Hammers Offered £10M Zaha by Galatasaray

Image for Hammers Offered £10M Zaha by Galatasaray

West Ham’s £10m transfer for former Crystal Palace and Manchester United winger Wilfried Zaha appears to be in disarray following conflicting news reports.

Last night, rumours began circulating that Zaha had decided to snub West Ham and instead stay with his current club, Galatasaray.

However, breaking news this morning appeared to suggest that the Turkish club was keen to sell the player and had been in contact with West Ham regarding the transfer.

Zaha came very close to joining the Hammers during the January transfer window. West Ham had agreed on the transfer fee with the club and personal terms with the player, only for David Moyes to scupper the deal.

The Hammers are thought to remain keen on signing another winger in addition to Brazilian starlet Luis Guilherme, who was announced by West Ham this afternoon. It is believed the club remain keen on Corinthians Wesley as well as Jota Silva and Matias Soule.

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  • Deathblow says:

    Best thing Moyes did in the January window was ‘scupper’ the deal for that moody, sicknote of an entitled player with little consistency apart from regularly diving. Not surprised his club wants him gone.
    No West Ham fan worth their salt would take to this ****.
    Hope this is yet more gossip you’ve pulled out your ass to fill dead space.

    • se15WHU says:

      na, your talking like a muppet mate. Zaha is Class.& we all know it. I’m not his biggest fan but no doubt,defenders can’t deal with this boy when he is switched on. He’s as Good as Kudus,& he’s better than Bowen. So we’l have to agree to disagree. but plz don’t spit out crap!1⚒️COYI⚒️

      • James bakas says:

        Better than bowen?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Kip says:

        Agree to some extent..he’s not better than bowen mate …I dont particularly like him..but if he gets us goals and assists for a couple seasons, I think he’s worth 10 all day long….don’t stop him from being and absolute bell_end though

    • Dave B Ottawa says:

      Please no Zaha. Just not worth it.

    • Razorwine says:

      Like they say we have some real idiot so called fans,who like that piece of excrement that ruined our club of playing attractive football
      and winning a farmers league cup in line with harry winning the inter toto in 99 and nearly relegating us like he did with Sunderland wouldn’t get it that Zaha is a quality player who like many chosen players that wasn’t moyes picks were stopped. Thank christ his gone.

    • Don't blame the Writer! says:

      Jesus there are some volatile comments in here…. Worst than Twitter I mean x almost.
      And FFS why give Gonzo a hard time for writing what other sites say😱.
      I reckon all you would love to get paid to write about West Ham but you don’t so your troll other sites who allow comments.
      I never usually comment but ffs no wonder people say we’re bad fans 🤫

  • Paul Taylor says:

    Other sources reveal a slightly different story in that the player has rejected totally a move to West Ham, which, hopefully is true as I hostenly don’t think he’ll bring anything positive to the team and there are far better options available.

  • My middle leg says:


  • Vince says:

    It would be good if the purpose of this site was to cut through the crap rather than just repeat it.

  • Barry Campbell says:

    Zaha Bowen Kudus the movement West Ham would have up top IF you get a switched on Zaha

  • Jason Dunlop says:

    What eejit said Zaha was better than Bowen? Are you allowed unaccompanied pal?

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