Hammers on Hernandez speculation

Javier Hernandez of Mexico in action against Angola - Photo MEXSPORT/Back Page Images UK SALES ONLY.....West Ham have made no moves in the direction of Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez.

The striker will be available at the end of the season when his Real Madrid loan spell expires and the Hammers have been linked with him over the last couple of days via the national media.

But ClaretandHugh was told a few minutes ago that the club have made no moves in the direction of the 26 year old Mexican who has seen his spell at Real fizzle out after a promising start.

A senior source at the Boleyn admitted he was surprised to have read the news claiming: “We know nothing about this but anything is possible in the summer.”  


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21 comments on “Hammers on Hernandez speculation

  1. I have been asking for this for months on WestHamTilIDie. Hopefully they can make it happen

  2. Who wants him BFS or the 2 Daves ?
    He will fit well as back up to Valencia and Sakho but not to replace ( do not sell Valencia )
    But is BFS thinking he will fit better alongside AC as Valencia does not ?

  3. Daves, you have not to buy any player chosen by BFS. The budget is for the next manager.

  4. The BFS brigade need to know whose idea it is and whether the signing is driven by the two daves or Sam before they can decide whether it would be a good signing or not. Personally I think it would be interesting to see him in a four three three with valencia and sakho either side of him. Downing song and kouyate behind. The pace of this front three would be incredible.

  5. I would love to see him at our club,i think he is a great little player who could only improve our forward line & options.I dont really give a damn whose idea it is to sign the lad as long as we could get him 😉

  6. Dear conkerpot probably you don’t understand a very easy concept: Hernandez is welcome but not managed by BFS. Your loved manager would destroy even him as he is doing with Valencia and Sakho. I want to tell you my thought again: BFS OUT. This is the only solution. I hope I have been clear.

    • Who are you to be saying who does what,look at Jenkinson thrived under Sam,Cresswell thrived under Sam,Kouyate thrived under Sam,Downing thrived under Sam,i hope i have been clear go support Juve. C.O.Y.I.

      • here is another BFS lover… Creswell, Jenkinson, Kouyate, Downing are great players not thanks to BFS. BFS invented nothing. I support what I want dear baddowhammer.

  7. Why would we want to go for Hernadez when we don’t play Zarate?

  8. Hernandez is not a BFS type of player, he wouldn’t know what to do with him – Nicky Maynard and Sam Baldock come to mind – stick him out on the wing, ignore him and he might go away, that would be BFS’s attitude!

  9. Clearly something is lost in the translation because all I hear is BFS whinge whine moan BFS whinge whine moan. The BFS brigade are entitled to their opinion but it’s got to the point where if I see the letters BFS I don’t bother reading the post.

  10. Oh lighten up Conker,you take things too seriously.Its only banter.Its only football talk,aint like we are discussing an impending war in our country.

  11. When you write “BFS brigade”, it seems that we are a mass of stupids who like just to insult Allardyce. I think behind there are always reasonable explanations which motivate why we think he’s not the right manager and I think most of them are evident: for example why he removed the duo Sakho/valencia when they were playing so well, why insist on players don’t give a contribution to the team (Nolan), why always celebrate yourself (BFS) when during your long career you didn’t win anything. I’ve no problem admitting the first two months of this year we played well, but it’s also true we had a team with a great potential. So please tell me why change this winning gear? Facts have proved BFS brigade is not so stupid. It seems to me the “Pro Allardyce brigade” defends the coach regardless he’s doing well or not, even in front of obvious things. But probably I’m just a stupid so don’t give me too much importance.

  12. I wouldnt say it is just a ‘BFS Brigade’.The guy has never been popular,even in The Championship he wasnt & nothing changes.Too think it is just a minority who have issues with him is seeing things through rose tinted glasses.This is no minority who find his team selections & formations baffling sometimes.I really do wonder if people who think it is a minority actually set foot anywhere near The Boleyn sometimes.I probably have about 3 of 30 fellow Irons friends where i live who even entertain the thought of him as a good manager for us.There reason for keeping him,because he will guarantee us to be in The Prem when we move to the OS.Says alot about the guy that he is wanted to stay coz he will not get us relegated.He is 60 yrs of age & never managed a trophy winning club.Why if he is such a tacticle genius & superb manager has he never been boss of a big club in relation to winning things.He never even gets a look in or mentioned for the biggest jobs.Do the Sam Can Do Nothing Wrong In My Eyes Brigade not see there is a reason for this.He aint good enough.End of story.

  13. This is another press story pure and simple. Imo a player that was at Man U and then at Madrid tells me one thing, we are still not in his league when it comes to paying his wages! Because at the end of the day I cannot see the club being able to afford let alone pay the wages he is on for a third/forth pick back up striker!
    The other thing that has struck me while reading the responses to this article is;
    That whatever the article it us all BS’s fault!
    That even if the article was about a completely different topic all some people want to talk about is how they hate BS,

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the mans greatest fan. Nor do I believe he should be immune from criticism but come on! It gets a big boring if that’s all that you have to say.

    Constructive criticism is good as if nothing else it stimulates healthy debate and after all that’s what our websites should all be about?!
    But blaming the man for everything from the world banking crisis to the price of eggs is………..pointless and self defeating.

  14. But with that arguement then a man who was at Arsenal & Barcelona is also not in our league.But im sure Song plays for us & we are going to try to sign him in the summer.Is Song a better player than Hernandez? Will he want bigger wages than Hernandez? Would someone like Hernandez want more than Carroll on an alleged 90k a week.I think it is probably only paper talk.But i dont see he is out of our league 😉

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