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Hammers save nearly £18m in wages

The departures of Adrian, Andy Carroll and Samir Nasri, Edmilson Fernandes and Lucas Perez in June have saved around £300,000 per week off West Ham’s wage bill or £15.6m annually.

Marko Arnauotovic’s £125,000 and Sam Byram’s £25,000 weekly pay packets have saved another £150,000 per week bringing the total to something around £450,000 per week or £23.4m annually.

Yesterday’s departure of Pedro Obiang saved another £48,000 per week or £2.5m annually.

The new signings of Roberto, David Martin and Pablo Fornals are claimed to have added less than £85,000 per week and with Sébastien Haller on a reported £70,000 per week meaning the total additions add up to a reasonable £155,000 per week which leaves around £343,000 per week of savings equating to £17.8m per annum.

Jordan Hugill £35,000 per week. Reece Oxford £20,000 per week and Javier Hernandez £145,000 per week could yet be offloaded changing the figures yet again before the transfer window ends.

The Hammers are still keen to trim their wage bill from last season after making losses last season and are predicted to lose a similar amount again. It remains to be seen whether some of these wages will be re-invested into the squad in terms of loans or free transfers.

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

22 comments on “Hammers save nearly £18m in wages

  1. Forgive me, I haven’t kept up with the regs but hasn’t there been some sort of changes regarding wages in the regulations recently?

    Real question I heard something but honestly dont know.

  2. “The Hammers are still keen to trim their wage bill from last season to stay within FFP regulations.”

    This is quite obviously nonsense, Sean. If we were within the FFP bracket last year, it stands to reason that saving £350,000 this season means that no more needs to be cut, and indeed didn’t ‘need’ cutting in the first place.

    And you haven’t included the news that FFP rules and regulations have now been relaxed.

    You shouldn’t paint this as something to be done out of necessity, when it is clearly a choice not to pass these savings on to a manager.

    • You are correct the PL Short Term Cost Control (STCC) are being relaxed but UEFA FFP continues, There are other factors I guess such as some players being out on loan last season with loan fees and Nasri only ob six months wages

  3. Here we go again the usual FFP excuse which is nonsense as the FFP rules have been relaxed this season,once again where’s the money gone ?

  4. Wages no longer form part of FFP regs

  5. Think the issue is the club is losing money and G&S prefer it to stand on its own feet if possible. That’s good business sense. The problem is some of our competition have owners willing to bank roll their clubs via non commercial sponsorship rates etc. Biggest disappointment is G&S have not managed to significantly improve our income through the stadium move. That is reducing our ability to invest in the extra 2-3 players we need to make the step change to seriously challenging the top 6. If Haller adjusts to the Premier quickly and we manage to stay tight at the back we may still be pushing Mancs, Chelsea and Arse.

  6. There’s probably a very good left back out there for 18m.

  7. I love how negative people can be on forums and twitter.

    We have done some great business this window, it looks like we have signed quality not just to keep the numbers up.

    We have got rid of some dead wood who had very little impact. We have big players coming back this season who could be like new signings. Lanzini who only played part of the season Yamorko, Wilshire.

    Hopefully we will replace Obiang and bring in a backup striker loan/ or cheaper gamble sort of like how Lanzini was a gamble when we had him on loan.

    This is arguably the best squad of players we have ever had at Westham.

    We had a lot of players last season and it took time for them to build a connection, some times its best not to add too many players straight away again.

  8. Almost all players out were high earning non first team players so a good job done shipping them out. We clearly don’t have the money to buy more players after spending £70m on Haller and Fornals, and the players who are free transfers like Welbeck, Sturridge and Cahill are injury prone, wouldn’t be first team, and want ridiculous wages, (likely come in as our highest earners).
    Pretty hard to see where we re-invest unless loan players become available.

  9. Why does the ffp rules only seem to affect us?
    We have spent £27m net & saved £18m a year on wages & still we get the ffp rubbish line rolled out.
    What happened to the £30m plus players sales we were told? That old cr@p about payments for past transfers is pony, surely it’s the same every year for every club.. on top of that we got the Arnie cash up front…
    Just with wages money saved that could be reinvested in at least 1 more signing

  10. I click the articles out of curiosity, but this fellla really is sullivans yes man.

    I’m all for the owners, they have done a good job job. But nothing winds up the fans more than lies.

    50k) Adrian
    (90k) Carroll
    (80k) Nasri
    (30k) Fernandes
    (80k) Perez
    (125k) Arnautovic
    (25k) Byram

    (55k) Obiang
    (140k) Hernandez
    (35k) Hugill
    (75k) Sanchez
    (5k) Cullen

    480k x52 = 24.96m
    To be sold
    310k x52 = 16.12m

    Total = £41.08m

    • Flynn, I dont think its lies, just the difference in money between your and theirs, is that the article takes into account the wages of the players coming in, and does not include Sanchez and Cullen going out as they are looking likely to stay. Give or take a few k on each player as its guess work on what they are really earning (article says Obing £48k, you’ve gone £55k), but either way does work out to somewhere between £17m-£19m with the incoming players included.

    • Hold on a minute. Sean has merely quoted the figures as he understands them. You understand them as being different.- These are no more than assessments. Don’t accuse anyone of telling lies on here because there is no way anyone can be certain. Can u please show me where your figures come from? Thanks

    • Some of those wages have been inflated and Nasri was only a six-month contract

  11. I have mentioned this before and will continue to do so until one of two people get it. If the objective of any comment is to merely smear this site as has been the case on the wages thread they will be moderated out or removed if missed initially. Stick to football. We don’t run this site to be abused and called liars and worse and then be expected to publicise it by those with issues. Thanks

  12. The figures quoted in this article a variety of sources and where there is no reliable source are based on reports, The amounts could be a lot less than those quotes and/or a lot more in the case of the incoming players.

    Another factor is a number of our went out on loan last season so were fully covered and somethings add a loan fee as well as wages. These include Josh Cullen, Reece Oxford, Sam Byram, Jordan Hugill which account for around £85k per week. Samir Nasri was also only for six months instead of 12 months and more like £50k per week plus start bonuses than the £80k per week you have quoted

  13. 50k) Adrian
    (90k) Carroll
    (80k) Nasri
    (30k) Fernandes
    (80k) Perez
    (125k) Arnautovic
    (25k) Byram
    (55k) Obiang

    Wages saved = 52 x 535k = £27.82m
    Wages on new players = 52 x 145k = £7.54m

    CURRENT NET = £20.28M

    This is without Hernandez and other earners. Just saying your numbers do not add up. Of course, Sullivan is an astute businessman and you’ve got to admire that and he is entitled to take a return.

    We’re the worlds 20th richest football club, prems 9th richest and Brighton hove and albion’s net spend is 12m larger than ours over the last 5 years. FFP makes a lot of sense… as for the stadium sale…

  14. Behave people it’s only opinions from all of us and Sean does his best to be correct . Its unfortunate that Sean to many is a Sullivan fan always has been but that’s his choice and for me sully deserves a bit more credit than in previous years with getting in pelle a top coach with a top CV. Now buying players that have a sell on profit and only really made one huge mistake buying Sanchez who is way below premier standard and wasting 75k a week which is unbelievable and that’s sullys fault like also letting Moyes buy and spend wasted cash on hugil ten mill a real joke . Anyway we still need a mid def and a centre back and left back which could all be solved selling chich 140k a week and off for free in a year another waste and hugil oggy and Reid and definitely cresswell can all go with no worry to our squad’s numbers . Imo

  15. Here we go back to the old West ham ..if you want to progress you need to spend ,simple..they club seems t o be talking about saving money than anything else lately..we may have spent 70 odd on haller and fornals but look at what we have sold and let go ..THIS SQUAD IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH.. IMO ..not enough investing ..you have to spend most season to keep progressing not 1 season out of 5 ..look at wolves ….

    • But haven’t Wolves just brought the players that had on loan last season (i.e. have they really strengthened on what they had last season?). Happen to think Fornals and Haller are great buys and hopefully the long term injuries we had last season will not be so bad this season. As for needing a another CDM, why? We have Rice. Can’t imagine Pellegrini playing with 2 CDM’s (how many teams in the Prem do?) and we have backup in Sanchez. Give the guy a chance will you. Made a mistake against Wolves, then got a long term injury. OK, he’s not looked that in pre-season but he’s also not played first team football in a long time so I would imagine it’ll take time for him to get up to speed (same applies to Reid, Lanzini, Wiltshire and Yarmolenko).
      I watched the game against Newcastle at the weekend and was impressed with how Newcastle pressed West Ham so high up the pitch which prevented West Ham getting out of their own half. The problem for me is that West Ham don’t do this enough and that just creates pressure in our own half. I’m sure if Pellegrini tweeked things and got the forwards/attacking midfielders pressing higher and starving the opposition of room, we’d create/score more and concede less (but that’s just my opinion)
      As for criticism of the 2 David’s or this site, don’t get it. Who would you rather have running the club, Ashley or the biscuit barrens who nearly sent the club into liquidation. As for Hugh and Sean, happen to think this is the best West Ham site in existence. Sorry for long post. Vent over with

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