Hammers linked with German midfielder

Stefan-Reinartz-imageAccording to reports in German daily newspaper Rheinische Post, West Ham are are in early talks with Bayer Leverkusen for 26 year-old defensive midfielder Stefan Reinatz.

Rheinische Post says West Ham see Reinartz as a replacement for on-loan midfielder Alex Song.  The Germany international is said to be open to a move to the Premier League

Along with the Hammers,Eintracht Frankfurt, Hamburg SV, Borussia Mönchengladbach and FC Köln are also said to be tracking the German midfielder. He has scored 11 goals in 141 appearances for Bayer Leverkusen

He came through the ranks at Bayer Leverkusen but made his professional debut while on loan with FC Nuremberg in 2009.  Reinartz has been a German international since U16 level and became a regular for the U21’s in their bid to make the 2011 European championships. He has made 3 appearances for German senior team since 2010.



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  1. Hi guys, have returned from my trip for the Burnley game, if you can bring yourself to going to WHTID for a minute or two you can read my report there. It was a brilliant brilliant trip that made me fall in love again with the Boleyn.
    As for Reinartz he came through the ranks at Leverkusen and they have a pretty decent youth system, so we’d be getting a fundamentally safe option in defensive midfield.
    Might allow guys like Noble, Amalfitano and Downing to express themselves a bit more in midfield next season.

  2. Hi Hamburg,i have already read it mate,sounds like you had a good time.Glad you did.Got a win as well to make your trip a bit sweeter.Dont normally go to or spend any time on Wetpants,but when i saw something about a Barking Beefburget i guessed it was you,funny name!,lol.I know nothing about this guy,cant even remember hearing his name when i have watched the Bundesliga.But anyway,pleased you had a great time over here 😉

  3. Good to meet you last weekend Hamburg

    • And you Sean! Really jealous of you as I used to work as a radio journo in Germany, but unfortunately never in sports. I’d love to do something similar to what you are doing and I alos loved some of the things you told me. 🙂
      But what happens in the Millers Well stays in the Millers, so I won’t be spilling the beans.
      But what a treat for me anyway to meet the “great” Sean Whetstone famous from so many West Ham related blogs and podcasts.
      If you can cope with a German West Ham nut with a slightly dodgy accent (although nowhere near as bad as Henning Wehn’s) I’d love to join one of your podcasts sometime next season.

  4. Hi Hamburg, I read your article, it’s really nice, I’m happy for you… 😉

    • Hamburg is too busy having a love-in with Sean,i heard they shared a duvet saturday night 😀

  5. Well they couldn’t of had the bridal suite, Sam & Kevin had it

  6. lol… ahahah… Hamburg you could be our German Ambassador: I’m the Italian one, Bubs the Spanish one, Ty the Scottish one (part-time), Navajo could be the American one, Bankok the Asian one and Conker the Sicilian one… lol

  7. Lots of us in Spain Hamburg my mate Nextdoor is German, ( not into football)
    But likes a beer his wife is Spanish but they all talk English to each other.
    Not fluent but get by been here long enough,
    Is Navajo a proper Indian ? ( not with a turban )
    Glad you had a great day Hamburg
    It’s say on my deeds Don and my wife Donna ( sounds a bit Italian to me Matte )

    • ahaahah… just a bid… lol

    • Yes, I am, born in New Mexico. My grandparents still reside on the reservation and I go back home as often as possible. As for myself, I live in the land of neon, beautiful sunny Las Vegas.

      • wow! I’ve always loved the Native Americans’ history… it’s very glamorous… 😉

  8. Sean I mention to ask how much is our young German going to cost and what do you think his wages will be ?

  9. Ill volunteer as the Scandinavian Ambassador as I live In Denmark & sometime’s work in Sweden

    • Yeah… we cover the worldwide… Sweden? wow, a lot of pretty girls (aka figa)… lol

      • I met some Swedish fans during the 2006 World Cup in germany when I was working for the BBC equivalent in Northern Germany.
        I was telling them that I was amazed by the beauty of most Swedish girls/women I had seen so far. I told them that I had been in a McDonalds in Stockholm and even the girls working behind the counter there looked stunning, more like models.
        Now comes the punchline.
        I asked them “Surely, you must have ugly women in Sweden too. Where are they?”
        Reply: “We send them as au pairs to England!”

        • Ahahah… Lol Tyson, Rads you aren’t Lucky… I love this news Hamburg!

        • I heard they send their au-pairs to England but their transexuals to Hamburg 😉

          • But even most Swedish transexuals are more beautiful than the English au pairs…LOL

          • Haha,bugger off back to Wetpants Hamburg,lol,come here insulting au-pairs :D.Go talk about how Moyes is no different to Allardyce,he is a sideway step,blah,blah,lol 😀

  10. Watched the program about the busiest hotel in the world the other night Navajo unbelievable,the strip look brilliant but there must be a lot of basic areas around for all the working class to live,
    You speak Spanish then ?

    • My Spanish is not great but you do have to know some to play in the local leagues. Yeah, yeah, construction, aside from gaming, is the biggest industry. There are plenty of suburban areas of which you speak, not everyone lives in a hotel. #)

  11. Matte you are a very bad boy,
    You can take that Lambereta any where,
    We need to cover France and Portugal now

  12. Another one I had to look up on Wikipedia – 26 year old Defender/Defensive Midfielder and 6 foot 2 inches – so capable of plugging a couple of gaps and of the right age – what’s not to like?

  13. OT(this must be put) 😉 I am really struggling to understand how there are people on other sites(no name) who are still licking Sams balls like some hero for us.We must have the only fans who enjoy watching crap,enjoy not winning away in 5months & enjoy winning 3 of the last 18 matches,against the mighty Burnley,Sunderland & Hull.Still saying he should not be replaced.It is totally beyond my comprehension people can even consider this as a satisfactory situation.To even compare Moyes to Allardyce is ludicrous,to think Allardyce should be given a new two year contract is laughable.Honestly,even taking my dislike of Hippohead out of it there is no fathomable explanation for it.I despair sometimes.What other team or fans would even consider giving a two year contract to a manager who has in one game shy of half a season given us 3 wins.Ffs,what is wrong with people!!

    • Keep the faith Ty,they might want him to stay but it aint going to happen.Trust me my friend,i told you weeks ago,he is a dead man walking,nothing more certain.You have more chance of being offered the contract than him.Three games time he is history 😉

  14. People have got so used to the rubbish football we have put up with in the main for the last four seasons they actually now believe it is the way the beautiful game is ment to be played.They have been brainwashed into surrender by Allardyce.

  15. I don’t know Ty, I still don’t understand it… it’s a mystery for me… anyway, I think one of the reason is the fear, fear to change… They know Sam and they think he can guarantee the stability to survive. But if people don’t change their attitude and the safety is their sole objective, welll… I find it quite sad. As fas I want first of all the entertainment, I love the attacking football with ball on the field, class and quality players. With the right manager we’ll win enjoying ourselves. Much more than with the fat man. Anyway, I’ll be here and I’ll fight till Sam will leave West Ham, then my mission will be completed and I’ll be happy. lol

  16. * fan not fas… ops

  17. Tyson don’t go there I have given it a miss for a couple of days because it makes me a angry troll and I just want to think of our club minus BFS,NOLAN,O,BRIEN,DEMEL AND JARVIS,
    Then our Karma will be good lets just fill our Ambassador rolls for our European adventure,

  18. Never heared of the geezer,sign him up.BFS out,no more bruised footballs on the UP pitch,they need caressing not have the **** kicked out of them.No more Allerdici,No more bruised footballs!!!!!!!!

  19. Twinkle toes we are looking for European ambassadors where do you come from ?
    Just interested with a name like that Russia would be good Putin would love your name.
    He looks like a good looking Martin Keown but if he is as good as him he will do,

  20. Boring london mate,cant help you sorry.Only just signed up,bored of reading **** on sites about Sam being our saviour or he deserves a new contract.Does he ****!!! I needed to breathe fresh air.Not horse****.

  21. You have come to the right place we love the gifted one here.

  22. Well i used to go on WHTID but i got fed up of reading a couple on there thinking they are chairmen,manager & players all rolled into one.What is it they say,A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

  23. I know from reading you lot you are Sam disapprovers,but at least it is done with a little fun & banter.The other site is far too heavy & serious with regards to these few ‘experts’!

  24. Barca vs Bayern is FOOTBALL. Messi is an alien.
    Probably the fat one thinks his style is better…


  25. We have go to find our bargain basement Messi Matte,
    We need some inspiration a special one,

  26. We has a special one bubs, not messi but special… You know who he is.
    But the fat one decided he was not good enough, that Nolan, vaz te, o’brien, jarvis, Carroll, Taylor, etc. were better than him…


  27. * we had not has

  28. We let Tevez go we let Rav go because they had to much flair for BFS we our good at spotting talent we were one of the first to show interest in Naymar,
    It’s that one player the top teams have and we need to find one,
    The search is on come on everyone ideas for Mr Henry who is out there.

  29. Evening all , I’m an Irish Hammer , i can be the ambassador in the Emerald Isle !

  30. Haha,good man,dont suppose you know anyone from papau new guinea do you.We are struggling with an ambassador from there,lol 😀

  31. I would suggest BFS , enough there to satisfy any number of headhunting tribes!

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