Hammers looking for fringe player offer


Jarvis_2830682West Ham are still unable to find a loan or permanent deal for Matt Jarvis.

The £10 million winger would be allowed to move on if the club could find a buyer but we understand even those clubs who have expressed a loan interest are unwilling to cover the player’s wages in full.

With Modibo Maiga back at the club and Kevin Nolan in the final season of his contract the club are keen to recoup wages to bring in new players.

But Jarvis’ dip in form isn’t encouraging any serious offers from the Premier League and the club is hoping that some good pre-season excursions may encourage interest.

The player has expressed his enthusiasm to work under the new boss as he bids to kick start his Hammers career but the club is open to offers.

Nolan meanwhile has been training seriously hard and one training ground source said: “He’s lean and hard. He’s really been at it – don’t rule him out as a serious impact sub type player in his last season.”

However, as reported yesterday on ClaretandHugh, he remains another the club would allow to move on if he could find the right deal

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • bubs says:

    Offer him to OPR in a straight swap for Chulker,worth about the same and we get a good CH,
    Or part of a deal for Austin

  • bubs says:

    Can’t believe anyone at the club can see a place on the bench for Nolan,we will have to have 8 midfield injuries at least,he would just get in the way even if he is a bit narrower for the others to get pass,
    He needs off loading at any cost,we will get teams contacting us a week before the window shuts offering to take him off our hands as long as we pay £40 k a week of his wages,
    The Ladies need a new manager,how come we have not had a offer from Southend or Blackpool ?

  • essexclarets says:

    Nolan’s horse has bolted & then shot. Unless he wants to sit on his arse & collect his cash, he needs to maybe drop down a level & show that he has got something to offer.

  • Baz Brushe says:

    My mate a qpr supporter doesnt rate caulker if thats who you ment,he was even getting left out by them sometimes last season.Something & nothing apparently 😉

  • Simply The Best says:

    Nolan didnt need to be fit to get into the team under hippo & he clearly wasnt fit.Makes Allardyce an even bigger joke!

  • Sams P45 says:

    Bin Nolan off asap,he has had his day,did what he had to but he is part of the mud wallowers crew.Everytime i see him he reminds me of that idiot.His trusty lieutenant & little favourite.I want a proper fresh start without hippos bloody favourite still about.

  • sparrow says:

    Your source implies what we all saw for ourselves last season. Nolan wasn’t fit and didn’t see the need to make the effort to build his fitness. A couple of times, even commentators noted how hard he was puffing after less than half hour and the fact that he clearly wasn’t fit enough to be on the pitch, not that it worried Sam.

  • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

    Blimey the training ground source isn’t a huge sweating man chewing gum furiously with a West Midlands accent is he? There’s only one I know who’d get so excited about the lean and hard KN lol

  • rugbyirons says:

    What crap. What dip in form? Jarvis did ok last week and should fight for his place.As for Nolan cut the crap and just bin him. These sorts of reports weaken CandH

    • Spoonie Spoonlic says:

      It is ****ing idiots like you that make me angry.Of course Jarvis has had a dip in form since we first go him you ****ing fool.We are also well aware that Nolan needs binning without needing to cut any ****ing crap.The only thing that weakens this ****ing article is your spillage or bull**** on here.**** me whats the point of commenting if you oinly want to ****ing complain you curly turd!!

    • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

      Spoonie ****ing calm the **** down for ***** sake you’ll do yourself a ****ing mischief lol

      • Spoonie Spoonlic says:

        But its idiots like this ****ing moron do my head in.Hugh,Sean others do articles for fans to read,which they do for free, then some ****tard from other sites moan about ****ing articles here or come here just have a ****ing moan.Bunch of ****ing spunk bubbles!

        • Stingray Stewart says:

          Lmao,you know what rugby is like spoonie,only comes here to moan about hippo,brady,hugh or curtis.He doesnt do positive comments 😀

      • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

        Hahaha I get your point Spoonie,the trouble I’m having is deciding which name I prefer curly turd or spunk bubble. If i ever get rich I’ll get two racehorses and that’ll be their names lol

  • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

    I don’t think you can count Jarvis’ display last week as regaining form although I do think he’ll give his best to impress Slav.
    Fail to see how C&H is weakened by the story all those named have hardly set the world alight and it’s explaining why it’s not so easy to offload. I blame Lady B myself lol

  • bubs says:

    Thank Christ the truce is over,well done spoonie I was getting bored,
    Anything to back up the love for BFS AND NIS BOYS RUGBYIRON
    Jarvis did well last week but will his confidence let him take on better players or was it Hippo making him play the way he was ?

  • Stingray Stewart says:

    Think it is time for Jarvis to move on.Dont have any problem with the guy,he just wont fit anymore i dont think.Think a change of club will do him good as well.Truce over? Was it ever over,lol,only fun anyway,the more mellower guys on wetpants understand its just banter 😉

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