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Hammers ready with £5 million left back bid

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West Ham are ready to launch a bid of around £5 million for Hull City left back Andy Robertson.

Reports claiming we have launched a £7 million bid are untrue but our regular source admitted that the club were likely to go in at £5 million “soon.”

Sky Sports are claiming the bid has been made but whilst the Irons admit big interest the formal offer is still on the back burner.

The Hammers have been keen on the full back for a long turn but failed to sign him when he was with Dundee United ahead of the move for Aaron Cresswell.

Now they are back in and believe they can do a deal with City – from who Steve Bruce recently resigned because the club would not back him in the transfer market.

The club are keen to moves some players on ahead of appointing a new Manager and the Hammers will be hoping to tie up a quick deal.

We understand the Hammers moved in on Robertson after Norwich City told them they wanted £12 million for Robbie Brady to which our source responded: “That was far too much for a back-up player.”


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

22 comments on “Hammers ready with £5 million left back bid

  1. Over a number of weeks now that I have been reading the NewsNow items.I cannot recall ever reading so much fictitious garbage in all my life.Surely,unless you are aware of the facts this nonsense should not be put into print.

  2. Thinking about, soon, back burner the story of West Ham transfer life these days.

  3. There is a simple solution noak

  4. i think this player would be a great signing good competion for cressy when he comes back from injury

  5. Absolutely no chance of getting him for £5m. Hull under no pressure to sell key players and he is one of them. Any offer would need to be well ver £10m for Hull to be interested but don’t think we would sell at any price

    • Ben u dn’t give your best offer frst and Hull have said tey want to sell players. it’s why Bruce left

      • Bruce left because he wasn’t trusted to buy players, not because when want to sell with our injuries now you would need close to £20 mil to sign him

        • £20 million.Dream on.You are definitely looking through Hull Tigers tinted glasses there.£20 mill,hahahaha.But cheers you have just made Cresswell worth £40 mill then 😉

          • In this transfer window where brad Smith is 6 million pounds £15 million is a definite then a premium for being made to play at tesco park

          • Well good luck to you if you can get 15 million.I can’t see it myself though dont get me wrong I think he is a very good player.
            I think you are barking up th wrong tree tying to get a response with the Tesco Park remark.Most our fans won’t care what it’s called.Only a few of the miserable old codgers amongst us.But nice try.I suppose it would be all to easy to make a comment on an opponent’s site without make some stupid remark about them.I mean where would I start with Hull.Endless options!!

      • Hull haven’t said they want/need to sell players. There are no financial problems at the club, that’s the last of our worries!

  6. Noarksey not fiction we officially put in a £6 million bid which was turned down today,
    If rumours were not printed newspapers would be 2 pages long,
    What I don’t understand is again we are chasing a target we know we are not going to get,
    why ?
    So we are happy that it looks like the club are doing something ?
    Or could get the Lad from Charlton tomorrow or Pay £3 million and get Rico Henry without any trouble
    We only want a stand in until Cressie gets fit and then get our money back or make a profit,
    Robertson is not going to come to us to sit on the bench
    It’s beginning to feel like a game,make bids that won’t be successful it’s better then telling the truth,like we don’t have the money to cover all our weakness,s
    We need to let Byram play himself into the right back he can be as good as Cressie,but have cover and not Antonio,
    We need to either play Page or bring back Hendrie or sell them and buy real cover,
    We need to give Burke and Oxford a chance to play at the back if we are short not convert another playerits time to let the drift wood go if they are not first choice and bring in players to challenge the starting 11
    We have at least 6 players not good enough to take us into the top 4 so they must go or they will keep us below that standard,
    Manure,Liverpoor and City and Chelski are doing just that to stop the Spuds,Gooners and Leicester taking there position in the top 4
    Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade or become a lower standard,

    • Hate to sound patronising Bubs but I totally agree who with any self respect is going to sign until Cresswell is fit ? Ridiculous to think Brady or Robertson is going to up sticks to London to warm the bench or worse before Christmas. Not going to happen.
      We have to establish Byram at RB and or, play 3 Centre halves, i.e. Ogbanna, Reid and Ging.
      At home we can then use Antonio or the right and Feghouli on the left with Noble, kouyate and Lanzini in the centre, then Nobes and Kouyate dropping in to cover the RB & LB positions respectively when defending.
      Not ideal but it would help cover Antonio’s defensive deficiencies.

  7. We should’ve gone for brad smith.

  8. Deep breath bubsy !
    It’s finally got to you old boy !
    The problem was always defencivly last term despite a great season .
    2 full backs a centre half world class should have been the priority with added depth in m/f
    Which we have now and 2 strikers to take over from Valencia and emineke,
    Giving us 4 top strikers . For me sakho should have been one of them but everyone has theirown opinion on that one , ( all said and done , open up old wounds etc , all been said )
    The club have feked up by not addressing the real problem and added another problem
    With the striker’s 20 + bit , naieve in fact , never let people know you’re intentions until the deals are in place.?
    Add to that the euros and. Injury’s, bingo , we got a problem ? they’ll get it right in the end , but the young one’s aint ready to take over the mantels yet , not if we are serious about moving forward !
    Let’s see what happens in the next week or 2 before we get over anxious ,
    Easy said than done right ,
    A few Stella’s and metazapane help haha.

  9. Bubs is having his usual summer transfer window breakdown.Then by the windows end he apologises to the board for doubting them.It is how it is lol

    • Let’s hope they get the cover then Stan , cos 3 defencive players down is a worse position than last year ! Its a problem ! Something else to worry people is the bigger pitch at the Queenie ? Fcku the new name etc queenie will do , How will noble and ginge deal with the extra pace needed and distance covered. Noble and ginge aint the quickest are they ?
      740 sq m could add at least a k or 3 or 5 if you’re name is Antonio , Thursday will be a test , if anything they have a great work rate the oppo ? And pacie , sakho needs play regardless of the problems , not a sixteen year old .he’s still our best striker until he is sold , we had nothing up top thursday, its a big problem that needs addressing ,

      • Yeah they will John.The window will heat up in the coming weeks.Clubs will start moving on players & the whole circus will being in ernest.Lets just hope we dont go to the flea circus for our signings lol
        Ben Yedder has just signed for Sevilla today.Cant say I’m too bothered though.He was ok at Toulouse with Braithwaite but nothing special.

  10. Agree with many of the comments,watched most of the pre season games in Austria
    And without a shadow of doubt need a top class central defender. Surprised we sold tonks to palace – liked the lad,solid player & will be missed. Would be a master stroke if getting Carlos bacca ; will score goals and take us a step nearer to champions league football
    Would allow Reece Oxford the opportunity in central defence,partnering Reid
    If your good enough your older enough ‘ wouldn’t want him moving to city – John stones got early opportunity at Everton / rated 50mill apparently 15 tops
    What ever happens we need sort it quickly,chelski in 2wks

  11. The spelling on these pages is atrocious especially from the authors.

  12. Spelling Police alert chaps.

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