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Hammers ready to sign up duo

Swansea striker Andre Ayew and Olympiacos left-back Arthur Masuakushould be on board within days according to Slaven Bilic.

The boss revealed ahead of today’s game against Juventus that the pair are on the brink of arriving at the club.

He said: “We are quite close to getting two new players,”

“I hoped it would be yesterday and they would play a part today but the paperwork was not done. It’s only a matter of paperwork and then we will have two new players at West Ham.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

43 comments on “Hammers ready to sign up duo

  1. I can see both starting v Chelski.
    Carroll up front, Ayew taking the Sakho/Valencia run the defence ragged role, Payet and Feghouli attacking mid, with Tore on the bench.
    If Byram starts at RB, Antonio could also be on the bench.

    • I wouldn’t expect too much from Payet just yet. He had a long summer and is quite off the pace. His class is beyond question of course but I’d imagine it might even be October before we see him at his match winning best

  2. Do you know if we are still signing Calleri on top of these two?

  3. I’m pretty sure that the Calleri deal will be finalised once his role in the Olympics in done. There was paper talk of Barcelona high-jacking the deal to keep him as a reserve for their mega front three. I don’t believe that, though.
    Mind you, as my Mrs keeps saying, I’m tired of counting Calleris!

  4. Haha very good!
    Well it’s only because Bilic has said there’s no more coming in after Ayew and Masuaku… So I didn’t know if that included the Calleri deal as that isn’t complete.

  5. Perhaps some “fans” should be retractable too.

    • It’s ok I have been pacified now.It was just getting on my nerves reading fans moaning about it when it has been discussed so many times that it is a temporary covering for now 🙂

  6. Wgat? No more midfielders thereafte?
    I want even more, so when Antonio eventually brushes them aside, then maybe, just maybe, the powers that be might appreciate him like his many fans already do.
    As they say; cream rises to the top… So bring it on! Antonio, you can beat the lot of them. Keep the faith!

  7. Did he say which left back is coming as at moment 3 say they have agreed terms ?
    Ayew will be important against Chelski just hope he is fit,
    Payet is not injured so even if he is not 100% it’s better then not at all,we need the bit of Special talent,
    Byram is important against Hazard,
    Still think Reid should not play with Ogbonna
    First game as in last season is Oxford time we need 2 right footed defenders,
    Feel for Novedt unless he plays right CH because he won’t start unless Payet does not make it and he is playing better then Noble,
    All so feel for Antonio as Feggolui has been able to take his place why Slav has been playing silly RB
    Would love Sak to stay and settle down but if not we need Bony

    • Yeah it’s the left back from olympiacos, Masuaku.
      22 years of age.
      There’s a picture doing the round of him in the stadium.

  8. OK while I’m in a rather drunk joyful mood I have just done the Wet Pants site survey.I was honest,no p1ssing about but was very disappointed that there was not a ‘How many nappies do you get through during a match thread experience’ question.I feel short changed 🙂

    • Funny little swipe and us and KUMB…don’t quite see how our decisions on the way we run our sites has anything to do with him.

      • What was that Hugh?? The ads or something else.

        • Lol if there was one man I could have put money on to go back there & mention it or stir it up I knew exactly who it would be.I wasn’t disappointed!

        • Gotta be the ads Antman, as I didn’t read anything else malicious in any way.

          ‘Blowing Bubbles, Claret & Hugh and KUMB go from strength’
          ‘Hugh Southon and Sean Whetstone at Claret & Hugh do a great job providing up to the minute news’.

          That doesn’t sound like a criticism to me.

          • Its a mystery fellas.You find stirrers everywhere in life.But naturally they always deny thats what they were trying to do.”It was just an innocent remark,honest guv”.I have seen it all before.

          • Sorry Bob, not my intention to antagonize, but was the ‘stirrer’ comment aimed at me?

          • No not at all Condo.Apoligises if I gave that impression.Im not interested in all this stirring,if others enjoy it I leave them to it.Its not for me though.

          • Cheers Bob, and no, me neither.

          • Go on blame me lads,i get the blame for everything else I dont do.I might as well take the incoming for this as well haha 😀

          • “Sir, sir. It’s Trig’s fault sir’!

            Phew, that feels better, cheers mate.

          • That just made me laugh when I saw the Trig bit.So you are one of the WHTID boys undercover,now I know haha 😀

          • I am, but don’t hold it against me fella.
            Never posted on there though.

          • No chance,they are a good set of lads,same as here.I have never been bitten by the rabid dogs on here 😀

      • That last paragraph that tool wrote about Hugh must be the most blatant piece of stirring the pot I have seen.It isn’t even masked,just pure sh!t stirring.

  9. I will give it a wide berth Ant.Im sure GW will enjoy doing it though lmao

    • Site survey at Wetlands? What are the questions? Should we ban the Bellend? Should we be sponsored by Kleenex? Should we let Mystic Bradders have a daily horoscope page? Is Brexit the end of the world? Are the new stadium seats waterproof in case of leakage? Is Fishy trying to get and invite to the annual pillow fight and sleepover by posting total ********?

      • Wasn’t it last season one of them said it would have been the site of choice for John,Ron & Bobby.I seem to recall something funny like that.I am convinced they must be a fine bunch of guys but they really do have a high opinion of their site.Which contrasts totally to the opinion of many on other sites,not just this one.One thing is for sure,its certainly unique,thank f*** 😛

  10. Well of course, Antman! Nothing worse than when you know the answer, and no-one asks the question! Very frustrating for you.
    What I don’t understand is that you complain ALL the time about Wet Pants, so why the **** do you keep going on the site?
    My answer is ‘stupidity’, unless you can think of a better one!

  11. Blimey F&C how can you talk of stupidity when you write some of the most inane drivel on any west ham site.Clearly you only come on here to act the goat so why dont you go do it elsewhere…please!!!!

  12. He is just an attention seeker if you ignore him he will go away.Its the fella who was masquerading as Cometh The Moment recently all he has done is changed accounts.There is always one idiot on every site like him.

  13. Haha I love a good survey.I hope there is a -1 for authors articles,Banjio you are just about to get one haha 😀

  14. I was a generous soul,9 for the badger hunter,8s all round elsewhere apart from Shovels,he got a 10 haha 😀

  15. Just to be clear, I have not had “a swipe” against Hugh or this site. I am a great admirer of this site and read it several times a day. I also admire the way Hugh has turned it into a good business. One day I might emulate him, although I am not sure I’d be as successful. I have no idea why some people are determined to stir up bad blood between our two sites. They won’t be successful.

    • Didn’t read anything that stirred it up TBH Iain but the irony is that the one person that stirred the animosity up the 1st place is now an author on your site but eh oh.

  16. What have you lads been up to,
    We need to send a crate of San Miguel over to the wetlands 0% alcohol of course and none of mine,
    Glad to see Ian and Hugh stay level headed and friends,
    Valencia took a step nearer to getting a goal is he any good at left back or about the same as Antonio at right,
    Time to give youth a chance Burke or Oxford should start on the right with Byram against Chelski same as Oxford last year against the Gooners,

    • We ain’t been up to anything bubs,just a misunderstanding between the site owners I think which could easily have been addressed before one of the usual suspects from the Wet Pants went back there stirring it up.

      • Be careful Rick there Knight in shining armour will be composing an email to Hugh as I type to say we’ve been saying nasty things about them!

        • Oh yes I forgot about him.Defender of the female reputation against the misogynistic c&h posters.He is my hero.How to get a promotion on Wet Pants.Sh1t stir & you will be rewarded with the position of author.

          • All this talk of **** stirring and site problems yet the one person that started it , got barred for insulting other posters is now publishing articles and has his loyal bunch of followers who gasp at his every word and massage his ego, laughable ain’t it?

  17. Just flew over the wetlands. Ian Dale has a point, I can’t see where he was supposed to be taking a swipe at anyone. He actually paid this site compliments. Perhaps Hugh can enlighten us?

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