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Hammers’ Rice offer just the opening salvo

By Dave Langton

West Ham’s £200,000-per-week eight-year deal to Declan Rice,, is just the opening salvo as the Hammers aim to keep him at he club for the foreseeable future.

The Hammers will have to do everything they can to match the kind of personal terms  the England international could receive from any potential suitor, with the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United all being linked.

The £200,000 offer over eight years equates to £83.2m, which is actually less than half of the Hammers’ valuation of the player.

The Irons would want £150m if there was a bid tabled for Rice, but his wages are going to need to reflect that so there remains a lot of room to negotiate terms.

We expect the Hammers to up their offer by another £50,000 to £250,000 at the next round of tallks, which would see him valued at over £100m, if he were to sign an eight-year deal.

That is much more likely to fall in line with what Rice could receive if he did leave.

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It may be that the wages need to be boosted up to closer to £300,000, and there is a real willingness for the Irons to keep him, and that means that they are willing to push the boat all the way out.

There may be a buyout clause included in any deal, with there coming a guarantee that a certain fee must be matched if negotiations are to kick off.

We are absolutely sure that this is not the final offer that Rice is going to receive.

And let’s always remember that signing an eight year deal doesn’t preclude him from being sold on the right terms anyway at some stage!

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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

6 comments on “Hammers’ Rice offer just the opening salvo

  1. I don’t see him or any player signing for 8 yers it’s ridiculous. Could offer 5 years and a buy out clause or build around him and match his ambitions of competing . We somehow need to recruit the right players.

    • Wasn’t ridiclous when he signed for 6 and a two year option last time/ All I heard was well done to everybody

      • Completely different situation though isn’t. When he signed the deal, he had amazing potential, but not the finished article.
        He is now world class player, and if he was to leave on a free, every top club in the world would be interested in him.

        I will put it out there now, he won’t be signing a 8 year deal. Obviously I hope I’m wrong, but I’m all but certain he wont sign it.

        I don’t think he is the character to force a move, he wants to be remembered fondly by the Westham fans, as he does have strong feelings for us. However I think he would ran his contract down, but he will give everything for us when on the pitch, which is all I can ask.

        • Also I chose the word “ridiculous” because I know its a contract he would not accept.

        • As I recall it there was huge debate and concern about his future and loads of criticism that people were bringing regular news on it as like now. When he signed effectively for eight years there was surprise and delight. He is deffo staying another year and I can’t get my head around why people are slagging off as ridiculous him having been offered he same again. A contract of any length doesn’t tie any player to any club after all. Like you I don’t think he will spend his career here but its hardly ridiculous to try. I’d be furious if they hadn’t tried but I understand there are those who like to bash the owners whatever they do.

  2. If they guaranteed they would spend £150m a season players for as long as it takes to get upto elite level that might be more of an incentive as for the 8 year contract it’s stupid, sign him up for 4 or 5, the last player that signed an 8 year contract (Reid) that didn’t turn out too well, Rice wants to compete for trophies thats why he chose England over Ireland and thats why probably if the option becomes available he will choose a CL competing club over West Ham if our directors thought like that they might actually get him to sign an improved deal, he doesn’t seem interested in money he wants to be the best so address his needs there imho instead of trying to tie him down to a long term contract.

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