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Hammers pundit nonsense just keeps on coming

Simon Jordan – give it a rest mate

West Ham are doing well so, obviously, pundits have to get involved and stick their noses in!

We’ve seen it happen with other clubs – rarely does a day go by without Harry Kane being sold to the highest bidder by a rent-a-gob, but honestly we don’t really care about that.

We care about what’s going on with the Hammers, and this consistent desire to talk us down is becoming as annoying as it is ill informed!

Simon Jordan, the former Crystal Palace chairman, who now seems to make his living saying whatever old gibberish pops into his head, has made the claim that Manchester United will demand £60m from West Ham for Jesse Lingard on talkSPORT.

Has he not heard of COVID? Of the depression of the transfer market? You’d think someone with his experience would realise that there’s absolutely zero money out there!

We have reported continuously that United will likely struggle to get what they want, and that’s even possibly below teh £20 million being shouted about.Jordan’s comments are just the latest example of the pony some pundits talk, and it’s all in search of a few bob one assumes from some decent clicks on talkSPORT social posts!

Even worse is Noel Whelan, speaking to Football Insider, claiming that Declan Rice will leave if an offer of £80m is tabled this summer.

We’ll refer you to the point above about there being no money but also, why would Declan have any inclination of leaving the club?

He’s playing in a team that are currently fourth in the Premier League table. The prospect of Champions League football at the London Stadium is more realistic than it has ever been.

Why would Declan look at this team and think, ‘yeah, I can do better elsewhere’?

It’s a nonsense. There’s no chance he’s going anywhere this summer – we really do mean absolutely no chance – and we have to make this point too.

What if he wants to be a legend? What if he wants a statue outside the London Stadium? What if he wants to be the man to take West Ham to glory?

It never gets discussed. Why not? Oh, yeah, because that isn’t a sensational headline, is it?

Silly season is upon us folks, well and truly.

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A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

4 comments on “Hammers pundit nonsense just keeps on coming

  1. Beggers belief that anyone even gives this idiot airtime, you can see his mouth moving but only gibberish comes out

  2. Did you also notice Neville on Sky sports basically saying we have no chance of finishing fourth . I guess in a way it takes pressure of the team as no one expects us to finish there . I hope it gives the team the motivation to prove them all wrong . By the way despite the injuries I get a feeling the lads will give everything and beat Leicester . COYI ⚒

  3. So Jorden thinks we will have to pay 60 million for Jessie,if utd play hard ball over his departure,Jess could say that he will sit out the remainder of his contract and join us on a freebie.Not the ideal solution but utd should be glad they have not got a Fillipe Anderson situation.

  4. Simon Jordan? What is he? Easy ways to get rich author. Mirrors everywhere. In love with himself. Clueless lightweight – glad all over he never came anywhere near West Ham.

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