Don’t be misled – the Hammers recruitment has stalled


So far this summer  I have read at least 10 stories from various websites about which players the Hammers will be signing this summer – most of them either Declan Rice replacements or a striker IF one moves or gets sold.

So it’s important that we remind ourselves of the precise position right now as revealed to us by a top Hammers source to CandH only yesterday.

The Hammers are nowhere near bringing in any other player than Carlos Borges.

It really could not have been made any clearer and came on the back of a very anxious inquiry by ourselves which, although off the record,   I can report brought a worried response to what is going on benhind the scenes.

A certain individual is being very  nervy and cautious re the window – and actually that is doing both words an injustice

As said earlier, that we are in a position where we are only apparently able to bring in a teenage winger is more than a  bit strange – good player though is is claimed to be –  given we need midfielders and a central defender. And I learned that not everybody was agreed on him!

Some believe we are okay at central defence but with Zouma and Oggy injury prone and Aguerd’s form proving iffy at times I understand the reasons.

We also need a left back and that we are letting Cress leave apparently ahead of getting even close to a replacement has one wondering what on earth our recruitment situation is all about.

Don’t be misled by what you are reading elsewhere – there’s nobody on their way other than the City kid and we wait for that to happen!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Pessimist says:

    Why the hell doesn’t the Chairman take control and just bid full price for three or four
    Players ? We would then stand a chance of getting someone. We always have to penny pinch, “oh my goodness that is to much”. Pay the damn price and get us some Stars.

  • johnham1 says:

    I think this situation could change quite quickly if the DOF is allowed to do his job. The bottleneck is Moyes without a doubt. Imagine if we had a manager like Potter who would be completely aligned with the DOF. I fear the new DOF could walk too very soon

  • Only Fools and Portakabins says:

    It all beggars belief, how can a Premier League football club be so poorly run ? They knew Declan was on his way a long time ago, should have had the replacement in place before he was sold. If things are as bad as they seem to be, why dont Sullivan just get rid of dithering Dave

  • Pessimist says:

    Yet if you urgently need a place to live, you get a home. We need Players like yesterday and a bit of paying the price would bring in Players in vital spaces where there are none. Or will Mr Moyes make a team of Moyes Babes with the youngsters. Now there is a dream.

  • Gazza says:

    I know you have to take a lot of what you read with a pinch of salt this time of year. Surly we would have been working on targets before the end of the season? We have had a similar issue for the past few years where we sign targets late and seem to have a small squad compared to most other teams in the premier league. If they don’t want to spend the money either give some of the younger players coming through a chance or pick up talent from other teams and give them a chance. If Moyes can work that way then find a manager who can work with the chairman’s budget. Alternatively, if the owners don’t have the funds to compete then sell the club to an owner that can!

  • SelsdonHammer says:

    It doesn’t help when, as I have heard from a number of sources, the club enters into discussions with multiple players for one position. This might not be so bad if these talks came to a quick conclusion, but they often take weeks, by which time other clubs show a more positive interest or the player becomes disenchanted by knowing that we are looking elsewhere. There seems something deeply flawed in our negotiating process when compared with the likes of Villa or Newcastle. I had hoped that the arrival of Steidten would change things, but unfortunately the dithering continues. Yet another season beckons where the squad is incomplete and lacking

  • juleshammer says:

    So typically moyes recruitment I’m afraid

  • hammersmiff says:

    One of the reasons we were unable to plan ahead for Rice’s replacement was that we entered May 23 still not knowing which division we’d be playing in this season.
    We were continually poor in all departments last season, a trend which had begun long before the previous season had finished. We have now lost our best player (by a mile), made no signings and still have the same, predictable Manager.
    Amazingly, West Ham are currently 14/1 to be relegated, my advice is to have a few quid on that outcome and it may ease the pain somewhat in May 24.

  • FleaTamer says:

    Have to remember that despite the whopping Declan fee, which is coming in three installments anyway, there’s not lots of room to just go out and pay top dollar without falling foul of FFP rules. So it’s very much still a case of players moving out (for a fee) as well as players coming in.

  • Bournehammer68 says:

    This season will be one of 2 halves I’m afraid and we’ll be suffering right up until the January window. Moyes will be sacked before Christmas after failing to strengthen the already paper thin squad. Injuries, exhaustion and a lack of willingness to allow the youngsters to step up will once again be our downfall. Because of this we will be hovering just above relegation again until a new manager is installed who can work with our new DoF and align with the progression. It will be a painful start to the season but I think theNew year will be brighter……..

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