Hammers issue official Slaven statement

Gold sullivan BradyThe West Ham United Board of directors have today released the following statement:

“To end speculation once and for all, the West Ham United Board feel it necessary to announce that we have 100 per cent faith in Slaven Bilic’s ability to lead West Ham United.

Despite press speculation to the contrary, the manager’s position is not under threat. The Board know that Slaven and his coaching staff have the full backing of the playing squad and the overwhelming majority of supporters to lead West Ham United out of this difficult spell.

The Board now urge all supporters to unite behind the manager, his staff and the squad as we go into some important games. We all have complete confidence in their ability to end a testing run of results and finish the season on a high.”



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22 comments on “Hammers issue official Slaven statement

  1. 100% how ridiculous is that!! Even Domestos only stick there neck out to 99!

  2. Now I would be worried after their statement.We won’t get points against Arsenal and Swansea is anyone’s guess.

  3. The dreaded vote of confidence……

  4. If Swansea win today against Boro which is likely all the teams from 10th downwards are in a relegation fight for the 3rd relegation spot. We had a great run of games where we should have been comfortably over 40 points but only picked up 1 point, Swansea is huge now for us, as bad as the gooners have been recently they should beat us easilly enough because we can’t defend, if Slav refuses to park the bus against them it will be suicide. If we lose both of our next two games I would hope the board would get DiCanio in until the end of the season or even better ask Brooking to manage us for a few games until they appoint a replacement, he should at least get us enough points to stay up.

    • Di Canio? Is that the sound of a barrel bottom being scraped that I can hear?

      • Hi Demon in a sense yes, Di Canio is the shock to the system option, complete contrast to the predictable unproductive Slav, Di Canio with players that are winners would get the best out of them however with our current crop who knows. I think he would be a great coach so long as you had a manager that could keep the players on side, look at what he did at Swindon, if the chairman at Sunderland had backed him he would probably have sorted them out after ditching all the Utd rejects. Who knows anyway I have always wished we could have Brooking as manager but he didn’t want the job full time, by all accounts the players he managed said the coaching was the best they ever had, many of those were experienced pros.

  5. I think they have done the right thing with that statement
    Even if it’s not true
    Publicly to back Slav that way and straight away after the Hull should allow people to calm down and prepare for Swansea.
    Even a point against them ok.
    If we have gained no more points by Sunderland then it could change.
    Worse case scenario is we go down,
    If you was a championship team would you want a manager the calibre of Billic,
    I would say yes
    So can’t see a benefit to sacking him
    He should be allowed a chance to right the wrong, as the daves allowed Steve Bruce to do when at Brum.

    • Make you right Nigel apart from the going down bit. a) we won’t go down and b) it would be a disaster make no mistake.

  6. I am sorry I cannot see us staying up we cannot put away good chances and we let in to many goals no points v the ass and i can see us losing to the swans by then we will be in the bottom 3 and there is no fight in the team to get out of it I love slav but I am afraid he has been hung out to dry by the board we are a mess

  7. C’mon guys we have to be positive and get behind our boys. I know things aren’t right at the moment and I can’t wait to see the back of the season but we have enough to get through. The defence worries me massively but if Antonio and hopefully Sakho too, we can drag ourselves out of it.

  8. We wont go down for god sake.
    I agree with Nigels sentiments totally.
    Its good to see Matte the Afghan veterans story has helped you all to keep this in some sort of perspective or not lol

    In reality they cant win.I have read some supporters saying they should make a statement to clarify Slavens position,others say if they make one they are out of order.
    No win situation im afraid.

  9. Honestly I think there is no way we will go down, the manager I believe has learnt a lot from mistakes. We would be in dire trouble if he was removed now because the players say they are behind him. Hopefully they can show that on the pitch and get the points we need.

  10. The Majority of fans !! . If you talk to any fan who understands the game , then Bilic just don’t fit exactly right . Give him all the chances you want , ok , as a fan of West Ham & a life long supporter I am tired of seeing us constantly fail to deliver . We have had a shed load of injuries which nobody can deny but , the formation and tactics have been abysmal and have lead us into a loseing mode that is hard to get out of .
    The dreaded ” full backing ” is just an excuse not to pay out on a terminated contract .
    The team is playing unmotivated and undirective football . The time to change is now , or forever hold your peace .
    We suffered with Alladyce and his game but , we were starting to look good untill the boo
    boys eventually kicked him out . ( and it was no way a majority of fans ) At this stage a few seasons back it was ” Fat Sam Out ” even though he had given us Premiership Football with playing ” the , famed west ham way , whatever the hell that is ?? . Sunderland play the same as West Ham .
    Be careful what you wish for , was the common theme , if you remember? .
    Memories are short in some people’s minds .
    Now we have an ex-West. Ham player as manager who gets everything wrong and we are still backing him !!! . Getting stranger by the week .
    Arsenal on Wednesday :: who can predict that game ? . Not even The fat sky pundits can see the result in advance . We may get a surprise result ; don’t bet your house on it .
    Wengar is obligated to see Arsenal qualify for Europe, whereas, West Ham never take it seriously . Somebody is taking the Pis@ out of us fans and it’s time to draw a line under it .
    Get Mancini enrolled now before it’s too late . , basically , because , even if we survive this season there is also next season . But give him the money to buy instead of being full of empty promises … Bilic would never get a team together no matter how you spend .

    Too late now though .

  11. You can talk all you want about Allardyce Kevin,it appears you have always thought the sun shines out of his posterior but to do that you then take away the memories of our fantastic season last year.
    I for one havnt seen too many seasons like that in the near on sixty year i have been watching us.We seem to manage to do something once every ten or fifteen years lol

    If we do get another manager in because Bilic cant do the business so be it but i am absolutely delighted Allardyce is long on!!

    If im straight honest with you i have never seen you happy about anything Kevin lol

  12. I cannot understand why people on here doubt the owners promise. Do they not remember Avram taking us down with 2 pts from the last 10 games? As Kevin points out, they will gamble on us struggling through, and ideally getting through next season too without paying compo. Also, who would we get at this stage? Only a mug-sorry, another mug. I thought they would be too worried about the embarrassment of history repeating itself but they hope most supporters have forgotten 2011.

  13. The only mugs i have seen Hammer64 are the usual suspects on our websites p1ssing their pants.Thank ^*** it aint many use these things…

  14. You could be right Macca. I have got a bet with another Hammer supporter who is definitely In the dry pants camp. He still reckons we will finish In the top ten. I have £50 with him on us going down at 10-1. I will let you know if you want to see who the mug is. It is a bet I would rather lose..

  15. I have never ever and will never ever have a bet on West Ham to lose a game . How a so called supporter can back us to go down disgusts me! I already know who the mug is. COYI X

  16. All of the above is hindsight, doom mungering etc. As an Irons fan i firmly believe we will be ok,! But in the event we get relegated then the board will make a business decision if that includes Bilic then so be it. I am suprised the vote of confidence is now being printed when the board should have backed him 3 weeks ago before the rumors started and gained momentum. The transfer window yet again seems to be our achilles heel, yes the business is making money but in the Championship you wont make as much money, therefore you don’t make as much money!! Whilst the manager has to work with the players how about a consultation between what the board, scouts, senior playing group and manager wants not what the supporters decide. We pay good money to watch our team, please get us players that want to play fof our team.
    We have moved to a new ground, we have a fabulous support base, realistically the most we expect from ARSEnal is a draw or damage limitation but we are still and always be the mighty IRONS and will always get behind our team.

    • To be fair Dave the board have always backed him. You don’t need to keep coming out and saying so.

  17. Oh dear I have upset Mooro. So I am a ‘so called supporter’. I will have to ask your permission obviously to see when I qualify to be allowed back into the fold. I call a bet with a mate a bit of fun. And I thought you were one of the happy clappy brigade. Going to a game with you must be a load fun..

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