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Hammers hopes rise on striker

bacca2West Ham are contunuing to track events as Carlos Bacca starts to run out of options.

The AC MIlan striker is no longer wanted at his club despite having three years left on his deal with the Serie A outfit keen to take the £26 million on offer from the Hammers.

And although Bacca has been offered around £90k a week to swap Milan for Leytonstone, he has been holding out believing one of PSG, Sevilla or Napoli would come calling.

RR ModerateBut they have all slowly fallen away and now the Hammers board are aware that the player may be ready to come back to the negotiating table.

They are unfazed by his attitude which they see as normal among the world’s top players who seek to ply their trade at the highest level.

Publicly the Hammers have held a public position which has shown them as being irritated that he could be using the club as “a back stop” but in fact if a deal can be done they will do it.

ClaretandHugh was told: “Everybody knows how the game works and there are signs emerging that he may now be ready to become positive about the move.

“We are always ready for the long game and if that’s how it turns out nobody here will cut off their nose to spite their face.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Hammers hopes rise on striker

  1. Did BFS Write the last sentence ?
    The man is being made unwelcome by his club and forced to move where he doesn’t want to go ?
    I feel sorry for the bloke ! What a way to be treated !!! As a supporter I feel
    If he doesn’t want to come then we don’t want him , move on it isn’t right !! I can’t think of another transfer that is like this one ? Its just wrong ?

    another week over & this transfer still wont go away. What happened to ‘West Ham give Bacca a deadline’??

  3. I would take him in a heartbeat & once he scores a few goals no fan will care how long the transfer took.Im sure there have been hundreds,thousands of transfers like this over the years.The difference now is that some fans jump on board the media circus & swallow every article going & take it a gospel.
    The Payet signing took a month or more from first bid tabled to completion didn’t it.If supporters stopped reading the daily nonsense in the press they wouldn’t get so frustrated.Most of the time they are getting frustrated over non- stories that are the figament of the medias imagination.

  4. Some of our bloody fans don’t need the media to moan about everything Ray.They can moan about everything with no prompting at all lol

  5. Btw some fans really do need to take a good look at the transfer window in & outs of all clubs so far.Apart from some of the big boys with the obvious pulling power the other clubs have done very little business when it comes to major signings.ok you have teams like Middleborough & Bournemouth who have been more active than us but the majority of their signings wouldnt even get on our bench.Some clubs have done no business or only signed one player.I think all this inactivity talk regarding us is pure unadulterated bolloxs created by the impatient amongst us.

  6. Don’t think they need create it Ray. There’s plenty to go around from a lot of the forums, who are all trying to convince us they have a new story by just changong the headline

  7. Very true Canchaz.I was including them in the media circus as well.Some of our own fans are pretty good at creating their own headlines as well.We have some who have very vivid imaginations 🙂

  8. Never understood why people think if he doesn’t want to come then he can F off.
    Wouldn’t we all play the same game if we were good enough at our day job that 3 firms were trying to hire us. ? Do we really expect him to travel from the country that employs him, not to his home country, but to a foreign land, because he loves the club. Probably never herd of us. Give him a break !

  9. Why Is he being rejected by other clubs???? Is it because he’s crap.

  10. If you were a player aged 29 and you had one last big move in your career.

    You have a club with champions league who are already a large club. Or a promising club who struggled in the first qualifier of europa league what would you do. neither team you have amy alegience too.

    Honestly. I would see if the champs league team move materialised. If it didnt i would then move to the promising team. I cant blame the lad.

    And if he comes, great. He will take us to that next level with a proven goalscorer. I dont blame the daves at all. Seen bubs slating him. They have to try. If they gave up on payet when the deal was stalling we wouldnt of had one of the best players in the league right now!

    • Exactly LJ,exactly my friend.At this moment in tme he holds all the cards & is taking his time weighing up options.I also dont blame him at all.If he does sign,a big if,then he will be welcomed with open arms by fans when a few goals hit the back of the net.Also a large % of our fans will know there is a stand off but as they don’t read the daily rubbish printed about this transfer they will be more than happy if he signed.Its only the social media obsessed who have the hump.

  11. Now we know Swansea want min of £20 million for Ayew
    Bacca is not looking so expensive,
    Yedder gone now as well
    Calleri now wanted by Barca as back up,
    We keep missing the boat in the end we will be happy with Bacca
    We should go and get Barahino and Bony now let Valencia and Sakho go,
    Try and get a bargain in Villas Ayew or Parez from Newcastle maybe offer AC in a swap,
    But time is running out,
    £15 for Robertson fron Hull joke,
    Make a good deal with Arbol nor Enrique who are free for 1 year till Cressie returns,
    Go and get Ginter even though he won’t be cheap,
    Off load Poyet and Obiang
    Job done

  12. There has to be something not quite right if three big clubs have closed negotiations to sign Bacca . Is the problem the player himself , maybe . Could be his personal terms are ott, maybe .
    Could be his family not wanting to move , maybe . Could Be he is just greedy , maybe .
    He does’nt seem interested and I , myself even said forget him because the last thing we need is to spend a fortune on a player who hasn’t got his heart in it .
    But it seems non of the reports in the media or west ham saying they are no longer interested is stopping the pursuit for him . Would he really make such a massive difference to our team if we do eventually get him .? We can only hope so .

  13. Totally away from this subject but I got told something interesting about Tomkins this morning.One of my cousins from out Loughton way was having a beer with one of the book worms at the club.So they were chatting & he said that Bilic wasn’t overly impressed with Tonks activities away from football.He didnt think he was very professional.Well make of it what you will.It is probably crap but who knows.

  14. Bet he wished he had him last week to play RB and we would now be in a winning position,
    Bacca will probably arrive and get injured in the first training session,
    We need to find someone. Now not wait for the left overs,

  15. It is nothing to do with being left with the left overs.Selling clubs will hold out for the best deals during the window,as will players in the main.
    We have signed six,have Calleri on the way & have bids in for another three.
    Those are only the ones we know about!
    Take a look around the other clubs,they are doing very little business at the moment either.
    There is lots of cat & mouse,clubs calling each others bluff but little actually going on with players who are worth their corn.

  16. This lot are in Europe,finished above us but have done far less business than us & have actually lost far more better players than us.Now their fans have a reason to go all knee jerk.



    Nathan Redmond – Norwich, £11m

    Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg – Bayern Munich, undisclosed

    Kieran Freeman – Dundee Utd, compensation


    Sadio Mane – Liverpool, £36m

    Victor Wanyama – Tottenham Hotspur, £11m

    Juanmi – Real Sociedad, £5m

    Gaston Ramirez – released

    Graziano Pelle – Shandong Luneng, £12m

    Wow have some patience!!!

  17. I read somewhere there had been about 40 transfers in July amongst the 20 Premier League clubs.Many of those were small fry.Now you don’t need to be Rachel Riley to work out that isn’t a lot of activity at an average of two signings per club.Our fans really do need to get a grip of themselves & show more patience ffs.

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