Hammers heavyweight called into Haller talks


West Ham are tonight reported as pouring big pressure on Sebastien Haller by calling up heavyweight former agent Willie McKay to clinch a deal to bring him to the London Stadium.

The Hammers revealed earlier to CandH that they were some way from completing the €40 million deal which would bring one of Europe’s most highly rated strikers to the London Stadium.

However, since then it has emerged – according to European media sources – that McKay has been tempted out of retirement’ to bring his muscle to bear on the talks.

McKay has been responsible for some of the biggest deals in the European game and has done much work for the Hammers board in past seasons. And according to an update on L’Equipe the Scot – with a vast array of previous clients in France – is turning the tide in the talks.

And the report claims the French striker, who wasn’t at all keen on the move when talks started.  is warming to the move which now looks more on than off at around €40 million

And some media outlets are now claiming that Eintracht Frankfurt have already ‘activated their network’ to find themselves a new number nine.

We will be checking out the story with the Hammers and hope to bring an update later.

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  • the iron man from essex says:

    This bears all the resemblance of the Gomez deal, club want him but he doesn’t really want the club

  • Hammerkip says:

    Apparently haller wants to insert a buy out clause in his contract in case he does well and a big club comes in for him ..if I’m honest I really don’t like it…it sounds like he is just using us as shop window……Hugh your thoughts??

    • Luke says:

      On the plus side if someone were to activate it, it would mean he would have needed to have a stellar season. We arent at a level where we can reject all incoming bids as yet so a sell on clause doesnt really matter.

    • Martyn Quinn says:

      I got no problem with this, he’s just covering his back in case things go bad for him. At least it will give us a good sell on fee but hopefully he would settle in and like the team and stay.

    • I’m not sure I believe it tbh mate. It’s all across the European press and is reported here as such. We will check it out tomorrow but I’m away so Sean will get on the case. I’d be amazed if we got him

      • Good Ole Daze says:

        If you’re on your hols, Hugh, have a good one – I, for one, appreciate all your work to keep us informed with the facts and the rumours going around. Or are you doing a bit of scouting to help MH and MP? Looks like they may need it, or else Carlton will have to dust his boots off …

    • Spyinthesky says:

      How else do you think we will get top class talent in especially strikers? If we want to progress and without a sugar daddy owner to do so, then like it or not this will be the method. You tempt these players, who want CL football but are on the fringes of it, this way who can Improve the club. Which if they catch the eye here and helping the team improve means you get closer to the top 6 which in itself helps you keep your players, while if he does go you make a big profit giving you an opportunity to reinvest to improve again. It’s a 4 or 5 year plan. Players and agents are clearly in it for themselves (including our own) and we have to play that game cleverly ourselves to progress or otherwise settle for lesser players who likely won’t improve us meaning we will lose our quality players over the next year or two anyway.

    • Kevin Baggott says:

      No probs
      Put in an obscene buy out clause and get it done ⚒
      Players come and go , we carry on in hope more than expectation ⚒

  • Eastendexile says:

    Fingers crossed that something goes right for us for a change

    • Tricky says:

      Why do people think every player no matter where they have been born/spent most of their life has instantly thought “know what I’ve always wanted to play for the happy Hammers, where’s me pen”.
      They need a bit of chatting up and convincing especially if they are being linked with one of the biggest clubs in the world.

  • Not in Sully’s pocket says:

    Do You mean bankrupt, not allowed legally to act as an agent Willie McKay? So heavyweight agent is very much factually incorrect.

      • Spyinthesky says:

        I would certainly be interested to know how he could be called up to influence matters as described and not be considered a facilitator in any impending transfer in breach of the post 2015 rules. I guess it might revolve around no direct fee being paid for his ‘persuasive powers’ which perhaps opens a whole new potential can of worms I do not even want to contemplate. Just don’t let Sheffield United obtain any insights on the matter.

  • AD says:

    Really like the rumour rater ! (Although to perfect it, colours for low shouldn’t be green as that indicates positive, maybe orange/red or light/dark grey?).

    Lets hope if we get him, this guy doesn’t arrange the flight!

  • Mikef says:

    If he is/was thinking ManU might come in for him – McKay has probably told him prove yourself in the Prem with the Hammers and they might.

    Hence the rumours of an exit clause. If he is successful he can be poached by one of the top 4 (CL qualifiers) for a pre-agreed fee.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Believe it when we sign him, our windows are 99% talk and 1% action. Very happy with Fornals who was the number one target but not convinced the rest of it is not just business as usual for DS. Most likely Hugill will be back up to Chicharito this season as we lack the funds to finance a meaningful move. The numbers don’t add up unless we have sold someone.

  • Stubbo says:

    Nothing wrong with a player using us as a stepping stone. We should be unless something remarkable happens. Better to get players looking upwards than players without the Champions League ambition or on the way down looking for a payday!

  • Billy says:

    Haller is just the type of striker West Ham need. He might form a great partnership with Hernandez if that’s the way that Pellegrini wants to play. The boss is assembling a fine squad. Top 6, if Chelsea, Arsenal or Man United fail. Onwards and upwards.

  • That honest friend says:

    Speaking of Sheffield United, does everyone have their Tevez face mask for the match this season?

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