Hammers pundits? More like dumbos!



Hammers Chat top man Gonzo makes his written word CandH debut and – quite frankly – takes Shearer, Lawrenson, Keown and Co to the cleaners – READ ON!



So once again it seems the Match of The Day team can barely bring themselves to to admit that we’reshear pushing for the top of the table.

The Hammers appearance on the BBC highlights programme passed without a serious analysis of our league position but before anyone else reacts with surprised indignation it’s worth remembering a couple of things.

  • Alan Shearer was the cheerleader of the ‘Be careful what you wish for‘ brigade and said we were deluded if we thought we could do any better than Sam.
  • Martin Keown actually wrote in his newspaper column that West Ham were so likely to be cut adrift of the pack this season that we may well have to go back to Allardyce and beg him to take his old job back.

When you also consider that Watford, Bournemouth and Leicester (who were also bonkers to get rid of Pearson according to the experts) were supposed to join us at the bottom whilst Chelsea and City contested the title the pundits could perhaps be renamed dumbos.

These people are supposed to be insightful and impartial but the lenses on their Sam Allardyce spectacles were so thick that they just could not comprehend the possibility that any other manager might actually be better for us.

I’d always been under the illusion that a basic knowledge of the game and the ability to coherently string a sentence together was a pre-requisite skill of television punditry but apparently not.

Mark Lawrenson does not even disguise the fact that he can’t predict West Ham’s results and has now adopted the the peculiar tactic of laughing at his own incompetence- err perhaps not the brightest!


The truth is that this season has actually been complete train wreck for the so called experts. If any of you fine people got everything wrong at work you’d be sacked.. . . . . .Well the likes of Shearer and Keown are allowed to retain their jobs whilst expecting us fans to have such an epic case of amnesia that we forget all of their incorrect predictions.

So don’t expect anything else when you watch MOTD, every time we win it must be like a constant reminder of just how poor they are at their jobs. If they dwell on West Ham’s success for too long they might actually realise that they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.



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  1. WBA have just beaten Manure. We remain 5th and only 3 points off the Gooners in 3rd place. All in all its been a very good weekend. lm loving this!!!

    • BBC this morning said Liverpool are only 3 points behind ManUre. Didn’t mention were 2 in front! Let’s keep it quiet.sshhh.

  2. Alan Shearer can shove his “Be careful what you wish for” and “West Ham will regret losing Sam ” Up his Jacksie.

    The Hypocrisy of that man makes me sick. When Sam was Newcastle manager, Sharer banged on about the so called Newcastle way. He was of the most vocal in getting Sam sacked. Shearer claimed over and over that Sam and Newcastle were never a good fit and that you cant blame the Toon fans for not wanting him there.

    The bald headed idiot seemed to very conveniently forget all about that.

    As for the rest of the Sam loving Pundits. **** Em!!!!

  3. PS The highlights of our game v Everton On MOTD was once again shocking. They painted a picture that West Ham never even got in Everton’s half until we scored the first goal.

    Now don’t get me wrong, Everton were the better team for long periods, but at the same time we did have more possession and we did have more efforts on goal. In the end we were simply more clinical.

    We showed so much pride, passion and again our never give up attitude was there for all to see.

  4. Well said, Gonzo!

    Onanism is rife!!! 😀

  5. The one talent all columnists have, whether it be sport or politics is a finely honed selective memory.

  6. Oh I don’t know Canchaz, I can only remember Carragher and Durham suggesting that we should get rid of Sam.

    Most of the others were quite condescending towards any Hammers fans who though the grass might be greener. As it turns out we’re not so deluded after all and there are better managers than Sam Allardyce.

    We have also learned that contrary to Richard Keys musings our former manager had not taken the club as far as it could possibly go.

    You’ll have to excuse me and many others if we allow ourselves a knowing wink.

  7. It’s not just the pundits it’s the fact that they show so much bias towards the so called top teams it’s out of order,take yesterday we had more shots then them how many did you see a part from the goals NONE
    we saw a brief glance of Slav with a grin but had to watch Martinez more then the game,
    It’s the same every week and not just us,even Leicester have to play second fiddle most weeks and they are 5 points clear,
    Spuds go on first because they are the early kick off but when we were wended up 4th on the program,
    If Lineker is told he should have to sit in his skidies next year because Leicester might win the league I wonder what Shearer and co should do,can’t think of anything worse then Keown Lawerson and co in there thongs but would probably raise money for charity wonder how many other knew about the Peado at Sunderland ?
    Palace did us know favours but I wonder how much extra time the official would have played until Liverpoor got a result

  8. Great article although tbf to ‘lawro’ what else can he do but laugh, he’s so hapless his only other option is cry and I suspect he already does that when he’s alone, a lot

  9. Richard Keys is the biggest c#ck of them all.Comparing points every match earlier in the season.Now we have pulled well clear of last seasons total at the same time he has shut up.Doesn’t even acknowledge Irons fans who ask him about it.W#nker!!!

  10. Couldn’t agree more Tone.

  11. tbh I don’t know why so many people get worked up about these guys. We are having an incredible season, let’s just enjoy it? I would love to earn money being a pundit on football, after all we could all do it, it is only based on opinions, but we don’t have the playing background/profile which opens the door to get the job.
    And in all honesty, which ones of US would have tipped Leicester to be top in March and Chelsea to be where they are?
    The Sam thing is in their DNA now……but we are in such a better place without him. Letting these pundits stir you up every week is a bit like keep going back and watching the same car crash over and over again.

  12. If I am honest, I think Shearer is one of the better ones, alright he may have ****ly predicted our days ahead but that comment was quite clearly air time filling nonsense that he was probably told to go along with at the time… And come on, at least he was good at football once…

    I’ll tell you the problem, it’s these c**ts they’re dragging in from everywhere to expertly analyse the footage. Experts??? More like sided washed up ex fotballers who can manage string a sentence together?

    The BBC need to run Gary Lineker a bath and give him a razor… He looks like some old ****ed tramp. Then bring back Hansen and Shearer for the weekly “Poor” off. All these pretenders with **** facial hair, none of them can carry off the “Poor” like the Hansen…

  13. Yeah that’s right all pundits are idiots. Can’t believe they expected all the usual ‘so called’ top teams like chelski to be at the top. I can’t believe they didn’t predict Leicester being top and West Ham in top six. Obvious wasn’t it? Idiots.

  14. The truth is this league needed a wake up call… It’s called good old hard graft, organisation and determination.

    We have it in abundance this year, thanks to Super Slav… Imagine a rollicking from the normally quiet, humble, gentle giant???


  15. Got it in for Lineker, Shearer and co again, yeah? Yeah, rigtht…that’s despite Shearer putting Hodgeson on the spot as to why shouldn’t Noble play for England. Lineker was positively aglow about the comeback v Everton – and especially unlikely, considering he played for Everton (and Spurs). You guys are so effing jaundiced, it’s not true. If I was a pundit, I would be anti-West Ham, just to watch all you ladies in your frilly tutus, getting your knickers in a twist!

  16. That’s right so why dumbo shearer, former England captain was asking woy why noble is notin England team some of you were asking why noble is even included in the West Ham team I seem to recall.

  17. That’s right so why dumbo shearer, former England captain was asking woy why noble is not in England team some of you were asking why noble is even included in the West Ham team I seem to recall.

  18. Shearer is a complete contradiction.

    Last season he said that West Ham fans did not not appreciate Sam Allardyce and that it was a decent job to keep us mid-table.

    He also remarked at the same time that Newcastle (who were mid-table) and their fans deserved more entertaining football and Pardew needed to go!.

    Personally I would prefer to see at least one sports journalist on the panel like Martin Samuel or Gabriele Marcotti but if we are to exclusively have ex-players let’s at least use some that have the ability to speak.
    Shearer, Merson and Cascarinio in particular are an embarrassment. I’d much rather see more of Carragher, Danny Murphy and our own Tony Gale who are all likable, bright and coherent.

  19. Well, Gonzo, that’s your OPINION. I like most of the pundits inculding Lawrenson (!), who has some funny expressions like last night “Who pop up like toast from a toaster”. I do miss Hansen, as his summaries had such insight. But I like Shearer’s assessments; they are generally no-holes-barred, which is actually quite brave, as there are probably scores of players unhappy at him. We will just have to disagree on Allardyce. As far as I am concerned, he did a superb job of turning the club round, and, personally, I feel the football was not nearly as bad as objectors say; I enjoyed it…. apart from Nolan frequently going ‘missing’ on the pitch! I will be the 1st to admit that, whilst I wanted Alllardyce to go after the appalling 2nd halves of 3 out of 4 of his seasons, I thought the appointment of Bilic would be ‘froth and emotion’ and wanted Emary instead. Well, oh boy, did I get THAT wrong! We all can make mistakes and be proved wrong…even Hansen (you can’t win with kids) etc. So, if SO many of these pundidts got it wrong about Bilic etc, that is because it was not expected. West Ham STILL had YoYo embedded after the 2nd half of last season. There was no real reason to expect someone, unproved in the Prem and not having succeeded at a major European club, would be able to turn that round big time, like Bilic has. But having proved us all wrong, are we supposed to hang onto that line in the face of reality? Of course not! Indeed, admiring him now is tacit admission of that mistake; credit to them…including Shearer!

    • Someone out there had to enjoy the football Allardyce served up. Thankfully for every one fool like that, there was 1000 that hted everything about the football and the man.

    • So its perfectly fine for Shearer to slag of Sam and call for him to be sacked when he Newcastle manager, But ok for him to sing his praises when he was our manager. It’s ok for Shearer to bang on about “the newcastle way” and how their fans deserve to be entertained. But it’s wrong for West Ham to want the same thing.

      Shearer is a know nothing prat.

      Not sure like most of these so called pundits, you really get it at all. COYI247.

    • Lol,a Wetpants user if ever I have read one.You can always tell them because they all seem to TALK like this.EMPHASING their words LIKE that.Lmao,it’s a trait of Wetpants users!

    • The general point of the article was not that the pundits have got ONE thing wrong this season . . . . .. . . .it’s that they’ve got EVERYTHING wrong.

      Take Slaven out of the equation and they still got it wrong on Howe, Mourinho, Man U, Ranieri, Advocaat, Man City and Watford & Spurs.

      It is a shocker and from so called experts too.

      I also reserve the right as a West Ham fan to have a pop back at these pundits who called us deluded. They deserve both barrels in my opinion.

      As for Sam. . . . . I said it all here and don’t really have any further opinions on the man. http://www.claretandhugh.info/video-blog-fiery-debate-as-alllardyce-returns/

      • COYI generally only comes on here sometimes to pop at the other users of this site Gonzo,don’t take it personally.Most are used to it on here by now I believe.COYIs moans about fellow fans are standard stuff from what I have seen,lol

  20. You must be a right bundle of fun 1247,like pulling wings off flys do you or or when you are train spotting with your marmite sandwiches you sit and read poetry with with your best friend doggie Dave the ex tax inspector,
    You must write this stuff sitting Your thermals giggling like a little girl,
    If you genuinely believe what you write you need to contemplate taking your own life because you have no place in this world,
    But I believe you come on here just to pish people off and get a reaction and now you have one,
    Go back to your mates The Tena Ladies on your preferred site for delusional no knowledge fans

  21. Read the Mirror why you are at it and you will find the Sunderland people have had enough
    15 games no clean sheets and they spend all there time training to defend
    8 draws ( respect the point )
    But as a train spotter you probably like those facts, just write them in your little black book in nice columns and write a copy for your mate doggiedave or bellend as you like to call him

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