Hammers increase bid to land striker


henryWest Ham have raised their offer for 20-year-old KAS Eupen Nigerian striker Henry Onyekuru to £9m, Nigerian website claims.

Previously the same website claimed West Ham had already agreed a fee agreed after meeting his release clause of around £6.5m but now conveniently they claim the fee only applies to clubs in Belgium, while for clubs outside Belgium a release fee over or close to £9m is what the Belgians are demanding.

Reports claimed the Hammers initial bid for 7 million pounds was rejected by Eupen also claiming West Ham were not a big enough club. The new report from our favourite Nigerian football site claims a fresh bid of around £9m was launched by the club on Tuesday after talks with Eupen negotiator Mogi Bayat.

Belgium club Anderlecht are also said to want the striker and feel sure they can land him for £6.5m if the striker does not secure a move to the Premier League.

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  • Stratford E20 says:

    Not good enough for Arsenal – not good enough for us. After last season’s signings, we should stick to established players who we know have done it

    • essexirons says:

      As much as we would like to be on a level playing field with Arsenal, we are miles off. They have so much more to attract players, money, success on the field, european football every year (in CL for 20+ yrs in a row until this season), playing along side top draw players etc. We have atm the promise of more playing time

  • Royston Vasey says:

    All the info about this seems to come from a Nigerian website. I’m not sure I’d bet my house on their accuracy.

    • Roman says:

      I’m still waiting on my Nigerian inheritance although now my bank account has no funds.LOL

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Owngoalnigeria is about as accurate as the Brentwood Gazette.

  • Travis says:

    Yeah right Stratford not good enough for arsenal not good enough for us.I think you need a reality check if you think if players are not good enough for arsenal they aint good enough for us.
    Its the same as the morons who say we dont want a player from the likes of chelsea or man city because they are their rejects.Its absolutely laughable.

    • WakeTheWolf says:

      I agree… I think someone wrote on the site the other day… isn’t every transfer some other clubs reject, technically alexis Sanchez was a Barcelona reject, Costa and aguero are both Atletico Madrid rejects.
      So in hindsight… if we are getting a player that has played for a team that has been in the top 4 for most of his career in England… then I am not complaining.

  • shammer says:

    He does look pretty effective from YouTube videos. I know those are obviously all the ‘best bits’ but I’ve seen my fair share of other players’ and he looks the business – very fast, direct, skilful. If we can get him for under 10m we’re laughing!

  • Stan The Man says:

    Wheres Nigel i think he needs to explain to E20 were only a small club lol

  • kevin says:

    Forget not being good enough for Arsenal . Arsenal gave fallen short for past 20yrs .
    Yes they qualify but , always fail on the home straight tripping over the hurdles . Is that down to Wenger , or the players ? . … for me it’s the players and we seem hell bent on signing one of them . Something is definitely out of tilt .
    We have never recovered from losing Carrick or Ferdinand and nobody calls them Rejects.
    ( due mainly to us being a small club ) Which in reality , we are .
    Reckon we need to sign young hungry players . Giroud doesn’t fill that space and would be to all intense and purposes a Arsenal reject .
    Henry Onyekuru doesn’t fall into that category . He is young and full of beans and talented so for me it’s a non-brainer .
    It is strange though ( as Ray Wilkins said ) that any player coming into the Premiership from Europe or outside Europe gets the price bumped up by 10 , 20 or 30 million .
    Man United fans may not like what he said but , it seems a real and true observation .
    High time we robbed clubs of players considering we have been robbed so often in the past.
    Giroud is not a robbery ; it’s a gift , a Trojan Horse , that we don’t need .

  • Travis says:

    Have you been over doing the multivitamins again Kevin.

    • kevin says:

      Yeh , Travis . And they work wonders mate . This mix of Optimism & Pesimisum is a right brain number . Hold onto your parachute, it’s gonna get a bit dizzy from here on in .
      Have fun , Travis . COYHAMMERS . First up Man Utd away . Couldn’t wish for better kick off . ⚒ v 🤡

  • JRS says:

    Spot on again Kevin. He is a smart lad he has said he wants regular football and is willing to turn down bigger clubs and more money bc as he says that can come later know he is young he wants to play and gain experience. And for those who say he isn’t good enough. At £9m he could be the best buy we do, if you watch him play he is brilliant on the ball the kid has magic feet and scored more goals the Lukaku or Michy in the Belgium League while playing for a team who was just promoted and battling relegation. So he could be the striker who grows with us a becomes a great. Most kids would go for the big club and more money. But no he is intelligent on and off the field has pace, magic feet, clinical in front of goal, oh and to match 24 goals he has 12 assists to.
    £9m is a maybe a squad player and we were linked with him before Arsenal. Then came back in, Henry O and Giroud would be a great strike duo

    • kevin says:

      Yes , JRS ; but my concern is the future . We need strikers & actually , midfielder’s .
      Players to hold up the ball and maintain possession . We have players who can do that but they lack that little bit of extra quality . The question is really , who do leave on the bench to play Giroud . There is a lot of young talent itching for Thier chance .
      My thoughts direct me to think that next season will be a season to cement our Premiership Status rather than win things and or qualify for bigger things . I , like all fans would love to see us in the Top 6 but , reality beckons . We need to first grow into our new surroundings at the LS and build anew our Reputation . For me the way forward and to achieve that aim is to play our younger talent instead of buying older players . Yes experience counts but , how do the younger players gain experience by not being considered nor played . They need a strong example of what youth can show them .
      I don’t for a minute think we are in any danger next season . So , let’s use it to grow .

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