Hammers Hit by Double Transfer Hiccup

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West Ham United‘s summer transfer window has suffered a setback as negotiations for two Brazilian targets, Luis Guilherme and Fabrício Bruno, appear to be heading south. according to the Guardian’s Jacob Steinberg

The Hammers’ ambitious £25.5 million bid for 18-year-old winger Luis Guilherme, a highly-rated prospect in Brazil, is on the verge of collapsing due to a disagreement over personal terms. Technical Director Tim Steidten had initially expressed optimism about securing the talented youngster, but a failure to meet his wage demands threatens to derail the deal.

West Ham now faces the prospect of losing Guilherme to a lucrative offer from the Saudi Pro League (SPL), a growing competitor in the transfer market.

New manager Julen Lopetegui, tasked with overhauling the squad after David Moyes’ departure, is looking to bring in six to eight new players. Both Guilherme and Flamengo’s center-back Fabrício Bruno were identified as key targets.
Negotiations for Bruno, valued at £12.5 million, have also stalled. The 28-year-old defender is reportedly tempted by a more substantial salary package offered by an SPL club.

With both Brazilians potentially out of reach, West Ham needs to find alternative solutions to address their squad weaknesses.

Lopetegui’s desire for a significant squad refresh means the club will need to be active in the remaining transfer window, potentially focusing on players more willing to accept their wage structure.

West Ham’s pursuit of Brazilian talent has hit a stumbling block. The club must now adapt its transfer strategy and explore other options to fulfill Lopetegui’s vision for the squad.

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  • D.f.butcher says:

    Well I never?

  • Anon says:

    Sullivan strikes

    • Dave says:

      Think these failures would be on Tim to be honest. Sullivan isn’t the one out in Brazil giving it the big one or leaking deals to Romano etc.

      • simon says:

        its a shame any deal is leaked, honestly all this we might be in for him or we chasing him does my head in, why cant we keep all our transfers under wraps and announce the deals when done it makes us look like clowns!

    • Inronclad says:

      How does Sullivan strike?….by not bowing to an 18yo’s ridiculous demands for wages?…and making them among the highest paid in the squad?……what rubbish….

      • S says:

        Ironclad you’re forgetting that EVERYTHING is Sullivan or Moyes’ fault. Record turnover? Free of FFP trouble? Europe three years in a row? First trophy in decades? I tell ya, this board are running the club into the ground!

  • Dave says:

    We tried FC!!!

    Tim needs to spend less time bragging to Romano about the deals he’s “done” & actually start delivering. If he’s not capable of negotiating/closing these deals then I don’t see him making it through the summer.

    The more things “change” the more they stay the same, eh (except Tim’s tan which will be banging).

  • Tony Tucker Bang Bang says:

    Please stop reporting!!

    1 day you say the deal is done, next day the deal is dead.

  • Teddy Salad says:

    Centre back

  • Pesdahammer says:

    Shocking, never would have guessed that could happen, transfer rumors and hiccups never happen to West Ham, this has to be the first time something liked this happened…., usual garbage transfer window shenanigans by us, how many times can we go through this as fans ? Waiting for the last minute panic buys and loan deals with players no one else wants

  • Morty says:

    Bloody Moyes dithering again! 😊

  • Kevlar says:

    Usual Sullivan tactics smoke and mirrors!!! We always makeout that we are signing top targets.The reality is that our club lacks ambition and if we can’t compete on wage terms with Brazilian players then we have no chance picking up top European players or premier league players. It’s going to be a tough season if we keep this up! And will result in a relegation scrap for sure.

  • Jeeps says:

    Tight fisted whu looking for usual BARGAIN.
    Never going to be able to outbid Saudi’s.
    Let’s hope they splash some cash for Zoom(a).

  • Chris Wheeler says:

    Do us all a favour and just don’t publish anymore articles on West Ham transfers until a contract is signed. As a journalist do you not get fed up putting out articles about fairy tales. I am thinking the problem was not Moyes but with our owners just not willing to pony up the money needed. Whoever is leaking info about West Ham transfers please shut the f**k up until a contact is signed. Sorry all just a very angry Hammer.

    • Graham says:

      but then they would get no website traffic.

    • BamBamBigalo says:

      This site gone downhill, I rememebr a few season back the site were promising only reporting on confirmed and concrete news, what ever happened to that!

    • simon says:

      Chris, i am glad i am not the only one, its getting worse and worse on here, as much as i hate spurs none of there fans websites guess, or make sh(t up like these, claret and hugh and other are making us look like mugs, if only our marketing department was more pro it would have control on these child written stories ! Please C&H give it up!

  • Jamie Hickman says:

    It really needs to be cleared up on how much in wages we’re actually offering players, in order to find out if we as fans are having our chain pulled by the ownership.

    • Graham says:

      You want the club to publish confidential contract information and salary information? What player would actually sign for a club that done that?

  • Graham says:

    Last minute panic buys and loan deals? The transfer window isn’t even open yet.

  • John Sharp says:

    The Saudi’s are taking advantage of the biggest big human failure….greed.

    Any player who is driven purely by money, choosing to play in a tin-pot league rather than the best league in the world is not worth having.

    Leave the Brazilian market alone and concentrate on Europe. A Brazilian has already cost us £85 million this summer.

    • Dave says:

      Tim does love Rio holiday though. Maybe he should stop telling Romano what deals he’s “done” & actually do his job (& if he can’t then he should leave).

      We’ve already got one timewasting media tart in Sullivan, we do not need another.

  • Hammer says:

    Transfer window don’t open for another 11 days so no deal is complete until then. Think I will just wait to see if or who we get in then

  • Jellied Eel says:

    It is pure fantasy to expect WH to compete for the cream of the cream and sending someone around the world chasing moonbeams is a waste of money. A few young English players from the Championship would not go amiss. There is real talent at that level to be tapped.

  • Alan Carroll says:

    Same old story every year,So many players West Ham are “interested” in but very little happens in the end.When it comes to paying for them that’s when the problems begin.I don’t expect to see many signings this summer,more likely best players departure!

  • Danielson79 says:

    Wow just wow you lot really are a miserable bunch. Maybe it’s not Timms Full maybe it’s not Sullivan‘s fault. It certainly isn’t Moses‘s fault anymore. Maybe the lure of European football isn’t enough for this young lad maybe at 18 years of age from a poverty stricken background, he might be thinking what is the most money I can make in my short career to ensure my family never ever have to worry again. The negativity from some of you so-called West Ham fans is absolutely pathetic.

    • Pongo says:

      It’s not negativity it’s actually fact same old bull**** season in season out, the only reason we got kudus and alvarez was because of the money we got from rice. No players in as yet and none sold for any kind of money, and why do we go to Brazil anyway cos as soon as we do that anyone we show interest in makes huge financial demands, basically they are taking us for mugs, one is 28 and edging towards the end of his career and the others a teenager who is also of slight build and probably as a consequence wouldn’t be suitable for the Premier league. I’m afraid this is just a load of old codswallop that said we should be used to it as it happens every transfer window. Just sign bill and Ben and little weed and the widow t****y because even they would be better than what we already have.

  • John Ayris says:

    Not possible to compete with Saudi money if it’s on the table. That goes for any premier league club. No option other than to move on if that’s the case. Any player who prefers to go there is mercenary and probably not worth having anyhow.

  • jim says:

    why dont they sign the players first and then talk about them, if this kid is so good from brazil why dont we do it in private then that way there would be less chance the deal would collapse,

  • Rich says:

    Happy Season ticket renewal deadline day!

  • Twiz says:

    Last week…… isnt it nice to see deals done nice & quickly now that dithering dave has gone?
    This week…… 2nd deal of the week has disappeared because of personal terms demands.

  • steve says:

    again west ham look like mugs in the transfer market
    again bragging for days about this boy coming, its a “done” deal then abracadabra
    its not happening.
    For ****s sake only announce things once the player has actually signed and at the club rather than all this **** all the time.
    couldn’t organise a raffle.

  • Chas says:

    Same old story plenty of talk and no action. Couldn’t run a p..s up in a brewery

  • S says:

    Why are you all blaming Steidten on this one? It’s the agents that are responsible for most leaks. And this strikes me as Guillerme’s agent playing hardball in the press. Judging by the sky-is-falling reactions on here, it worked pretty well. I was never that excited about paying over the moon for a player we don’t need. I’m just disappointed we seem to be putting so much effort into it. I’d rather put that effort into the CBs we need.

  • Jason Dunlop says:

    I agree completely with Simon (4:45pm) Just shut the **** up until someone is actually signed!

  • Jeeps says:

    Electric pace / Speed demon / Gifted wizard / Red hot / Playmaker / Jewel / Destroyer / Super star / Monster / Highly rated.
    These are just some of the descriptives for potential whu signings, just getting 25% of them would be great.
    To top it all apparently there’s a £10m world class striker hoping to sign, really £10m what does that buy?
    As a suggestion why don’t media just concentrate on outgoings.
    At least whu have got more of an idea what’s happening in this direction, just.

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