Hammers Must Fight to Keep Alvarez

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There are disquieting rumours around Edson Alvarez with him hinting at a potential departure. The Mexican international, signed just last year, has become a vital cog in the Hammers’ machine, filling the Declan Rice shaped hole in defence.

Alvarez has fitted in well to life at the London Stadium, embracing the West Ham culture and demonstrating his dedication on the pitch. His passion and attitude sometimes result in unnecessary yellow cards, however he’s been an excellent signing.

Inevitably, Alvarez’s impressive performances haven’t gone unnoticed. Manchester United are reportedly monitoring him as a potential replacement for Casemiro, who in all likelihood will be on his way out of Old Trafford.

Whilst the Irons are understandably reluctant to lose such a crucial player, a significant offer from a club like Manchester United could sadly force our hand.
Just to make matters worse, Alvarez himself has been talking about a desire to compete at the highest level. He also has apparently alluded to the fact that he would be receptive to an offer that presents a bigger stage and potentially Champions League football.

So, more intrigue… but remember nothing concrete has actually happened yet and quite possibly his recent hamstring injury could halt any interest in its tracks.

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that West Ham will undoubtedly fight to retain him, but a substantial bid from Manchester United could turn the players head and there would be little we could do about it.

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  • Bennyboy baker says:

    We should tell Man Utd to f—k off he’s going nowhere

  • Lordneilson says:

    Does my head in….he signed a five year contract last year, means nothing. Let United pay big for him or ‘not for sale’

  • D says:

    If we have to pay wolves 45 million to get Killman then the buy out clause for Alvarez must be about 100 million more?

  • Kip says:

    You just say no …let him get stroppy..then he will get over it….ffs not rocket science…he’s tied down to a 5 year contract…fuk em and him

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Didn’t know man u had qualified for champions league?

  • Db says:

    Are we taking the blueprint of Brighton who has made alot of money on transfers in recent years?
    Or are we going to put our feet down when the giant clubs offer big money?
    As long as we can find cheaper transfer replacements that excel for the team then it’s all good and good for FFP profits that could benefit us massively in the future.
    Kudus, Alvarez , Paqueta are using WHU as a come get me advert for the big clubs it’s the way it is nowadays …if they get us good money and we spend it wisely we can hopefully have the funds to buy players like Bowen that wants be be a part of our history.

  • Iron_it_out says:

    Again, more speculation and gossip repeated here to irritate us. There is absolutely no issue with Man Utd wanting him, but he is a West Ham player signed on a 5 year contract. He is going nowhere unless West Ham decide they want to sell him and the price is one they are willing to accept. And before any of that even occurs, West Ham need to give permission for them to talk to him, otherwise report them for tapping up! All stories like these are leaked or started by the interested club, or the agent involved to try and test the resolve of the club that owns the player. But Instead of stating that and reporting the facts, Simon writes a speculative article on a West Ham website to try and feed the narrative and enhance the speculation. I just cant bear this website anymore! This place used to be decent, buts its all gossip and clickbait nowadays! Shame on u C&H!

  • C&Hused2bOK says:

    Bloody armchair, hobbyist writers! You continue to prove you know nothing of the actual situation at all, apart from what you have read elsewhere! All you do is copy, paste, speculate and gossip, adding fuel to a fire that doesn’t actually exist. You need to stop spouting this kind of rubbish!

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