Hammers seek Mubama compensation

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West Ham are likely to go to tribunal to set a compensation fee for Divin Mubama who is set to leave this summer. He will able to join a club from July 1st as a free agent, with Sunderland being one of the English clubs chasing his signature.

Where a professional player, under the age of 24, has been offered a new contract by his club (subject to certain requirements that the offer must meet set out in Rule 64.3 of the Football League Rules) and he rejects that offer in order to take up the opportunity to sign for another club, compensation will be payable.

In some cases, clubs will reach mutual agreement on a compensation fee.

West Ham were not willing to match Mubama’s wage demands during the final year of his contract. The stalemate was partially due to the club believing the players demands excessive as well as Callum Marshall progressing well.

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  • Whippet hammer says:

    No loss. Given opportunities, never looked like making the grade.

  • P wright says:

    Totally agree didn’t cut the mustard

  • David Lloyd says:

    In the words of Emlyn Hughes, he controlled it further than I could kick it. No real loss there

  • John Ayris says:

    Lets be honest, he doesn’t look anything like a first team starter. Few of our academy products make it to premiership first team starter standard wherever it is they go. He’ll be missed as much as Ngakia, Perkins and the bloke whose name I can’t even remember who went to Newcastle. They disappear into the lower leagues in the main.

  • Jordan says:

    Hope it works out for him, young kid trying to break into the 1% of aspiring footballers. Always thought he just needed time to adapt to the physicality of 1st team football. Once his decision making becomes quicker and he finds a manager that backs him, he’ll be mustard.

  • David says:

    Good luck to the young man.

  • Jellied Eel says:

    Yet another Academy product who has too great expectations and who has forgotten that you have to walk before you can run. He’ll probably just warm another bench.

  • Hugh Jars says:

    Another greedy agent! Still, not a great loss

  • Phil says:

    His success in the u-18 & u-21 sides was a result of the quality of the players around him!
    Appearances for the first team revealed basic technical weaknesses.

  • Kieran says:

    I think if we gave him game time against teams like Luton, Burnley and Sheffield then he would build, play to his strengths and he would do something as seen in Europe. I hope he gets into the prem and becomes a good striker as he is quality when seeing him in the youth teams. I wished he did go out on loan tho to gain the experience as well as u see Potts and Gideon do. I just think he needed to get a taste of football in the lower leagues to get used to how different it is to the prem and improve his game.

  • Vaughany says:

    These player’s are unproven but want mental money .
    Nearly every player westham have released on a free transfer have never gone anywhere and done anything. That also shows the state of westham scouting system .Only 2 playe4s have done any good in the past 7 years Declan Rice over £100ml and Ben Johnson .This is down to Sullivan cut backs

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