Olympic Stadium: Irons to invest heavily in seating


The Hammers are to invest millions in state-of-the-art seating at the Olympic Stadium.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s unveiling of computer-generated images of what the Claret and Blue inspired seating designs will look like, Claret and Hugh has learned the club is to invest a significant seven-figure sum into replacing many of the current black seats with Claret and Blue coloured replacements.

An insider confirmed to ClaretandHugh: “West Ham are paying their own way when it comes down to club branding at the Stadium.”

Claret and blue trianglular sail designs were also unveiled as part of a proposed solution to cover the gaps between the lower and upper stands.

But we have been told by our insider. “Nothing is set in stone yet. We will continue to look an innovative ways to cover the gap between the stands and nothing has been ruled out. We remain open-minded if a better solution can be found.”

The club source also echoed what Karren Brady had said in her video about construction and cosmetic work continuing after the Rugby World Cup. He told those fans going to watch the Barbarians vs Samoa match tomorrow that they shouldn’t automatically jump to the conclusion that the stadium in ‘football mode’ in 2016 will look the same – because it won’t!


17 comments on “Olympic Stadium: Irons to invest heavily in seating

  1. Yeah great idea,lets spend millions on seats but screw gettng the players on the pitch worthy of playing at the OS.D#ckheads.Now Kumb say we are in for Jelavic.Guy who turned us down,is injured as often as Carroll & is absolutely chronic.Watched him for Hull against Wolves the other week,he was total pants.

    • do you call yourself a surporter? if so then stop moaning and surport the team ffs

      • Wind your neck in.I dont give a sh*t about the damn OS,im p!ssed off with it.I will support the team all the way but it doesnt mean i am going happily sit there while we sign sh*t & all we do is get shown f#cking OS bollox every other bloody day!!!!

        • Right behind you Bob..Ive not once knocked the club or board.. But anyone not worried that we can’t even attract 30 something players not want by their own clubs EVEN on loan deals ? certainly got me worried…

  2. Personally, I don’t care about the seats – what does it matter when the stadium is full!

    • But it won’t be will it if we don,t spend money on the team first, because at this moment in time relegation looks a bigger prospect than a full OS.
      I calculated maybe 20 points by 2016 but that included beating Bournemouth. So my opinion is forget fancy seating and get players in to keep us up so we actually go there as premiership side.

  3. Spend the “millions” on players first. The rest will follow.

  4. Is anybody else fed up hearing about the OS? I don’t want to go there & at the moment I don’t care if they are installing deck chairs & having vegan only hot dogs. If we have to there we do but let’s worry about that next season. We are football supporters not bloody property developers!

  5. Invest in the squad first and keep us in the PL. The owners should be more concerned with bums on seats rather than colour or comfort at this stage.

  6. To answer your question 64.Yes im sick of reading or seeing stuff about the OS.Lets negotiate our way through the last season at UP.Im more concerned about that than any pigging wrap round the OS or what bloody colour the seats are we are going to spend millions on.Especially while reading at the same time we are after rubbish like Jelevic or Adebayor.

  7. Jesus Christ can everyone stop moaning about us spending lots of money on a big name player! The David’s may have enough money to do it but with our Financial Fair Play allowance THE CLUB CANNOT DO IT! When you take into account transfer fees, signing bonuses and the wages they demand we can’t afford to buy a £15m striker.

  8. Doesnt mean we have to buy crap like Jelavic or Adebayor though does it.FFP,what a joke that is.Its almost dead in the water it has been relaxed so much.But still it is a nice line Sullivan likes to trot out.How many wages have gone out the door? How many have come in?.I aint falling for this FFP & wages bs.

  9. FFP & wages,dont make me chuckle,we have unloaded enough this summer,especially with Nolan & Maiga gone to have no issue in that respect.Look how many players have left compared to incoming so far.FFP is just the boards,especially Sullivans little get out clause.It was relaxed to the point of being total rubbish in many respects.But still people fall for the old FFP Sullivan lines!

  10. I think it is becoming just a little annoying hearing about the OS and what we are going to have there when if we are not careful we will be starting life there from The Championship if we don’t actually take care of the issue right in front of us, a goal scorer and at least one wide player and a defensive midfielder!!

  11. if they dont spend on players this season at least your be comfy in new seating at OS oh do they come with binoculars. taxi for G & S time to sell up & move on let someone who as a passion for the club & not you 2 coffin dodgers

  12. Great news about the seats ,fingers crossed they can fit into Slavs formation… Another story about the OS conveniently dropped in to deflect the fact that a weeks worth of we’re getting new players ain’t happened! What’s next we’re going to wrap the stadium up in cling film and bacofoil to make it look shiny from space? I’ll be at Liverpool spending my hard earned cash again thinking to myself thank god for those new seats who needs players lol.

  13. Hahahaha,yeah who cares about signing quality players we are going to have seats with claret & blue on them next season.Fantastic news.
    Load of wedge gone on Norwich to sign Austin.33/1 this morning backed into 3/1favs now this evening.

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