Hammers on the Market?

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West Ham United‘s ownership structure could be heading for a revamp.

Owners David Sullivan and Vanessa Gold still remain the majority shareholders, but cracks may be appearing. In 2021, Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky bought a 27% stake, with the option to take over the club completely. However, he’s yet to pull the trigger.

The Hammers are actively looking for extra investment. Vice-chairman Karren Brady reportedly ventured to the Middle East earlier this year to explore options. While that trip didn’t bear immediate fruit, a significant chunk (at least 10%) of the club’s shares remains up for grabs.

Theoretically, Kretinsky could buy all remaining shares and become the sole owner. But he’s publicly stated a preference for staying a minority shareholder.

Kretinsky was recently juggling two major business deals. But his £600 million bid to buy French IT firm Atos unexpectedly collapsed.

Interestingly, Kretinsky’s initial investment in West Ham valued the club at roughly £600 million – the same ballpark figure as his failed Atos bid. He’s also hinted at increasing his stake in West Ham, but only up to a point. To reach 49% ownership, he’d need to invest another £154 million.

With the Atos deal gone, Kretinsky might be giving West Ham another glance. The coming weeks could be crucial – will he decide to invest further, potentially leading to a partial takeover?

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  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    Simon you really need to brush up on your research and accurately copy and past stories, how is Vanessa Gold credited with being a majority owner when Kretinsky holds more shares than she does.
    Sean, Kate please take a better interest in what is being reported on as unfortunately Claret and Hugh has taken a major nose dive as a credible resource for all news relating to West Ham United since the unfortunate passing of the late, great Hugh.

    David Sullivan owns West Ham United. He has a 38.8 per cent stake in the club.

    Czech businessman Daniel Kretinsky, through 1890s Holdings, owns a 27 per cent stake in the club.

    The late David Gold’s family trust, represented by his daughter Vanessa Gold, owns the third largest stake, which amounts to 25.1 per cent.

    Gold is reportedly working with Rothschild bankers sell up to 10 per cent of her family trust’s stake in the club.

    American billionaire Albert Tripp Smith owns 8 per cent of West Ham’s shares, while other investors own just over 1 per cent.

  • Pongo says:

    Everything being reported on this, site is just aensationalism that’s not worth reading full stop, supposedly a, West ham fan but i have, severe doubts due to the, fake crap being tiurws in here.

    • Matt says:

      I’m starting to think this site along with others generate news using AI as the accuracy and information provided is woeful at best.

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