Hammers ‘secret deal’ should be made public

hearnThe full details of West Ham’s “secret” deal as concessionaires of the Olympic Stadium should be made public, says former Leyton Orient chairman Barry Hearn.

The cost of transforming the venue into a stadium ready for football has recently increased to £272m with West Ham contributing just £15m up front with an index linked rent though to be between £2m and £2.5m per year over a 99 year deal.  The exact terms of the deal remain commercially confidential.

Whinger Hearn asked the BBC Sport “Who is it confidential from? I can’t see any reason whatsoever why it should be secret, the actual deal West Ham has got is still confidential and our current mayor of London is refusing to reveal details, as a taxpayer, I find that quite confusing. When people spend my money, I rather like to know what it’s been spent on. In the absence of that information we can only speculate that it is a deal so beneficial to West Ham that it becomes questionable in its own right.”

Hearn went on to add:  “It will still be an attractive stadium and will do a fabulous job for West Ham. What a postal address to have – the Olympic Stadium. It doesn’t get better than that. West Ham, with the Olympic Stadium, in my view will become one of the major clubs in Europe within four or five years.”



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13 comments on “Hammers ‘secret deal’ should be made public

  1. Tosser, crawl into the gutter and expire please – Hope he is right about the last bit though 🙂

  2. I’m sure this loudmouth has been open and honest about every transaction he’s taken part in considering he comes from such a trustworthy profession. We’re becoming an obsession in his senility the poor old lad,probably best not to encourage his ramblings for the sake of his health don’t print anymore and let his rants be confidential.

  3. Is this tosser still banging on.W*nker!!

  4. So when can we have the full details of his deal with Waltham Forest whereby he got a 1000 year lease for the land LO occupy for a quid and then sold the assets for millions if my memory serves me correctly.

  5. When did any government ever give all details of any commercial venture they undertake?
    I’ve never known it.
    If anyone wants to see the conditions of the deal, they can look at the presentation given 2 years ago by all concerned, to the press andTV. Then perhaps people would stop talking about 2 million for rent.
    The real amount includes :
    2 million fixed rent
    + 15% of catering profits ( from all events including football )
    + “ the lion’s share of the naming rights “ ( quoting Ms Brady )
    My estimate of the catering share makes about another 2 million.
    The naming rights could be anything around 10 million a year, and with the lion’s share being the biggest share, could make the government’s share around 6 million.
    In total the government could get 10 million a year! Over 99 years, and all index linked, that could amount to 990 million. It’s us who should be complaining!!

  6. One of the biggest rogues around over the years now preaching about the injustices of a deal.Would have thought he would want to keep quiet incase someone decieded to delve deeper into his past transactions & dealings.What a muppet 😉

  7. His only interest in this now is as a “taxpayer”. As a taxpayer myself I wonder if the BBC would like to put an interview with me on their front page? What an odious litlle man.

  8. He’s been at the sour grapes again. The deal is done , signed and soon to be delivered. Move on Barry…

  9. The last person he had a run in with had to have a sex change,
    Don’t want that to happen with Boris,

  10. Details of Commercial Deals being made Public ,, it would set a precident which would see thousands of Big companies running to their Lawyers. And maybe some of Hearn’s dealings would be under scrutiny …… Go away Hearn and stop crying every time you hear the words
    ” Elizabeth Park Olympic Stadium ” , The whinger . Later – on – Orient were never in the ” secret commercial deal ” , get used to it .

  11. Didn’t this silly little man get his brown envelope last year?? Once he got that he sold the club asap.. As the chant goes “sit down, shut up”
    Maybe he & other people should be asking how much a certain ‘LORD’ has/is earning of the back of the whole olympics. He is connected to a number of consultancies who have been given large contracts.

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