Hammers let themselves down big time

A small number of Hammers fans continue to let themselves down but they have managed to keep the club unwanted at the top of the table regarding football- related crimes.

The latest dreadful behaviour was of course at the Conference Final where containers were thrown from the terraces and a Fiorentina player had his head cut as a result.

89 fans let themselves down big time

But in total 89 so called supporters were arrested according to a report from The West Ham Way with four Hammers having recently been banned for life following trouble during our visit to AZ Alkmaar.

Sadly, crimes in the game are on the rise and are reported to be at the highest in ten years but it is even even more disappointing in that our great club’s reputation continues to be tarnished by people who have absolutely no right to call themselves supporters of this great club of ours.

Eighty nine is 89 too many