pop over to our sister-site & debate it until you start reaching for the knife draw 🙂

    • Looool.The sister site as you call it I am becoming very accustomed to.I have worked out the MO for users.Wake up,moan about the club all day,go to bed lol

  11. His father is reported to have said they had a concrete offer from us also, a lot of mixed messages on this but the only thing you ever hear from Zaza is that he wants to stay in Italy, would be good to hear from the son what he wants, £25m is too big a punt on someone that spent most of last season on the bench. I am not keen on Remy am sure there must be better options out there, when the marquee signing is a bench warmer you know you have problems, keep Fletcher and see if he can make it.

  12. Is his dad his agent.He seems to do all the talking.Im not keen on Remy if I’m honest.Unless I have got it wrong which I invariably do I seem to think he is a bit of a sick note & injured a fair bit.Maybe I am confusing him with someone else.Either way he would be my last choice of the names being bandied about.
    It’s a difficult one with Zaza,i mean yes he has sat on the bench but sometimes at clubs like Juve,Barca,Real you have absolute quality who can’t break into their teams.Many of their bench warmers would walk into other clubs first team.£25 million is big money for us though & we can’t really afford to get these bigger money signings wrong.

  13. He ain’t going to sign for us for 25mill.No chance.I will tell you how sure I am.If he signs for 25mill the match after I will go to the OS in a pair of Pampers & sing ‘Stand up if you’ve got wet pants’ in the BML 🙂

    • Rads in a way I hope that happens now just to see Brady’s face curled up in disgust after all the threats of barrings for standing and there’s you there in oversized pampers singing that.:)

  14. Sorry! – I must be getting old and stupid but why did we not sell Valencia to Aston Villa for 12 m ??? Can anyone answer that one , please ???? — anyone ???????

    • Because we haven’t managed to get ANY replacements yet iron ?
      Remy is a sick note and another player that can’t get in the first team ?
      I mean let’s face it , we must be the unwanted players dumping ground and we have to pay a fortune to get them ?
      We should just loan bony ? The most overweight player in the prem ! Official ! Lol. 14.6 stone ?
      Ffs he would make the england line backs look like twiggy ?
      It seems also that a r/b ain’t needed cos the bard can play there when nesessary ?
      And I will join rads in the BML wearing a mini coal sac with a four cornered hanky on me bonce singing the lament of an ex coal man !

  15. I like what Tone says that for Zaza just to be benchwarming at Juve,Barca,Real, he must be pretty good. It has made me reconsider a bit. Also, from Zaza’s perspective, he probably feels he is worth more than a cheapskate ‘try-before-you-buy’ offer. But I’m not keen. Still feels like far too much money when we could pay far less high profile, and get someone desperate to prove himself.
    Ironically, I am quite keen on Remy; wherever he’s gone he’s done a good job…but maybe he’s been benchwarming at Chelsea for too long; no longer hungry? Interesting that desperate Pardew didn’t seem to go for him, having been Remy’s no 1 fan…If Remy isn’t expensive, I’d still think he’s worth a punt….

  16. Well now it looks like daddy has said he can come for more money,
    And Villa are willing to pay £15 million for Biggins ( mad )
    Funny old time of the year,
    Zaza in Biggins out not bad,
    Now we just need Moyes to come in strongly for Sak and bring in Remy on loan or Bony,
    Debauchy at RB from the Gooners Job Done

  17. I wouldn’t touch Remy bubs ? He’s been sitting on the bench for so long now that he’s turned into a fine champagne , and sak ain’t going nowhere , not yet ? And Bilic ain’t getting a r/b while he’s still toying with Antonio ? He can’t accommodate all the r/mids.
    Let the lemon go and play martinez as back up to calleri , he’s gonna be a touch !! And use sakho when he’s fit and see what happens with him ? I would rather bony to Zara ? He’s not worth 25 mill IMO ! Sakho graft is more suited to our style , not sure he has that in his locker!
    Just hope its not all panic buy’s ?love to be proved wrong but will zaza fit in ? If all this crap is true anyway. Let’s just see what happens after tonight , if we don’t win ? TSHTFan.


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